Australia: Texas with Kangaroos?

Australia keeps trying desperately to overtake the UK, USA & Germany when it comes to ridiculous “child porn” laws. A man in Australia was recently convicted for possessing pornographic images depicting characters from The Simpsons and The Powerpuff Girls, and is now a registered sex offender. The 28 year old was turned into police for having questionable material on his computer in early 2008, but due to technical difficulties, police were unable to retrieve information from his machine for more than a year. Once they were able to do so, however, they found 64 sexually explicit images depicting characters from the aforementioned TV shows. As many of you Simpsons fans know, there are numerous children who make regular appearances on the show, and they were apparently "not excluded from these images.”

As it turns out, the Australian Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that sexually explicit illustrations of children qualify as child pornography. Law enforcement agreed that Milner’s images fell into that category, and he eventually pleaded guilty to possession of child exploitation material and using the Internet to get it. As a result, he was sentenced to a year in jail, but was wholly suspended for five years with a $1,000 bond for good behavior. He is also registered as a sex offender. Milner’s sentencing seems harsh, but this is neither his first conviction nor is it the first time an Australian court has gone after someone for possessing Simpsons porn. As pointed out by the Queensland Times.

In another attempt to clean up the moral mess in the country of bush fires & baby stealing dingoes (and teenagers) the Australian government  has reportedly banned mainstream pornography from showing women with small breasts, apparently on the grounds that they encourage paedophilia, and in spite of the fact this is a normal breast size for many adult women. The Australian Sex Party reports even Hustler has seen its publications refused publication, all thanks to the usual moral crusader “think of the children” arguments:

This is in response to a campaign led by Kids Free 2 B Kids and promoted by Barnaby Joyce and Guy Barnett in Senate Estimates late last year. Mainstream companies such as Larry Flint’s Hustler produce some of the publications that have been banned. These companies are regulated by the FBI to ensure that only adult performers are featured in their publications.

With small breasts now considered obscene, Australian adult rags are said to have suffered sharp increase in breast sizes. Presumably small breasted women taking photographs of themselves will now be guilty of creating simulated child pornography, to say nothing of the message this sends to women with modestly sized chests or those who favour them. Australia is also said to have banned pornographic depictions of female ejaculation, a normal orgasmic sexual response in many women, with censors branding it as “abhorrent”. It seems the UK and Australia are intent on regressing to Victorian standards of morality (although this time anyone criticising homosexuality may find themselves convicted of a hate crime), between them having now banned everything from BDSM to small breasts, even where participants are entirely imaginary.

Sources: Ars Technica & Sankaku Complex and, always relevant, Meanwhile in Australia


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  1. I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify that I don’t hate Aussies ;) Quite the opposite, the few I know are just lovely! But people often seem to think that the fact I post about shitty politics in a country means I hate its population — which is utterly nonsense of course.

    I have not the slightest problem with people from Australia, the UK or any other country I post about. And how could I, German laws are just as fucked up as they are everywhere else. Hell, I even like some Americans and that means something form a eurofag ;p

  2. i will never understand why governments try so hard to stop so many natural and regulaur things. society will continue to become more controlled until a curfew is set up. governments need to stop being extremists. the smae kind of people they claim are bad for the world may be extreme in a violent way but they are extreme in an idiodic way.

  3. One way to defend against something of yourself that is unacceptable to you is to disavow its existance and follow that with a projection onto someone else or a group. In that way you can feel justified in your need to attack it in others. Often with an sense of relief.

  4. I would just like to say that this probably would never happen in Texas. What causes this kind of thing is not so much old fashioned religious conservatism as much as a weird combination of conservative feminism and unchecked pop-psychology, something that is somewhat more pronounced in commonwealth English speaking countries.

  5. Any image which could “reasonably” be considered to be of someone under 18, and could possibly be interpreted sexually has been criminalised here. We commit a criminal offence whenever we visit Milkboys. Some of the milkies on the board would be liable for prosecution for producing child pornography. Thanks to 15 years of right wing Christian prime ministers. The latest proposal is for 3 years jail for any adult who misrepresents their age online to someone under 18.

