170 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying Lessons? Gay!”

    1. Oh, come on guys!…This is very humorous!
      The tables have completely turned around, and I can’t help but see the hilarity of Christian groups now in the begging position!
      This is the proof of how things have changed.

      Next they’ll just have to deal with the ‘generational’ issue, not just the ‘gender’ issue.

      1. “This is the proof of how things have changed.”

        Exactly! There’s still a long way to go, obviously, but we are headed in the right direction at least.

    2. ah am a fkking Xian but its beautiful youths ah fkk – ya can’t be anti-gay & truly Xian, tho in the writings of St Paul hetero-adulterers are singled out to be stoned to death (.. both partners) & ya don’t see governments acting on that cuz there’d be mass death. just console yerself thinking the greatest number of rapists, serial-killers, torturers & other kindred shit are heteros & that tho’ the Pope condemns gay dick he runs the biggest pedophile ring in history. vote with yer dicks, girls, & otherwise enjoy the radical Xian gay art of Jimitheos at deviant art. in Sept in Cologne thar’s a large gay erotica exhibition tho unfortunately the fabulous GAYBOY CRUCIFIED ICON is too big to be shown. get thar, girls, or be square

    1. You really need to fully understand why homosexuality is the single, most debilitating fear of any religion. It is two-fold:

      1. The first and easiest fear to pass to any public masses is simply the fact that [by themselves], homosexuals can’t procreate. Since they can’t procreate (you know, like they do — fuck like rabbits), that lessens the shear number of “shepherds” [their 'endearing' term for followers]. And of course, by that association, they must not allow any homosexuals to adopt any young children [more specifically, by age -- the younger child, the most reviling for gays to raise them as they haven't had the full opportunity to be brainwashed yet]. And continuing that association, they don’t want any child “during/post puberty” to be around homosexuals either, as they could be weakened by any homosexual ‘parent’ teachings. And last in that association, they absolutely abhore any chance that homosexuals might even in the far future be allowed to wed. After all, if homosexual marriages were allowed, then by all the laws of today, they would have to allow children be raised by them — and that simply cannot be. Again, they need the ignorant masses to perpetuate the fictional tales, lies and most importantly, the money that they could conceivably collect.

      2. No religions can accept homosexuality simply because homosexuality is the single most obvious proof that there is no god and therefore anything that teaches about a god/son of god/holy ghost is reduced to what is actually is: bullshit. Here is the logical proof of that:

      …….. 2A. By all they read, ‘their god’ made everything — our world [Earth] and everything on it: all the animals, all the plants, all the oceans & lakes & rivers, and for them, the most important ‘creation’: all the humans [in 'their' image, never mind the amazing similarity of baboons and other primates to humans]. And he did all of this in only 6 days and rested the 7th (yeah, right). [An important sub-question here: Just exactly how long did 1 day last?]

      …….. 2B. If their god created all the humans [in 'their' image] since their existence, then within their own strict definition, ‘their god’ also created homosexuals. Of course, what they conveniently omit or never wish to admit or discuss, is that ‘their god’ also created homosexual animals (and this has been scientifically proven — Google it).

      …….. 2C. If ‘their god’ loves everyone, why wouldn’t ‘their god’ love all the homosexuals also and allow the same respect for homosexuality as they do for their fucking rabbits? But that cannot be. After all, if they could love homosexuals and teach love for homosexuals, then we’re back to number 1 again with the lack of babies they would have the opportunity to brainwash. And if they were to admit the true purpose of homosexuality [natural control of population -- and I think most of you can see, we need more of that], then they would not be able to explain ‘their god’ and their total hate for these people.

      …….. 2D. If these religious freaks were to finally admit to and accept the most obvious [to us, now] concept of evolution, then that would again reduce any ‘god’ and all religious teachings to what they truly are: bullshit.

      This is just in a nutshell, of course. And darkshadow6921 has said it in a very interesting and truthful way.

      1. Best single explanation I’ve ever seen for religious intolerance to homosexuality. Basically, they need people fucking so they can brainwash more people.

      2. Actually, it depends on what ‘Bible” you ascribe to. In the original Hebrew Bible, there is no word or concept for homosexuality, period. Anything that was interpreted as anti-homosexual came later, about the period of The Middle Ages…when Christianity was making its biggest play to replace pagan/Earth religions. It was a particular ruler who thought that replacing the ranks from disease and war (with reproduction), was more important than keeping ALL people in God’s grace.

        The New Testament has enough holes and contradictions to keep scholars in business forever. The biggest mistake modern Christians make is quoting Leviticus. You can’t take only certain passages from Leviticus Law and try to apply them in modern times. You have to use them all….which would be the sin of menstrual periods, the sin of eating shellfish, the sin of mixing cotton and wool etc, etc.

        Furthermore, the best argument that you can use against them is simply; Since Jesus spoke about adultery, stealing, murder, prostitution and virtually all forms of SIN, why is it then, there is absolutely NOTHING mentioned of homosexuality??

        Because it wasn’t an issue until a ruler in the Middle Ages made it an issue. There are a lot of good concepts in the Bible that translate to modern day, but to follow it as ‘teachings’ or ‘law’ is ridiculous. Use of common sense here a must!

        Truth of the matter is, I really think Jesus (if there was a Jesus) was gay…wrap your head around that one if you dare.;-)

          1. Why thank you! Prophet/messiah, always with the company of men, always talking about man, the love of man, lots of hugging, kissing, shared bread and foot cleanings (few things more homoerotic than having your feet cleaned by another male!) ….geeze, it’s not that difficult to imagine, is it? Jesus was the ultimate gay stud.;-)

            1. If you were to look around at some earlier posts of mine in this blog, I also stated that if this schmuck jesus was actually real, he would definitely have been a homosexual. I’ve thought that for decades (again, playing the game he’s real).

              And not only what you said, but all those followers and the ones called “disciples” (was that just a very old school term for boyfriends or lovers?) being at his beck and call. And when you think of him as gay, then you begin to wonder what those religions are all about anyway — just one really big closet for all those “straights” to hide in but still be socially acceptable?

              And I can’t stop questioning “his” entire life …. IMMEDIATELY AFTER BIRTH, he’s this 20+ y.o. man with full facial hair. You may think this is way out there, but even in our times today, anyone that captures the “hearts and minds” of people like he was supposed to do, have a group of people following him/them around ready to write about every little thing he says and does. While I obviously know they didn’t have “our style” of press to follow him, c’mon people, they had writers back then (those disciples and others supposedly writing for this stupid fictional “bible”). And someone should have written about him as a very young child through his teenage years — but, NO, nothing about his childhood and teen years. Also, if he was this wonderful, what and how and where and when was his education?

              Sorry, but if [they, sic] expect people like me to even begin to “believe” in this crap, a LOT NEEDS TO BE ANSWERED. And I’m fucking tired of all this crap of: (1) “it is written” …. and (2) “you must have faith” ….. that shit just doesn’t cut it with me.

            2. You won’t ever get answers from the Bible; it’s full of more contradictions than truisms. Corner the hard-core fundies on the Bible’s contradictions and they just say , “It’s God’s plan” or, “We were not meant to know”. I love the latter because it presupposes that we shall remain ignorant forever.

