Are you trying to make him gay?

Meet Edward Schweighardt, the flamboyant kid from a recent episode of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Eddie loves Project Runway, sewing, and certain fashions from the 1930s and 40s. Not since Ugly Betty‘s Justin have we fallen so much in love with a flamboyant kid on TV. But just a warning: Eddie’s still learning the difference between a good gift and an absolutely horrible gift—forgive his faux pas. [shamelessly copied from Queerty]

Greg – The Flamboyant Kid on Curb Your Enthusiasm


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  1. Haha, never seen that before. Some of the editing was quite crude and interrupted what would have been a great flow but it’s still pretty funny :P

  2. Very funny indeed, brilliant show also.

    Its not so popular I think because there is no laughing mashine.

    For most people it is hard to watch a comedy when they don’t know when to laugh.

    1. I seldom “laugh” during/because of the laugh tracks anyway. It’s always superior to leave it as it should be — people either laugh (if it’s actually funny enough) or not but stop with those stupid laugh tracks.

    2. I absolutely LOATHE laugh-tracks. The entire M*A*S*H series was completely ruined for me because they insisted on using one. This is why I limit my son’s (and by extension, my own) exposure to those vapid, inane Disney TV shows.

      1. When Mash was shown in the UK, there was NO artificial laughter. When I was younger and watched it on video, I didn’t even know it was supposed to be a comedy?


        1. The only show i ever liked that used a laughing track was the War at Home but Fox cancelled it. Shame.

          Apart from that, laughing tracks completely put me off “comedy” shows. The viewer shouldn’t be told when to laugh, or to laugh at things that aren’t even funny. *cough* Big Bang Theory *cough*

    3. That’s the only thing that annoys the hell outta me watching the Daily Show & Colbert Report… the hysterical screaming & laughing by the audience :s

    4. At least in the US, laughing machines are not that popular these days because they are seen as old fashioned and tacky.

      The idea being, if a show has to tell you when to laugh, then the jokes must not be funny in the first place.

      Also Curb is a extremely popular show.

    5. its not that popular because its on hbo, its only catching on lately since its been on TV guide

  3. First, I’m just shocked that I haven’t heard any “firestorm” by the religious right because of the boy’s acting/words. In the end, it is funny for the comeuppance. I have more to say, but I’ll just leave it there for now.

  4. My ex used to insist he was exactly like that as a child. And the photographs I’ve seen seem to confirm it.

  5. What an adorable little boy. He wants to be a fashion designer and mum is concerned it will make him gay, hello mum, open your eyes. he is gay, and bloody adorable. He reminds me of Chris Colfer from Glee as he may have been at that age.

  6. Larry David’s pretty good on these issues.

    There’s one episode where he reveals to a woman he had sex with his uncle when he was 12, and as to whether it was damaging he says “eh” and it was “neither here nor there.” His uncle visits, Larry gives him a huge hug and says “so great to see you” and all that, and the woman is there too but she goes ballistic with the uncle much to Larry’s horror, throws her pocketbook at him and says “you MONSTER!” while Larry tries to restrain her physically. I though it was pretty clever.

    1. Larry made the story about his uncle up when he went to an incest support group with his ex, who asked him to be there to support her, because he felt awkward being there while having not been molested like everyone else.

  7. I was even camper when I was that young. I even went out two Halloweens in a row as Dorothy, complete, with ruby slippers, dress, wig, basket and a stuffed homemade toto.


    P.S. I also went out as a witch, a nurse, a fairy, and a queen as well. lol

  8. A general question about fashion:
    Is fashion a human necessity?
    Is fashion a machination of the economy in order to manipulate the people, every few weeks to buy a new outfit, to fill the funds of the fashion industry?

    1. Fashion is art. We live in a primarily capitalistic society, so it also produces money, like many other artistic pursuits such as painting, sculpture, music and photography. That doesn’t invalidate it’s artistic merit, however.

  9. The second one Nikki. We are all equal without clothes, (not physically), I mean without clothes, car, mobile phone, expensive shoes ect, everyone is of the same status: human. Maybe it would be better if we didn’t leave the mythical Garden of Eden. Then again, we would all be as thick as pig shit, like the animals, rolling around in our own filth. Actually that sounds a lot like Wall St. and the City of London?


    1. you cant boil fashion down to just status symbols. their a gradient for everything. high fashion definitely serves as a social status, but not all fashion is gaudy and expensive for the sake of calling attention. clothes serve some sort of function and can be expressive.

      its like saying a plain fork is the same as a fork made from gold. the guy with the gold fork is a douche, but we all need our forks

  10. that was new from this week’s season finale episode on Sunday 11 Sept. and yes, the scenes here were chopped together but separate in the show. Classic Curb <3

      1. Yeah, Chris Colfer is adorable as Kurt on Glee, and has always been one of my favorite gay actors.

  11. nikki:

    A general question about fashion:
    Is fashion a human necessity?
    Is fashion a machination of the economy in order to manipulate the people, every few weeks to buy a new outfit, to fill the funds of the fashion industry?

    OK, fashion is business. So ?

  12. I love the way Larry David shows how being misunderstood happens over and over due to context, or just the timing of life. Political Correctness can cause damage at times, because of self-righteous do- gooding trumping purely empathetic intention.

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