  6. I think it is important to note parts of the story you missed.

    “Crown Prosecutor Suzanne Cantatore said the sentence needed to be harsh as it was Milner’s second conviction for having child exploitation material. The Leichhardt resident was convicted of possessing child exploitation material in 2003 after 59 sexual images of actual youngsters were found on his computer. He received two years probation with no conviction recorded. “Although these offences involve cartoon characters it is nonetheless serious especially since he has a prior conviction for child exploitation material,” Ms Cantatore said.”

    1. That makes it actually even sadder… he obviously tried to shift his interest to something that can be produced without exploiting children to satisfy his needs.

      1. yes and it is also expanding the net and making criminals out of people who never would have actual images of children. Sort of like convicting people that speed for bank robbery because bank robbers speed while fleeing the police! And anyway when it comes to animation, who determines if it depicts someone “underage”?? What are they going to do next, require all nude animated characters be hairy bears with lots of stubble!? LOL!

  7. Thought I recognise the issues with our governments (my biggest peeve is the banning of R18+ rated games, which is soon to change as we the people are rising against this) I still love this country and would feel empty living anywhere else.

    It’s true what Billy said of the Christian politicians.. They’re problems that we can’t eliminate. However, know that the fight against child pornography in Australia is raging and I fear politicians will throw out the harshest punishments in order to deter people from offending, and to promote the image of a clean and welcoming country (which I’d rather they didn’t; I want it all to myself, mwahaha). The issue is whether such punishments are fair.

    I’ve talked to people about the following in real life and most seem to be for it. Soon, the Federal Police will have jurisdiction to monitor EVERYTHING a person does on the internet. Though they need permission (and reason for suspicion) nobody seemed to have a problem with this invasion of privacy. Of course, probably none of these people browse these sites like I do. People may also feel that if they oppose these oppressive laws, they’ll give themselves a bad image.

    Either way, these laws won’t really affect me because I never download child porn. I think it’s wrong, especially being young myself. Still gotta love ya Australia ;)

    1. “Either way, these laws won’t really affect me because I never download child porn.”

      Are you sure?
      Are you sure your government has not or will not outlaw images of clothed teenagers in sexy poses — where nobody was even remotely ‘hurt’ in its production –, labeling them as ‘child pornography’? Are you sure your government’s proposed internet censorship program will not block sites like milkboys? Are you sure the law will never stop you from ‘just talking’ about things you find beautiful?

      Please ask these questions for yourself. I honestly think you are going to need the answers.

      1. I just realised there was a reply feature, my other post can be deleted if that’s possible.


        You don’t understand. I don’t browse such images or content on a regular basis, and never did I say they would or would not outlaw such content for certain either. I’m not DEPENDANT on it, so while I agree they’re outrageous laws, they will -NOT- affect -ME-. Basically if I lose this option, I won’t care so much. Browsing such content is something I only do sometimes anyway.

        The way your comment came across is that I’m for the proposed cyber laws. I’m not.


        Please, there’s no need to feel concern for me. This isn’t a major issue for me, personally, though I still accept it’s one that deserves full national attention. Thanks though.

        1. I didn’t mean to suggest you are a proponent of such laws, I understood you aren’t.

          [Rant about censorship and sliding slopes, cut out before submitting post.]

          I don’t intend to whine on about this; have fun down under :)

  8. This is an issue that has sent me into tail spins for years. I have given it up.

    What is happening, regardless of the biases involved, is panic. It is interesting that in spite of the Draconian Laws and punishments child abductions are steadily increasing. Recidivism rates approaching 98% are not the exceptions. The knee jerk response of our societies (which are all essentially the same) is to outlaw anything that approaches what people fear. Reason and rationality take a holiday to the South of France and the deviant/odd/peripheral sub-groups of society are hounded, raided and imprisoned. Megan’s Law is the response to the recidivism rates so any sex offender whether related to children or not is required to sign in with the local sex offender registry so investigators can track them down and question them. The fact that they lose all rights to privacy, freedom to live where they choose, and are often objects of public anger. Sex offenders are pyrhhia and have been murdered with little or no concern.