              But yeah, Jesus was a stud and a gay one at that. Really, with his following ‘camp’ of men, there is no other logical conclusion. Paul was a misogynist from Hell….I doubt very much he ever ‘loved’ any woman. An obviously, MANY painters over the centuries had at least homoerotic love for Jesus by the way he was frequently painted. You were allowed to fall to your knees, cry, embrace his likeness, proclaim your love for Him etc….whatever, ‘hetero’ world. As a young struggling homo, I had ‘problems’ seeing him naked or nearly naked.

              You won’t find anything about his childhood, because he was a proud queer youth…..something The Church will never let onto.;-)

            3. I have a huge book named “Michelangelo”. It has to be over 1000 pages long. We all know the quality of painter he was …. and of course the infamous Sistine Chapel ceiling with it’s full male nudity. As much as I hate religion, I must acknowledge 2 good things from it (and the time period for all these stories): 1. Architecture … and … 2. Artwork.

              In that light, and towards the middle of this huge book (it’s packed away so I don’t remember which box it’s in), is this very interesting painting of “jesus crucifix”, typically on the cross, but with one major difference: this schmuck is totally nude on this cross (not with the wrapping around his midriff as every other crucifix drawing, painting is). Michelangelo is also known to be very accurate in all of his paintings.

              Now, this schmuck is supposed to be the “king of jews” and what that implies, also — wouldn’t any/all jews and especially, “the king” be circumcised? Well in this painting, this schmuck is UNCIRCUMCISED. For me, that sure as hell blows this “jew” crap right off the cross. Also [still playing the game here], if he’s supposed to be some “king”, “god”, or “son of god”, wouldn’t this schmuck have what I’m sure most of us would consider, a “god-like” penis [size reference here]? Well, this painting shows him to be SERIOUSLY LACKING in any ‘god-like’ way regarding size (everyone, especially men, were/are supposed to look up to him, right?). The painting shows (I’m taking a best guess according to the scale of the painting) him to have only about 3″ … maybe 3½ inches of soft penis. C’mon now, if this guy was so fucking important, I’d think he would/should have had at least 5″ fully soft …. something to really look up to. And of course, he’s uncut in this painting.

              So, Michelangelo painted him as reality in the fully nude state and what can I say, he just doesn’t live up to any “god-like” character. But I guess you can take one thing from this …. maybe coming directly from this “god” …. penis size really doesn’t matter, so don’t get choked up about it.

            4. Now, what is this? More sarcasm? Farce? Or complete lunacy? I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this one?

            5. PenboyX, I don’t believe I have ever seen this particular painting in any of the Michelangelo books I’ve looked at it. I would be interested to see it, but I am afraid that most Christians would find it to be extremely offensive (as they seem to find the penis offensive) so it will probably remain pretty well-buried or hidden for quite a while.

              Jesus was not supposed to be the “King of the Jews,” that was a Roman jeer AGAINST him and their putting that label on his cross was a insult.

              Regarding penis size, it may be hard for us to contemplate, but in accordance with classical standards, and by that I mean ancient Greek, but also the Romans who mostly took their cues from the art of the Greeks, the ideal penis size was SMALL, not LARGE. Also, the Greeks were extremely proud of foreskin and considered the most beautiful penis to be small with a rather long foreskin (can you imagine that I learned all this at a lecture at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles?), so I am thinking that although Michelangelo’s art came much later in time than the classical Greeks, he must have been following that tradition. They considered the large penis to be gross and ugly, rather low-life, more “animalist” than refined and god-like. And you will notice that in all of Michelangelo’s art (unless I am too much of a size queen), ALL the penises are small. Look at David, whom you know from how his body looks is meant to be magnificent, tiny little dick (I do know some who disagree with me and think his size is okay, but David would need some enhancement if he were to be in porn today!).

              I honestly don’t know what Michelangelo thought of circumcised dicks…I am imaging that he did not like them (and of course you know that Michelangelo was a homosexual, right?) and therefore from an artistic point of view would choose for Jesus the kind of dick HE thought most appealing or would communicate the best characteristics to his audience rather than be concerned about scientific or historical accuracy. I am pretty sure his Adams and Eves have belly buttons, of course (heck, probably even the ANGELS do in this kind of art), so as to, again, present an aesthetically wondrous body, not one that displays accuracy (Adam and Eve and angels were not born, and therefore had no umbilical cords).

              Finally, I’m not quite sure why you call Jesus a “schmuck” and jeer him; whether he really lived or not, and whether you believe in him or not, he was never your enemy and he should not be blamed for what his followers have distorted and done in his name afterwards. I honestly recommend that you rent and watch Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” (if you haven’t already seen it)–I don’t care how much you may hate homophobic Mel Gibson and how much you may hate Jesus, one must be honest and realize that that film is an amazing work of art, each FRAME in the film is like a classical painting. And just imagine, for a moment, if this man really existed and all he did was to attempt to preach love and understanding in a time of human misery and suffering, and look to see how he was treated. Do you REALLY want to be in the camp of those jeering and spitting at him, or even the IDEA of him? Do as I say and see your life softening a great deal. You won’t become a Christian or even religious, but it will make you a kinder, more gentle and understanding human, more at peace with yourself.

            6. Actually it’s a ‘period’ issue. At the time Michelangelo was an artist and way before, large genitals were considered garish or freakish. As beautiful as “David” is (and no doubt the real boy who served him drink & food while ‘inspiring’ him), his genitals are disproportionately small. That is the reason that any Jesus rendition would have normal or smaller than normal genitals. You could even say that “David” is more traditionally Greek, than Renaissance.

              Whatever its faults, “David” is the most jaw-dropping single pose of a young male that I have ever seen in sculpture…..almost hypnotic. If a gay male wants to stay in the closet, don’t let him stand before “David”. ;-)

            7. From Wikipedia:
              INRI is an acronym of the Latin inscription IESVS·NAZARENVS·REX·IVDÆORVM (Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum), which translates to English as “Jesus the Nazarene (Galilean), King of the Jews (Judeans)“. [Emphasis is mine.]

              And every other teachings I’ve ever seen or heard says the same thing. The fact that 1 or 2 specific denominations may say at one time something different means nothing. And you can go to infinity arguing over such nit-pickings when the barrel is full of bullshit.

              And since you wish to appear to be so knowledgeable about jews, et al, I would think you would have picked up on the jewish term, schmuck, which is used so much today in comedy by jews. Haven’t you figured out by now that I have absolutely no respect for any of that religious bullshit? Pssssst, lean closer: That’s never been a secret. . . . I’m just mirroring their total lack of respect towards me, an individual and a human being just because I happen to be homosexual.

              And since Michelangelo has long been dead and the only thing that survives him is his beautiful art and sculpture and the fact that the christian religions use his images so frequently to help them in their ‘teachings’ and other nonsense bullshit, I really don’t care what anyone may say about his “anti-jewishness” as his reason to paint all of his men uncircumcised. That’s immaterial to me as anything devoutly religious is as well.

