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    1. I am so happy to find Austin’s beautiful, sleek body in his panties, especially white ones. He is so beautiful.

  1. I just finished coming back from my coma, and i stared thinkin again (yes, i did !) … He not just cute …He’s definitely MORE than cute !!! :D
    And sorry for my english, again :P

  2. Yahey he’s posted. I lay claim to this brilliant idea of getting him on the blog ;)

    Sexy to the max.

  3. Charming. A delight.

    “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Thoreau

  4. He seems to have taken another of Thoreau’s quotes to heart, Hermes. “Beware of any enterprise which requires…clothes. (I’ve taken the liberty of taking that wildly out of context ;) )

    I’m currently reading A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, fascinating stuff.

  5. This boy is a beautiful angel, indeed. Will definitely be dreaming about this one. Thanks! :)

  6. Omg, he is amazing. I really can’t describe how I felt when i first looked into those eyes…. just wow.

  7. jy, I don’t think he’s too young at all. If you take a close look at the photos you will notice that he has hairy legs. My guess is that he is a well preserved 18 or 19 year old.
    But why bring age into it at all? That’s an obsession of the oppressors to begin with whether they are nutty religionists or latter day gay liberationists who fall all over themselves trying to make themselves appealing to their tormentors. Or are you a cop and make your living ferreting out “vice”? I’m sick and tired of people running around shouting Fe Fi Fo Fum every time they smell the blood (or cum) of some pretty teenager.

  8. Yup, the eyes definitely have it. Yeah, he highlights his eyes, but very well and not over-done. Along with the cute, impish smile, nice body with a wonderful lack of clothing……it’s yet another thanks to Milkboys for a nice post.

  9. ur misinformed Kevin. : ) i use soft brown eyeshadow to make my eyes pop and i use eyeliner to make my lashes appear bigger.. which also helps bring out the blue : ) I’m a tad bit of a make-up artist ;)

    ~ AustinV :)

  10. When you enter Milkboys the original post says there are 20 comments yet when you enter the comments page, there are only 13 as I write this. Is censorship going on here? I saw at least one post disappear after I went to check it a second time.
    If there is censorship, who is the censor? Is it Josh or some modern variation of the Gestapo which seems to be getting reincarnated all over the world these days?

    1. @Missing in Action
      I delete only Spam and trolling comments but neither occurred here so no comment to this post was removed. The fact that you may see less comments than the actually number of comments made is easy to explain: We use a cache plugin to serve static pages instead of dynamic ones (this saves a hell load of traffic and database requests on our server), that’s why a comment sometimes needs a while before it appears.

  11. Well, just after I posted all of the posts miraculously appeared! It must be the ghost in the machine responsible for missing posts. Weird. Now, as I write, there are 21 showing.

  12. There is a big difference between “liberation” and “libertarian”, all the more so when it comes to the modern so-called “Gay Liberation Movement” with it’s neurotic fixation on ages. Even the “libertarians” are split into different camps, many of whom despise government to be better able to steal more money, or to better hoard what they have already made-off with. You frequently find extremely right wing people among this latter group in America.

    I avoid the problem with definitions by calling myself an anarchist which most seem to understand quite well and almost universally despise.

    If I have a bias it is toward sexual freedom for all, and that really pisses off most people I am very happy to say.

    I would start to get queasy if I found too many people agreeing with me.

    My original reaction was to someone saying the boy in this post looked a little young. If you look at the lead picture, he has a very angular and mature face. On top of that, he has hairy legs. I suspect he is in his late teens at the very least, maybe even his early twenties. But really, it makes no difference to me how old he is. He has a very pretty face and I would like to give him a kiss.

  13. Austin, I’d say you were successful at your art :-)
    Thanks for the response babe, and have a nice day.

  14. He uses various make-up techniques, plus the style of the hair to appear younger than he is. I don’t care his age. The statue David is not of an adult, many other statues use various ages of maturity. Austin looks like a statue come to life, quite magnificent!

  15. He does have a gorgeous face. The longish hair is nice, too! The fad of partially shaved hair (with longer bits remaining) a few years back always struck me as looking angry.

  16. Josh, who is this boy? He’s actually just perfect. When ever I see a milkboy with “<3″ on his chest, I get a huge twang of, “HE MIGHT HAVE SEEN ME!!”

    Is there anywhere I can talk to him? Or, at least, dribble a little, and say things like, “gee, ur so hawt LOLZ”

  17. Absolutely stunning photographs; among the very best I’ve seen anywhere! Thanks, Josh.

    Crazy, fantastical idea prompted by comments 33, 34 and 35: Perhaps the only way to top this in the future would be pics from Austin and Joe’s tropical vacation, after they met and discovered there was a chemistry …

  18. @alerks

    ^_^ hehe thanx for the kind words :) and I wouldn’t mind taking pics with Joe. If i ever met him ^_^ he’s really cute.

    But the whole chemistry thing might not happen cause i’ve got a bf :)

    Much luv guys :)

  19. Austin, I need your help, wanting to see more pics of you. I tried to register with the milkboard.
    But itls not clear where/when to type in the letters that they show. Can you lend a hand?

    Would love to see you in tightie whities. Too bad you’re so far away. I’m in TX. But then I respect
    the fact that you have a bf. Lucky guy! How ’bout pics of the two of you?

  20. The fellow is, certainly, cutesy-photogenic at the present. Perhaps, his anaemic visage has been photo-shopped to portray more of an attractive pale allure. Who’s to know but he? Though, clicking to his My Space videos sees a Dorian Gray already on the cusp of degeneration. Such, does youth wane and become ordinarily acceptable like the rest of us that are past our youth. As he says candidly, honestly in so many words in his blurb “Be yourself…Enjoy Life”.

  21. Austin’s creamy body is very healthy and beautiful, especially when he wears only panties.

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