    I am not concerned with the monsters that abduct and murder children to use them, or some of the vile pictures on the internet, or parents who use their position as parents to misuse, abuse and betray the helpless. There is no doubt these monsters exist.

    My problem with the entire approach is : 1.) it takes crimes of violence, kidnapping and murder with a sexual component and re-defines them as ‘sex crimes’ basically segregating some acceptable acts of sex with others;
    therefore rape, once considered an act of extreme violence towards (primarily) women using sex as a weapon, is now a sex crime, making the sex the object and the violence an aspect of the crime. A terrible reversal in reason.
    2.) the Australian and Canadian laws against all possible images, regardless of their medium, if ‘reasonably’ seen to be under-age children (17 year and under), follows a long debunked argument that a publication, film or still image can ’cause’ a person into child abuse. That simply is not true as found in the 1972 US Porn studies and those from 1998 – 2004 and 2007. The basic approach is ‘better violate peoples’ rights than allow another child be abused’. Laudable but misguided especially in a supposed open, democratic society. 3.) The laws and the use of the Patriot Act to circumvent the Constitution to invade a citizens’ privacy to read or mine data bases of ISP, social websites or private adult sites without a warrant, is in effect closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. There is no effective profiling or method to project, intuit or second guess the development or activity of a pedophile. Short of reading thoughts and dreams, the authorities are shot gunning the populace for any sign of possible interest in the under-aged. It is only because there are not enough human first case investigators that more people aren’t arrested just on the supposition that they are pedophiles based on their collection of manga, cartoons or art books depicting teenagers in nude poses, or even furries having explicit sex. Apparently Pikachu is underage.

    None of the above, reasonable or not, has stopped the rise in ‘sex crimes’ against children. Why? Because they can call anything within a broad and general array of ‘sex’ crimes as crimes against children. Since the authorities and the righteously indignant refuse to accept significant and scientifically supportable studies, why would they pay attention to reason or questionable human interests as being harmless fantasy. At one time the majority did. But now, reason goes out the window when those who want to censor any kind of porn for any ‘higher moral or ethical, argument cries child abuse.

    They found the right door. One that, if opposed marks the person or group as being for child abuse, vile sexual predators, and yes, erroneously, claims that gays are 27% more likely to abuse children. We have seen over the last decade that is something, no matter how absurd, is said enough it becomes the ‘truth’.

    Gentlemen, the future is looking to be increasingly repressive, and draconian. When you can be arrested, brow beat into pleading guilty only to be hounded, abused and kept from a job, a home or a place of choice in which to live for the duration of their lives. We are in an age, when owning or looking at a boy or girl under the age of 18 in any fashion, partially nude or otherwise, is tantamount to a sex crime, then we have to be aware and either go underground, or give up our love of the human body and the inherent beauty of youth held is the highest esteem for over 3000 years and probably longer. Oh, and as an additional incentive, if you know of or have witnessed a case that fits under this massive umbrella of Sex Crime Laws, and you do not report it, you are guilty of aiding, abetting and being a passive participant … the law does not care. So even though I have gotten to the point where I would not look at a child while being hammered by the little beggers as such wonderful gifts to our world. I disliked children before. Now I despise them. But that alone may well get me in trouble beyond those who cannot understand how I could feel that way, or prefer the company of my dog. It makes me sick. And I will not stop writing or drawing older teens (14 -19). It has been said that the morality of a society is based on the way it treats its children. I would counter that a society that censors art and gives control over to those under 18 for their upbringing, punishment and socialisation, is on it’s way to oblivion.

    1. There you are. I have been waiting for your response. For me you make since. Just be careful and take care of yourself.

  9. ok im 16 and i find this all blood stupid, no r18 games internet filter…. and now it seem if a nube photo of anyone under 50 is on the internet its child porn. australia is getting worse everyday. i like it here but geez!! SA cant even have r18 films atdvitised anymore. they need to be in a adult only room or in a plain box. so stupid so i guess the passion of the christ is now on fringe or being banned

  10. It gets to the point that you can’t do anything on the internet without someone peeking around the corner and observing what you are doing.
    Truly this is a sad day for any kind of freedom and it seems to be getting worse as time goes by.