              Yes, I would like to view “The Passion of the Christ” — but for curiosity reasons only — not as any support for this story. I simply love good movies and well-done theatrical plays.

  1. *resists making overused gay agenda joke* >___> seriously tho behind the calm demeanor those two are using u can just see hate and disgust pouring out of them :/ shes over done the color matching outfit thing BTW….. these people seem to have lost their sense of style along with their common sense…

    1. In America, the religious right is synonymous with the NRA touting the 2nd Amendment giving us the right to bear arms. If both groups had their way, they would love nothing better than to gun down all the “queers/faggots” [their 'lovely' words for us] if they legally could.

      And that reminds me (comically) of the second “Dirty Harry” movie, Magnum Force about tolerance with these lines:

      Harry Callahan: You know those guys?
      Early Smith: They came through the Academy after me. They stick together like flypaper, you know? Everybody thought they were queer for each other.
      Harry Callahan: Tell you something. If the rest of you could shoot like them, I wouldn’t care if the whole damn department was queer.

      1. PenboyX–You’re going overboard here and need to stop and think a little bit. Supporting the U.S. Constitution (still the law of the law of the land despite constant attempts to override it by those who want to take away our freedoms) and the natural right of citizens to protect themselves is NOT synonymous with the Christian right and their homophobia except for the fact that those who believe in the Constitution are political conservatives and right-wing Christians are religious conservatives. They’re both CONSERVATIVES in the arena in which they operate, but the issues in each case are entirely different. I, myself, am gay, I am not a Christian conservative, and I very strongly believe in the freedom to own guns. (By the way, the second amendment does NOT “give us the right” to bear arms; the second amendment is to PREVENT the government from TAKING AWAY that right, which comes to us naturally. It might help you to actually read the Constitution and understand what it actually says.) Why, really, should YOU be left unarmed, may I ask? Why should the GOVERNMENT take away your arms? What is the GOVERNMENT’S agenda in doing so? Remember, and it is both logical a true, “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

        What do you think would happen if someone (as you proposed there are those who want to do something like this) broke into my house to harm me and my same-sex lover who was sleeping next to me in my bed? If I could get my gun out of my night stand in time, I would kill them and save my life and the life of my lover (and I probably would succeed in this as I am an NRA-trained marksman). If you think that somehow makes me into a bad person, then you have a lot of reality to be waking up to.

        1. Boy, did you misread that post. I have nothing against our 2nd Amendment. And tomatos vs. tomatoes — preventing the government from taking our guns away, or giving us the right to have them (or visa versa) is for all practical purposes, the same. In previous posts, I’ve stated that this is a good Amendment and I agree with it.

          But that wasn’t what I was referring to. Both the NRA supporters and the religious right people frequently are generally and comically referred to as “rednecks” with their usually extreme dislike of anything “gay.” Both tend to be social “bed-mates.” That is why I said that both are “synonymous” in U.S. culture and politics. And that is why I brought up that “scene” in that movie.

          Again, I have nothing against our 2nd Amendment.

          1. How did I misread your statement that the NRA would gun gay people down if they could? That’s a pretty strong negative statement that I don’t think is true. Also, I must reiterate, the government does not GIVE us the right to have guns; the government does not HAVE the right itself to GIVE or take away ANY rights (even though it will violently do so without having any right to). The important point is that WE the people give the government the right to exist and we also put limits on what the government can or can not do (that’s what the Constitution is all about). And the reason the government wants to take away people’s weapons is that it intends to illegally control all human rights, which the people would no longer have any ability to protect themselves from since they no longer have any weapons. Ultimately, if anybody is going to be blowing away any gays if it wants to, it won’t be the NRA OR the Christian right, it will be the GOVERNMENT. Would never happen? Our government is “good”, it is “elected” by the people. So were the National Socialists in Germany (the “Nazis”) elected “by the people”, and they thought it was good, also. Prior to the Nazis being in power, Berlin was a gay paradise. Afterwards, it was pink triangles and concentration camps.

          2. I am getting tired of your posts and then your follow-up posts where you backtrack from your original posts. just saying. of course, i’ll defend to the death your right to make these posts.

            1. @OneNorth

              If you’re referring to me, I’m not backtracking from anything. We have a difference of opinion as to the exact wording of our Second Amendment. That’s OK. For my purposes, “giving us the right” or “not taking the right away” is the same.

              As for the “gunning down” statement, I was simply referring to the obvious dislike of gays that both groups have for us (what do you think the video above is all about?) — and that is well documented and by now has been (unfortunately) ingrained into our sub-cultures since after WWII. And for the actual “gunning,” well, it should have been pretty obvious that it was more sarcasm than actual reality. But not totally. Look at what’s happening to many gays across this country as of late (i.e.: witness the gunning of 15yo Larry King by his 14yo schoolmate with his father’s gun). While not all of them have been maimed or killed specifically by guns (again, i.e.: Matthew Shepard in Wyoming), it has happened, nevertheless. And I have no doubt that if within either of those 2 groups, if someone could kill one of their favorite “prey,” (faggots as they love to call us) without any (or very light) consequences, I’m sure they would in ever-increasing numbers. That’s my opinion.

            2. You went from saying the NRA and Religious Right were “synonymous” to “tend to be … bedmates.”

              To me that’s backtracking. Plus, the video above has absolutely nothing to do with the NRA. You are projecting that. And, when TDB provides his own experience as evidence to the contrary, you start to claim you were being sarcastic and profess your love of the 2nd Amendment, yet you continue to bash the NRA, whose primary function is defending that amendment and providing for the safe use of the arms it protects.

      2. “Tolerance” is a dangerous word. I can still ‘hate’ somebody and what they do, but leave them alone under the law. All that does is keep people from dragging me outside from my slumber and killing me because I’m gay.

        America right now, overall is in the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ stage of respecting LBGTQI people and our rights. It just reinforces closets. I work with youth/youth groups, have started PFLAG chapters (now president of one) and am a mentor for boys. All this in small town America. I can tell you that homophobia is alive & well and usually Christian based.

        Unfortunately, to make things work in these small towns you have to schmooze and work with these fucks. There are times where I want to literally kill them and tell them what a wasted collection of cells they are. But you don’t or all is lost. That’s the part I hate most, smiling, talking and reasoning with them. But every now and then, you do turn some idiot around, which is cool.

        So the the operative word here should always be: ‘acceptance’, not tolerance.

    1. I know, right? So backwards. I can’t believe they have this gay propaganda in schools already!

        1. No, Rusty is right with his sarcasm. America is NOT going backwards regarding the acceptance of homosexuality, it has gone so far forward that pro-gay literature is in the schools. These Focus on the Family people are running as fast as they can to catch up to and overtake this, but of course they are fighting a losing battle. The cat is out of the bag, homosexuality exists, it is normal, it is all over the place, and the world hasn’t burst into flames, yet. So yawn, it is a non-issue except for those who’ve got their heads stuck up far into a deep, dark, stinky place.

