11 thoughts on “Atlantic Boy”

  1. The pics are marked "Q 2002". Does anyone know who that is? I've seen a lot by the same photographer.

  2. Q2002 is the photographer Quercus. He has pix from 1999 – 2002 that I know of. French boys mainly 9-14. No nude pix. There used to be a link but last time I checked (this morning) it was down. He has several pix of this boy.

  3. Am I allowed to leave an e-mail address? I don't mind sharing the photos I have of this boy.

  4. I have a large collection of Quercus' photos. There was a link through Johnnie Proudly Presents, but I checked twice this week and it's down. The WayBack machine search says it can't locate it. My e-mail is djdoogie@verizon.net. I don't check my e-mails every day, but usually four or five times a week. Please be patent.

  5. Btw, the title is not correct because these pics have been taken on a French mediteranean beach, not on the Atlanltic… ;-)
    The breakwater behind the kid is typical.

  6. A beautiful set of pics!!! Love the first and last shots. Beautifully toned tanned and fit.

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