    1. The internet, for the most part, has been an unregulated zone. I cannot help but wonder when that day will come to an end.

  11. i’d love to send this post to some friends in australia, because it’s funny, in a sad kind of way, and deserves debate. but by doing so i’d be breaking the very absurd law the post is highlighting … and this is not about CP but about redeining what it really means to be an “australian”

    it makes me ashamed to admit i am an australian. my partner and i went back to sydney for three years to secure his citizenship, and left again as soon as that was done. the australia we’re talking about today is not the one i grew up in … it is a mean, nasty intolerant and narrow-minded place steeped in ignorance … and they seem prioud of it. it is also the only coutnry in the world where i have even been physically beaten (three times) for who i am.

    i for one am happy to leave it to its fate. the country i loved died a long time ago.

    1. We must have grown up in different countries, Tim. I remember the country of the White Australia policy, segregation of aborigines, of unchecked police brutality towards gays, of mobs of suburban thugs cruising gay areas looking for victims. I feel so much safer walking the streets as a gay man now than I did then. For all its many faults Australia has changed for the better since my childhood.

      1. i’m refering to the halcyon days of the early 1980s, when all those nasty anti-gay laws were being struck off the books and australia was at the forefront — albeit after a few false starts — of dealing with hiv/aids. then come the 1990s, when howard takes the country back to the social dark ages, and warps an entire generation. things were awful pre-1972, for sure, but the me me me of today and if you don’t like it you can piss off tabloidism is not how it was supposed to be. crickey, Oz even supports the deathy penalty again (!).

  12. just to add one thing … the story does not say what images he had when they arrested him the last time, but it does say no conviction was recorded, though the subsequent quote claims otherwise. he has not been convicted of anything. without knowing what the previous charge was about, it is unfair to presume guilt until it is proven in a court of law, absurd though the law may be.

    bens says he doesn’t download CP. but it would seem that by the broad definition being applied here, anything he downloads from MB is, by association, CP, and if he sends it to a mate because he thinks it’s funny or a particular youtube is cute, he is trafficking. ignorance under the law is no excuse. but if the law has never been properly defined, as certainly seems to be the case here, then we’re one step away from rule by fear — some might call it fascism — and i think the germans learned about that the hard way.

    that’s my pennies worth. back to the debate.

    1. Let me put it this way –

      I do not store (any) pornographic content on my computer. What I see is directly from on website and that’s it.

      Additionally, they would be required to block YouTube, Facebook, Myspace etc pages altogether as such content in question is presented on all such sites and we all know it would be quite simple to set up a phony Facebook account impersonating a friend to gain access to somebody’s pages for instance.

      Also, Google images would have to be heavily filtered. When I look at it all, I can’t see this being pulled off successfully.

  13. How about a pose an interesting question as to why things like this are happening. That thing called the free interent you all cherish so much, that and the free media. The news papers and TV broarcasters like stories that sell. The more people that communicate about these things the more money they make. Profit now comes before all other things. Moral outrage = More money. It has nothing to do with christian values these have been around far to long to be blamed for it (an atheist defending religon, a rare thing). The same is true with the texan coment above. The differences between western states will produce slightly different effects resulting in different end results. Sadly the British have always been up tight but igronance was once bliss. Now we know more we are more outraged and politicians can do little but go along with what scores votes. They are just puppets trying to score points. The issues of CP is just a soft target and we are all surprised by this that cartoons have been added.
    Anyway everyone always forgets better the small offerders than admint governmental incompetence or courpution.
    Something else I just thought to point out was that the Aussies were just last month admitting child trafficing with the UK for the better part of a hundred years. Importing cheap child labour as orphans. Wonder how many of them suffered abuse in care. Hide yesterdays problems with todays oppitunity cases.

  14. I think this isn’t the kind of thing that comes from the conservative right wing at all. It has far more in common with the left wing laws coming in to strong effect in the UK that are about the protection of children. This isn’t so much a law of the ‘sex should not be enjoyable’ type Christian, far right wing politics, but rather ‘children need to be protected at any cost’ socialist, far left politics. It’s also far more in line with the ‘Great Firewall Of Australia’ that is to be introduced as well, which I would like to note is a product of the Australian Labour Party, rather than their government’s right wing.