  2. in the german-speaking area, we have a thing where every year, a jury choses a word that kind of had some media-fame in the past year and also is hardcore-sinister and a shining example of how the evil in our world is put into words. how degenerative tendencies in a society can be observed through the creativity of, well, *us*, and how we put our language to (in this case) sinister uses.

    stuff like “Tätervolk” (“a people of culprits” – a word designed to give the blame for something to a whole people), “Gotteskrieger” (god’s warrior) and many more.

    If in Europe words like “the gay agenda” were tolerated and a part of public discourse like they are in the US, i’m sure we’d already have our next “Unwort des Jahres”.

    wikipedia puts it best:

    “[a] word in the public speech which is deemed inappropriate and an insult to human dignity.”

    1. that is, in fact, an almost ancient “fear” of heteros and the suspected main, almost supracultural, reason for homophobia.

  3. Scare them by asking: if your God question is “Did you love your Gay human being as much as every other human being ,fully knowing that I created that very human being? If not: one way ticket to HELL !!!
    I did this once and they kicked me out of their home!. LOL

  4. I their belief system being homosexual is wrong a sin. Your anger toward them is showing a lack of tolerance and a judgment of people based on the beliefs. They have every right to speak out against any kind of activism that is wrong and sinful according to their beliefs. Just take a look at people like Rosie ODonnel and you see a homosexual who is filled with hate. Look at gay pride parades and you don’t see your neighbor you see freaks. Wanting to choke someone who disagrees with you is a hate response unworthy of acceptance. Calling them F’ing this and that is limited thinking a person who doesn’t respect others. Finally Luxie needs to get a dictionary.

    1. Blindly tolerating everyone is just as ill-advised as choking everyone that you disagree with.

      This isn’t just about what people *believe* to be right and wrong. This is about indoctrination, scaremongering, and misinformation. Not to mention the fact that these Christians are out to change society to suit their prejudices — furthering the dissemination of their fanciful beliefs. I have no problem with what people believe, but once they start limiting the freedoms of other people then it becomes an issue — both on principle, and for that fact it may directly affect my life or the lives of people I know.

      It’s just like that old quote:

      “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

      So, yes, these people can believe and say what they want and I will fight for their right to freedom of thought and speech, but there’s a line to be drawn. Indoctrinating or deceiving people (especially children, i.e. those that are more susceptible to disinformation) is inherently immoral and cannot be tolerated in a society that upholds equality, freedom, liberty, morality etc.

      So, while I am tolerant of other’s beliefs, I am not tolerant when people choose to oppress the lives of others for no reason other than a preference or a belief.

      The moral route is the one that causes the least amount of harm, oppression and deceit. These Christians are not moral people — they will blindly follow their fallacious beliefs, even to the extent of claiming absolute knowledge and absolute morality — even if what they feel as humans conflicts with what they’ve been told… I feel sorry for people that follow religions of oppression and hate. The amount of cognitive dissonance they must endure on a day to day basis is surely staggering.

      1. @Koaosi:
        Very, very, very well written. I agree 100% with you. But, allow me add one item to this statement: “This is about indoctrination, scaremongering, and misinformation.” Brainwashing. While this may be considered more of a “street” term, I think it is a term better applied to all the religious right’s “teachings.”

        And the single, best proof of this is this: All over the world, children who have no understanding of anything religious, yet are forced to go to their parents’ and denomination’s “places of worship” to be force-fed all these words of fictionalized stories, hate and intolerance that they clearly don’t understand until they get years older, but which is now too late for them to make any type of educational or rational decision regarding their specific religion. They (mostly) simply follow in their parents footsteps all according to each religion’s master plan.

        1. “Brainwashing” is actually a term used more in conjunction with torture and torture techniques. A more usable PC term is ‘indoctrination’. I learned you can argue ‘indoctrination’ a hell of a lot easier than ‘brainwashing’. It’s very analogous to an argument where one party starts using ‘Nazi this or ‘Nazi’ that, in their statements. It just lights everybody’s flame and usually serves no purpose. Especially if Jewish people are around, because it can be personally demeaning; just like ‘faggot’ is to us gays in the US.

          This is virtually a casino game we play in US society for acceptance as LBGTQI folks…..hot tempers, hot button terms and wild accusations, just leave you standing by the front door, without admittance. Let the homophobes use the wrong language, appear stupid and they win for us.

          1. While I understand fully what you say, and we all appreciate “gay moderates” such as yourself, I don’t mind being part of the far-left when it comes to Gays vs. Religion.

            ……… From Wikipedia: … Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated”. The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making. [Emphasis is mine.]

            Theories of brainwashing and of mind control were originally developed to explain how totalitarian regimes appeared to succeed in systematically indoctrinating prisoners of war through propaganda and torture techniques. These theories were later expanded and modified, by psychologists including Margaret Singer, to explain a wider range of phenomena, especially conversions to new religious movements (NRMs). ** [And I contend this applies to OLD religious movements as well.] **

            While you are correct as to its use with torture, I have no problem calling what it is with respect to the psychology of getting parents to force their children (often as young as 3 yrs old) to go to a ‘church’ to be injected with something they clearly won’t understand for many, many years but which will be too late to reverse.

            This quote was posted earlier: “If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.” – Hugh Laurie, “House”.

            That quote is so true it’s not funny. I have a good friend, who happens to be a devout religious right believer and he will never listen to or even watch the videos I send him regarding the lies and bullshit of all religions. I gave him a copy of the excellent PBS Documentary, “Intelligent Design on Trial, [2004]” (about 1 year ago) and he has yet to view it, or at least he will never comment about it to me — simply because he won’t listen to or accept any proof that “ID” and “Creationism” is pure bullshit. If that’s not brainwashing, nothing is. And I won’t even go into the psychological torture of forcing children to attend church services, shoving hate of different groups of people (GAYS) down their young throats — even driving them to commit [premeditated] murder (such as Larry King in Oxnard, CA).

            1. I’m actually not a “gay moderate”, but since I work in the community with many agencies and many people from all walks of life, I have learned to be “moderate’ in my approach to accomplish anything for LBGTQI rights. I would love to take a more radical, even violent tact sometimes, but I know from all the windmills I’ve fought in my life, it just doesn’t work. You burn out or you’re just labeled a ‘nutcase, ‘radical’, or ‘freak’.

              Sometimes for example, I’ll come back from a fund raising function thrown for a LGBTQI youth group I helped start and I literally want to kill someone. You can’t believe the inane, ignorant comments I have to filter. Not to mention that because I work with boys and I’m out, I have to be a pedophile. I’m often asked, “Why else would you want to work with young boys?”

              But like I said, there are many successes just because I’ve sown some seeds of doubt in otherwise total in-the-box thinking/lives.

  5. i reckon theres something wrong in their heads they preach love etc. yet its evil when same-sex people love each other?! i actually quite liked that penguin book lol! i think its right that kids should be taught at an early age that everyone is equal no matter what skin colour religion gender or sexual orientation they have if i forgot a group im sorry. also if theres a god he loves everyone not just straight two parent families. period.

  6. She would be out of a job in Scotland if she started this shit. Same as in the workplace most contracts of employment advocate diversity and tolerance towards each other and our government in Edinburgh were the first to champion civil partnerships. Bet her kids are fucked up

  7. well, that’s a nice beginning of the school year isn’t it?
    America is constantly scaring the hell out of me with this kind of trash

  8. Had to pause one minute into the video … it was just to much utter non-sense for me … crap overload! Still thanks for that insight into the fundamentalist christian movement.

  9. oh goaw i had to laugh so hard when she talked about “cute little furry animals” at 02:10 …. damn it’s hard to believe this is NOT made by onion news … no need to make a parody of THAT … it’s hilarious enough that way *facepalm*

    also take a look at the site they mention http://truetolerance.org/ full of the same bulshit ofc

  10. One writer here did point out that moderate Christians, like moderate Muslims, are not being represented well by this kind of nut… eh… evangelical extremist.
    The problem is, the numbers of viewers and comments in the affirmative through websites etc.. show a huge support for what these people preach. Not to the point of murder or declassification as human, but a lot of Christian’s buy the idea that God sees homosexuality as wrong, against the divine plan, and just plain icky.

    Of course they preach love… for those in the group. It is a clique mentality. ‘You’re either with us or against God!”, Not an unfamiliar refrain. It takes all the responsibility away from each of them and lays it squarely on the Father, who being omniscient, is always right, even if he seems to be wrong. It is an easy circumlocutious argument, like the bumper sticker once said “I may not be right, I am forgiven.” Well there you go, a free get out of jail card. Which I should in all fairness point out is not Christian… the tenants of the religion say you are forgiven but not for venal sins made by choice. But such things are usually argued out by theologians.

    We have been so indoctrinated from birth to believe that the Church at least (all denominations) focuses on love and caring for your fellow Man. But that was something raised in the 19th century as a means to focus charity and forbearance on the poor. Most of history is a constant repeat of one group calling on God to smite the heretics of another group of Christians, let alone Muslims, Jews or any other non-christian belief group. And the others are no better.

    Religion was a powerful way to control the masses but surely we have gotten beyond it?

    OK Im either preaching to the choir or an enemy of good family values. All I ask is you listen to my favorite comedian … just 9 minutes … and ask yourself, is he really wrong?

    1. Very well put…organized religion is truly the opiate of the masses. In the Catholic Church, for example, it is often said that if the Church doesn’t hook ‘em (children) by seven, they’re lost. Truly, it’s a battle plan to own your mind & free will.

      I would go further to say it’s really a country club, exclusionary mentality and it’s their way or the hwy. Much more about a social group (and its ‘rules’), than really anything about true belief in scripture. There is a movement down South called “God’s New Army”. I didn’t realize were were at declared war in American….perhaps I messed something.

      The biggest cop-out of all is, “Love the sinner, hate the sin”. What that really translates to is; I hate you for who you are and what you believe, but I’m too chicken-shit to say it.

  11. luxie:

    also what the hell is a homosexual-activist

    Exactly! I mean, are the activists homosexual or are they for homosexuality? This woman isn’t clear on anything, let alone semantics.

  12. USA is the country of hate, intolerance and christian fundamentalism. To bad for the majority Americans, the minority rules the USA. You can say USA(Christian)=IRAN(Muslim) 2 religions 2 Countries destroyed by Fundamentalism. And i thought they live in the 21st century and not in the dark ages.

    1. You nailed it. I have had those exact thoughts. Fundamentalism is the assumed privlege of the ignorant. Ignorance is a passion greater than either love or hate.

    2. Actually if you run the numbers, when Bush was reelected, it came down to two issues: ‘gay marriage’ and abortion rights. The popular vote went with Bush by a small margin. To me, that meant 51% of the voters sided with Stupid. It was a day that I lived in ‘infamy’ forever. No longer did I feel so loyal to the ol’ USA. I was ashamed to live here for the very first time in my life.:-(

  13. Well… why not teach kids that homosexuality is okay at a young age like in kindergarten? I mean, it’s because kids are not taught that homosexuality is normal that there is bullying over it. Sure they can still believe it’s a sin, but that doesn’t justify the homophobic bullying. They are always going to think it’s a sin and you can’t change that.

    “If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.” ~House

    These parents don’t say anything to stop the bullying so the kids think it’s okay. The worst part is, the kids don’t even know why they’re bullying gay people. If you were to ask a bully why he picks on the gay kid, this would be your average response:

    “Because he’s a fucking faggot!”
    “Oh, well now that you’ve explained it…”

    And what about the parents that do want their kids to know about homosexuality? Don’t they get a say in this? If books about homosexuals are in the library, chances are if a kid wants to know about homosexuality, they’ll read it and the ones that don’t won’t pick it up.

    And so what if the kids read it? The parents say they don’t want their kids “exposed” to homosexuality. Exposed? That’s usually a word to describe germs or chemicals or diseases…. OH WAIT!

    And so what if the kids are “exposed” to homosexuality? Do the parents think it will turn them gay or something? They just have to realize that if there son or daughter is gay, they don’t need a book to figure it out.

    And another thought, if kids don’t know about homosexuality, doesn’t that lead to experimenting? If kids are uneducated, they get curious, right? Well gee, these people seem to be missing different points here.

    1. also, it’s the people behind thoughts like homosexuals having an agenda and being all activistic about their agenda, that leave themselves vulnerable. they think of heterosexuality as something that is corruptable by homosexuality. and thus need to hate it, need to fight it, need to blame it. it’s a vicious circle, really. if they didn’t think of gays that way, gays couldn’t get to them.

      it’s all psychology. homophobes turned out to be a lot more receptive to gay porn. they get off to gay porn a lot more than liberal heterosexuals do. whatever’s going on there.. reason has nothing to do with it.

    2. That’s been something we have been trying to get into elementary schools for a longtime. It’s sacrosanct to say the least. Parents rise up in horror, cost numbers are falsely thrown around (cost for new curriculum), the “gay agenda” concept is always mentioned, etc.

      Remember, this is a country that horrified its viewers with a female tit shown on a Superbowl halftime show. I say more power to the young hetero boys who got to see it- too bad they didn’t see more. It’s also the same country that has virtually no restrictions for showing violence on primetime TV. We invented the term, ‘double standard’.;-)

  14. If you’re so worried about what the evil schools are putting in your kids’ heads, homeschool them like Focus on the Family recommends. They’ll grow up socially awkward and unable to interact with a society that is socially progressing no matter what you do.

    1. even funnier when one thinks of how the same group of people caused the dark ages in the first place ..

  15. Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can get a copy of this gay agenda.. Everyone in the world seems to have a copy but me and I cant comment on it till I read it ;)

    1. Sure ….. just go to any evangelical/fundamentalist church and ask to speak with the priest/preacher/whatever in the funny robe and hat and, very innocently, bring up the subject they fear the most: homosexuality. And, oh, yes, be sure to bring someone who can either write in shorthand, or bring in a recording device that can accept a huge amount of bullshit.

      1. That is hilarious!!!!! Thank you very much for that …. It helped make my day (oooops! did I just quote my favorite cop in the movies?)!

  16. It seems to me that these are nice enough people with ignorant views on sex. They perpetuate prejudice through ignorance by preventing the dispersal of information instead of embracing it in the hopes I guess that enough time will go by and all the gays will just dissappear.

  17. I could not stop thinking about Fahrenheit 451 when she started talking about those books promoting the “gay agenda”… made me shiver.

    But of course, your particular set of beliefs is enough excuse for trying to block the access to information that doesn’t fit well in that soooo desired heteronormative society , right? ;¬)

    1. Heteronormative. I hear that term a lot lately. I don’t think anyone knows the true prevlance of homosexual desire and curiosity.

  18. Those cute, little, furry, sneaky gays … first they take over San Francisco and The Village and now in they’re in the libraries!! And, they even got the penguins. What ever will we do?

    Just type the names of these titles into your library database and if they come up, just go down there and torch the fucking place!

  19. Atheist Joke:
    Shit happens.
    If shit happens, it’s not really shit.
    If shit happens, it’s the will of Allah.
    Shit happens because you don’t work hard enough.
    Why does this shit always happen to us?
    This shit happened before.
    Shit happens because you’re bad.
    Hare Krishna
    Shit happens rama rama.
    T.V. Evangelism
    Send more shit.
    No shit.
    Jehova’s Witness
    Knock knock, shit happens.
    There’s nothing like a good shit happening.
    Christian Science
    Shit happens in your mind.
    Maybe shit happens, maybe it doesn’t.
    Let’s smoke this shit.
    What is shit anyway?
    This shit doesn’t bother me.

    1. This is really good. Where did you find it?

      Church of the Latter Day Saints
      make shit up.

      1. Church of the Latter Day Saints
        Spend million$ on out-of-state shit propositions that’s none of their business.

  20. Oh my God! They have Books about homosexuality in the libraries!!! Oh my God let’s hold our hands and pray…then build an army of dump fat Moms and Dick Redneck Dads and get our asses on TV so we can fight for our children which we don’t give a fuck about.

    1. There you go….you got the gist of it perfectly and brutally! Brilliant, actually……..

  21. Thank you for a copy of the agenda, I knew I was supposed to be doing something at 2pm daily, now I can..
    I really love the lets preach peace and friendship and love, well as long as you do it the way we want it..
    So if we have a gay agenda, isnt that like them calling the kettle black..
    What morons, these are the people that when they find out their offspring is gay ridicule them and kick them to the curb.. Hows that for christian values.
    Oh and I know they would quote the bible says one should not lie with a man like a woman,, but I bet I can get them to quote that at an all you can eat crab and shrimp buffet while admiring their clothes made of mixed threads..
    Hypocrites all of them.. Grrrr, people like this deserve to be nailed to a cross…

  22. Oh and by the way people use 3 things to lobby their shit:

    1) Flag
    2) Religion
    3) Children

    once u hear those words and being prompted for action (search this, look up that, go there, vote for this guy) believe me the man who speaks – cares about those thing the least…

  23. We should be appreciated for our natural form of birth control along with a desire to adopt kids. How many of us queers had fathers who did not give a dam about us?

    1. Wonderful point….we don’t have kids because of reckless circumstances, nor are we shamed into loveless marriages. We adopt kids because we WANT to love them and we marry because we really want to celibate our love. Obviously, the different motivations are huge….

  24. Normally I’m the controversial person on these posts that gets branded “Greedy Republican” among other names..
    But this is a good post. I am glad nobody here seems to be directly generalizing all Americans with idiots like this.
    This is just exposing an outlandishly bigoted group, and I give my kudos.
    The good news is: this “red state” fad is dying. Culture wars are fading away as real issues show up. Not to mention the fact that the neo-cons out there alienate their potential voters with garbage like this.

  25. This is why I no longer identify with the Catholic Church. It’s narrow-minded BS like this that makes me want to vomit. To preach that being gay is something that’s not natural is like saying that it is unnatural to be black or hispanic. If God is someone who hates gays, then I would rather live without a God in my life.

    Here’s how they can make the “gay agenda” go away: let us live in peace

  26. I love this video, for its failure. It makes me remember of the video in which showed Christianity as good and pure, while evolution is evil. I love how they are focusing onto a group which could not be the best example. Could we do a comparison between West Baptist Church (I think it is) compared to a really good church will good morals of acceptance (assuming one exists).

    A good part is how a library is a reflection of the school. My old school had books on religion, yet we didn’t get taught a religion class. I love the discussion of tolerance regarding Christian values for Christians. They want federal funding but wont allow federal legislation. They wonder why Christians and other groups opposing homosexuality aren’t tolerant by the wider community.

    1. “Westboro Baptist Church”….these are the people that go to the funerals of dead American soldiers and hold up signs saying that God is punishing the country for allowing gay rights etc. and that is why their son was killed.

  27. There were two things I learned while being raised in a very conservative christian environment. 1) Sex is vial and bad and not something to enjoy, especially by oneself, i.e. masturbation. 2) Sex should be saved for the one you love. These type of contradictions are everywhere in their myopic world.

  28. Oh yes, the masterbation tabu. That was big in the 1950’s and 60’s. As a small boy I watched my father actually beat the shit out of my older cusin who was fond masterbating in his bed and then hosed him down while naked in the back yard. My cusin actually lost bowl and bladder control during that incident. According to my parents, only queers masterbated.

      1. Just like there’s no such thing as “heaven” as by now, they would be dropping like flies from “the sky and clouds.” (I mean, how much room can you hold over 5 billion “souls” in one location? Talk about claustrophobia!)

  29. >>>>>> ok srsly everyone i never got the “gay agenda” i am totally lost.
    i am actully going to stay subscribed to this post because i want the agenda that bad. please please someone tell me what it is. people have been talk about this agenda for years and i have yet to be givin one. am i not gay enuf to for the gay club???? this has been bugging me for a long time i have a feeling that in the agenda it has a list of people to hate on and act mean towards in it some where and since i dont know who it is ive just been nice to everyone but apparently im suppose to be mean to Christians???
    which sux cuz they seem to be really nice people aside from there closed mindedness and hatefullness of gays because of some agenda.
    P.S. where were two gay penguins and where in love so thats B.S. also i just found my summer reading on that site ;)

    1. Chris, there is no gay agenda, that was the point. It’s just a mythical term…..like the Arc of The Covenant, or The Spear of Destiny etc. All these supernatural terms/things are supposed to exist ‘somewhere’, but not one soul can produce them.

      The ‘gay agenda’ was a term that caught on with the misinformed, the dolts, the mentally weak and religious zealots (who are all of the former). Analogous to the term Rush L. uses; ‘feminazis’ and about as intelligent.

  30. I realy want to say that the problem in that case is not christianity.
    It is in fact existing, but we have to know that those people are conservative and extremists and they don’t make the majority of US christian groups :)

  31. 40 or so years ago interracial marriages were illegal in the USA. Mainly because of religious conservatives – there’s a line in the bible about marrying outside your tribe- There were threats of America being destroyed by God if we allowed whites & blacks to marry… now they have to have some new group to hate, to force strife and division to keep the masses donating money out of fear …

    1. Yep, you got that right. I just wonder what the religious right will vilify after about 10-15 years from now when same-sex marriage will be a lot more norm than what they want today. Of course, in that time or a little longer, a lot of the religious bigots will be dead by then (thank god! — pun intended).

  32. Oh yes, the masterbation tabu.
    “The sin of Onanism” Wow, again, the church totally takes things out of context. Onan’s brother died without having had a child. God commanded Onan to go and impregnate his brother’s wife (a practice accepted by society then) Onan disobeyed god and spilled his semen on the ground. God killed Onan for being disobedient. It had nothing to with masturbation or sex, just Onan being willfully disobedient.

    1. Either way that story is sickening. It’s still teaching people that if you aren’t obedient to someone with more power than you, you’re a morally bad person. Also show’s God’s hypocrisy about being a vain person.

  33. if a man be pope imperator patriarch president monk layman or any other testicular fkk, if he does not receive the UNCREATED LIGHT of Christ he is not a Christian – the Church (fr o kurios = the Lord) comprises those in this Light & thus it excludes usurpers posers & everyone who has not been welcomed into THE DIVINE – thus evangelicals baptists JWs Mormons ETC ain’t in the Church. the Church includes many homosexuals bisexuals asexuals heterosexuals. ah’ve actually met Jesus of Nazareth & ah kiss pretty youths & will continue to do so

  34. You only really need to watch about thirty seconds of this in order to get the gist of the entire thing.

    A religion with no evidential basis seeks to present itself as established fact (the Christians are old hands at performing this trick). Christian propaganda seeks to present itself as authoritative “news”. When viewed in this light, the piece becomes quite ironic:

    “…it’s usually designed to look like something else – it’s disguised as something else…”


  35. This just goes to show,these people who are using God as a medium to push their own beliefs,”Oh you shouldn’t do this because God said this and that”,and it is really easy to do because there are many ways to read and interpret the bible.

  36. oh so that was the anti gay agenda in my highschool going on when i got called faggot terrorist faggot terrorist by other peoples children.
    cuz that’s not what your dad said last week when his cock was in my mouth.

  37. i really thought this was an ONION “news report” at first. it’s stupid and sad and dangerous. i flaged it as hate speach. lotta good it will do unless they get a lot of those.

  38. Well, i think … and hope all this shit we see now, will just be part of a process. And the children of this generation will think of the hate against gay people as we now see the hate against color people… there will always be hate, but every day will be less until the homophobic people will be tagged as racist. I truly hope for that.

    1. Unfortunately, we are poor students of history. Majority groups always rise to power on the back of minority groups. They do this because the minority groups have to fight exponentially harder to get the same rights and resources as the majority group-hence a huge advantage for the larger group. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. The only difference today is that this ‘war’ is not being fought with weapons, although cowards still hurt & kill us.

      I think it speaks volumes for us that we have never been proactively violent about this and yet we are obviously winning the ‘war’. I just think the amount of time it’s taking is insufferably intolerable…..

  39. It really makes me very sad, that in the country of freedom and Justice, there is still this kind of homophobic reactions from some social groups, and from my own experience as being raised as a christian, i can tell they are all wrong.. they were implanting wrong messages that made me get scared of what i was and the way i was… they said things like that you are an abomination and that we would be despited by god plus spending the eternity in the hell, i do not think that those things are for children, now whose are the ones that have incurred during centuries the wrong type of values and messages.. to children that as they say are brought to this world by “god” children that are being manipulated by fear with wrong and twisted messages that have made thousands of teens to commit terrible mistakes such as suicide or promiscuous and sexual activity with the opposite sex only with the purpose of “fixing” us. or finding a way to cure or gay sickness.. i don’t really understand how there is still people that wakes concerns by something that is a human right. the right to choose and discover your sexual identity

    and yeah i’m mad with that stupid fucking bloody blond cunt..

    and i’m not american i shouldn’t even care about this.. but it makes sad..

    1. As you just stated — the way they criticized you and showed complete contempt for you as a homosexual (even if you haven’t come out to anyone yet) — maybe you should reconsider what you think you actually believe in “christian” ideals.

      1. well i dont believe in christian ideals.. i think there are some values that could be accepted, (that doesn’t mean i’m a christian) but the main reason is that they are arguing about something that they use for making people believe.. “fear” manipulating people to be by their side, and like i said i’m upset because in a country like the US. to these kind of stupid concerns we shouldn’t pay attention. or people should be more tolerant and respectful about what is a normal right … which is to choose your sexual orientation. and by making and scandal of what its on your school library. i don’t think there’s nothing wrong with the story of the two male penguins that have their child.. its completely fare. and it would make children to accept in a more natural way homosexuals. there is nothing wrong with us.. as they try to show into a character

        1. @nicojeda:
          “… people should be more tolerant and respectful about what is a normal right … which is to choose your sexual orientation.”
          ….. Be careful with those words. “Choosing” your sexual orientation is EXACTLY what the religious right is saying about us and why they show so much contempt. But the pure medical and scientific and generic fact is that we DON’T CHOOSE our sexual orientation. It is genetically inbred in us before we are born, and we discover this through natural instinct as we grow up — each of us at different times/ages.

          1. absolutely.. but my point was.. that anyone is independent and free to “choose” if you like men or women.. i maybe did not find the correct word.. i’m not a very fluent on English.. i’ve been speaking it only for two years.. maybe thats why i couldn’t explain myself.. but still.. we have the right to develop our own sexuality and therefore be supported and respected no matter what. just like we respect other people likes and dislikes.

  40. Americans… Somethings wrong with your country when you allow this stuff on television. I’m sorry but stuff like this shouldn’t be allowed to be called anything other then hate mongering. I’m glag I live in a country where stuff like this would never even get consideration, and you’d lose your job and career, friends and otherwise for suggesting these ideas.

    God bless America, land of the cowardly hate mongerers and oppressed.

      1. allowing a whole country to suppress a minority has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

        now some people will say “but these are just a few, they don’t represent the whole country!” but no other western country struggles that bad when it comes to civil liberties and the protection of minorities. in no other country more than 80,000 people come to celebrate a nazi asshole like glenn beck just because they are too dumb to realise that he’s just after their money.

        i’m sorry america but you should face the fact that the bigot dumbfucks in your country are not a minority, they are the majority of your population.

        or do you really think everyone hates you “for your freedom”? lol! things like 9/11 happen because of the lack of freedom in the USA, because you are allowing people to fuck up the life of everyone who is not a white, straight, christian man.

        1. @ProxyMan and @acab [don't know your country - no flag]

          That is the Italian flag, right? Yum, I so love the different pastas you people have as well as Linguisa pizzas, regardless of all the changes made to them.

          And being from Italy, what can we deduct from that — that it is the head of the catholic church and a what some say politely is a very misunderstood organization (mafia). That might explain just some of the lack of speech freedoms in your country (as well as your fairly recent history of having a facist as a ruler). But I digress. Yes, we have a lot more freedoms over here — as well as many of us ‘occasionally’ putting our foot in our mouths (apparently myself included as was pointed out in an earlier post). But because we have considerably more freedoms, we also have to allow the ignorant, stupid and hateful speek their ‘minds’ also. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, as they say.

          I can certainly agree with a lot of what you said about their hate mongering (and I can be just as hate mongering toward them also), but we have to allow them their 15 minutes of fame, otherwise people like me wouldn’t be able to say what I really think too.

          So, before all of you from elsewhere get too bent out of shape just because we allow everyone to have a certain amount of freedom of speech, please remember this . . .

          None of you (including myself) . . . and I think this bears repeating with emphasis, NONE OF YOU would even have this opportunity to present your ideas (whatever they may be) in Josh’s great, enjoyable and very entertaining blog if it were not for these 2 great inventions to come from America(1) The INTERNET … and (2) The COMPUTER.

          Ahhhhhh, I can hear the thousands of keys clicking and clacking as I post this ……… But this is not arrogance — it’s simply pointing out these great communication tools that became to be in no small part to our freedoms of speech (as well as our entrepenueral ways).

          Just something to think about (and, oh, yes … remember the telephone and where it came from?). Sorry to offend anyone.

          1. Dear Penboy,

            ProxyMan comes from Ireland, the Catholic Church presides in the Vatican (which is its own country), not in Italy, the computer was invented by (a gay) Brit and the telephone was invented in Scotland.

            1. Actually, you’re quite wrong. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Bell’s experiments with his assistant Thomas Watson finally proved successful on March 10, 1876, when the first complete sentence was transmitted: “Watson, come here; I want you.”.

              And yes, the catholic church is the vatican (before it became “its own country”, it was controlled entirely by Italians), but that’s inside Rome, ITALY and is run by mostly Italians with the exception of a selected ‘pope’ and his small staff.

              While the CALCULATOR was technically invented in Germany, The first “programmable” COMPUTER AS WE KNOW IT TODAY, most definitely was invented in America — first the huge computer name “braniac” and later smaller “pc-type” Apple and others making their first computers in their garages. **Regardless, what we associate with a computer and its various software programs came from America — that is indisputable. And along with it is of course the INTERNET.**

              According to Google, the vertical 1/3-each green-white-red flag is ITALY (at least that’s what shows on my computer). Maybe you meant that acab comes from Ireland?

            2. Actually *you* are quite wrong.

              No, it was patented by Bell but not invented as you can read here.

              It is in Rome… so? There’s also a Central Council of the Jews in Berlin. And it’s not like Christianity was invented in Italy.

              It was Charles Babbage (“Charles Babbage, (26 December 1791 – 18 October 1871) was an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and mechanical engineer who originated the concept of a programmable computer.”). The first stored-program computer (as we use them today) was invented by Alan Turing (who was also English).

              Ireland’s Flag
              You could either hover the flag and see that it says “Ireland” or you could look up Ireland’s flag on Wikipedia to learn that it looks similar to the one used by Italy.

            3. You’re right about Ireland’s flag. It looks to be orange on the right but it’s difficult to see the fine differences of color in such a small icon. So what is acab’s flag and why doesn’t it show?

            4. Which flag is shown depends on the IP of the person leaving the comment. Not all IPs can be attributed to a country ‘tho (e.g. when someone is using a proxy server). In this cases no flag is shown.

          2. I don’t mind as much people speaking their opinions, as much as declaring their opinions as fact, writing them into law, and teaching them to kids, and going onto television saying their is some evil homosexual agenda and making anti-gay bullying out to be a non-issue, or that the bullys are the victims.

            1. I couldn’t agree with you more regarding them, the religious right. But, again, we must allow them to say these things if we wish to have our freedoms also. It’s the nature of “freedom of speech” — we can’t allow some and not the others — that’s what fair laws are all about — regardless of how much we feel as you do. But I thank you for your input … it’s very much like mine. :-)

            2. I do find it funny how liberal minded people rarely abuse their rights on speech and freedoms in that area.

            3. How does one abuse their right to free speech – besides, say, yelling “fire” in a crowded theater and such or libel. That’s the whole point of free speech. You can say what you want.

            4. define liberal minded. And then let me introduce you to Al Sharpton. You don’t get much further left and you won’t find many who put their foot in their mouth more often.

            5. So feedom of speech – as long as you keep it to yourself? I’m not sure it works that way.

          3. Hey, Penboy, I actually agree with alot of what you said here. How about that!? You got any music to go along with it? haha. I’m kidding. : )

        2. So, you are saying that the government should have in some way banned, oppressed, or suppressed the freedom of assembly or free speech of Glenn Beck and his measly 80,000 followers because some other minority thinks he’s dumb? And how is calling him a Nazi (which clearly he is not) any better than what the misguided fools in the video above have to say?

          9/11 happened because of a lack of freedom? I’d really like you to explain how that logically follows. I could accept the argument that America’s arrogance around the world was a contributing factor towards the vitriol that caused 9/11, but I really would love to see how you connect the lack of freedom and supposed oppression in America with 9/11. Why is it that so many immigrants from Muslim countries flock to America? Just to oppressed here? Or is it because America truly is the land of opportunity.

          All in all, I think I’d rather be a gay in America than a Muslim in France or a protestant in Ireland.

      2. But we have freedom of speech, and yet nothing like this…

        Wonder how that happened.

        1. Can’t governments in Europe actually ban books? While parent groups and certain nutcase governors of frozen states might try to exert pressure on American libraries, the government can not ban any books.

    1. Can gays marry legally in Ireland? Is abortion legal in Ireland? Serioulsy, I don’t know the answers to these questions and am wondering?

      By the way, as American I am neither oppressed or a hate mongerer as you say.

  41. It is just absolutely disheartening to hear that people actually believe that stifling homosexual debate will prevent people from becoming homosexual. If anything, it’ll just force the homosexual student to feel ostracized, to feel like there is no one they can talk to about their sexuality, to develop a depression and repression of their actual self.

    A homosexual is going to be homosexual regardless of whether or not it’s talked about in school. A heterosexual is going to be heterosexual regardless of whether or not homosexuality is talked about in school. Why can’t people see this? Homosexuality is not a virus, you can’t get it by talking about it.

    1. Exactly. Well said. Would you please take over Maggie Gallagher’s job at ProtectMarriage.com — she is so totally INCOMPETENT. Also, let them know that marriage doesn’t need “protecting.”

  42. In the uk we have freedom of speech, however you can be prosecuted for insitement to commit a crime if you encourage or try to justify an act of violence based on hatred. freedom of speech has its dangers, the Danish constitution (as a result of the burning of books by nazis) for many years banned the censorship of publications. this resulted in child pornographers hiding behind the constitution. I respectfuly submit that if a constitution has become the protection for something it was never designed to protect, then it is time to update that constitution.

  43. omg showing elementary kids happy same sex parented families ( ‘ )( ‘ ) bs

  44. wow i hope her son or daughter ends up being gay, bi, or lesbian, but knowing people like that she would probibly send them to one of those camps

  45. I loathe this woman. What on God’s good earth does she know about being gay? She has know effing idea, there is no such thing as a “Gay Agenda” and if there are LGBT books and etc. Out there in education, so what? Raising out kids to be more tolerant and more open minded about the Gay community is amazing, this would allow kids that are gay to speak their mind and be allowed to be themselves without ridicule. She’s a dumb bitch just like the rest of those bigoted people like her.

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