    This, as Josh puts it, “regressing to Victorian standards of morality (although this time anyone criticising homosexuality may find themselves convicted of a hate crime)”, is entirely left wing in origin, in both the UK and Australia. It is a tightening of laws that is found on the far left, usually in socialist or communist governments, as is further proven by the current legal status of homosexuality. It is a tightening of laws for ‘greater harmony in society’, rather than ‘to control the masses’.

      1. No, it wasn’t. I’m by no means conservative, but I can see the faults of both sides. Note I said far left. I was referring to a communist/socialist distance left, not what would be considered far left by a country such as the USA.

        While some areas do exist within the left that give importance to freedoms, there are also others, notably socialism and communism, that focus mainly on limiting rights for the greater good of the populace.

        Extremism to either end of the political spectrum has negative effects. The reason democratic party systems supposedly work, is neither side can move things too far their way because of being balanced out by opposing parties, as well as the populace being able to vote for whoever they feel best represents their interests. However, that too can be a problem, as has been shown by President Bush.

        Basically, like people, no form of government is perfect. Some are better than others. But I would, once again, like to mention the Australian government’s firewall, an initiative from the Labour Party, Australia’s major left-wing party, who is currently in government, and how it will be, in it’s attempt to catch child porn, blocking many lolicon and shotacon websites.

        I would also like to point out that it was not the Australian High Court, but the Supreme Court of New South Wales that ruled sexually explicit illustrations of children qualify as child pornography. Rejoice, Australians, it’s only illegal in NSW, unless your courts at some point rule the same, or the High Court does. While the decision was made in this case it was illegal, it could be interpreted that the cartoon characters are not true representations of people.

        1. Sorry but your idea of socialism is obviously such utterly bullshit… I don’t even know where to start with explaining how wrong you are so I just won’t do it at all and save us both the time we would spend in a discussion which would lead nowhere anyways.

          I have to admit that I don’t know much about the socialist parties in Australia & NZ (or if there are any) but I can assure you that there is not a single country in Europe with a socialist party that either wants any of these stupid “child protection” laws or limiting any rights of the people. You couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

    1. I know this is not going to be popular, but Joshua is correct that currently in England, in the EU generally, and the Common Wealth (I have sources in England) the left wing party has been behind the incredible laws protecting immigrants from ‘hate crimes’ that have left the native population incapable of responding to verbal or physical abuse. The goal may be laudable but the result was to give anyone that is not a native or of a different religious or ethnic group significant freedoms. This further segregates the immigres from the native populations and keeps it segregated.

      Anti-child Porn legislation is aimed at stopping Child Abuse. Honestly I see the good attempt in this. But when we try and solve a problem with broad, sweeping, draconian legislation, history has taught that it fails. Every. Time.

      In the US, this kind of legislation is primarily from our Conservative groups, the most vocal of which is the Evangelical Christians. But it is not just theirs alone. Over 70% of all Americans align with a concept of the Christian God or at least a Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. Liberals, Conservatives, and the majority, Moderates, all loath Child Predators, molesters and abusers (all forms). So it is not just a conservative issue. Our culture was founded on a Fundamental Protestant Christian tradition with its conservative, and strict values. But within Protestantism is a very strong sense of the individual, breaking with Catholicism, that drives us. And Individualism breeds resistance, distrust and freedom of thought. This is a critical Dialectic. And is what is central to the American mindset. We contend, compete and struggle. We also tend to group in clusters of radical ideas and contend with other groups all within a tradition. Man is contentious, and this strong tradition of Individualism and the Dialectic is who we are.

      I strongly believe all of this is symptomatic of Social Control Mechanisms. Society is a systematic development of the tendency for Man to be able to live in large co-operative groups for survival. It instinctive and intuitive. If left to our own devices, lost or left stranded, we band together, form a social and authoritative hierarchy and work to build a site in which to survive, nest, and share resources. This is how we survive. And there is nothing wrong with it. It is simply that, a means… a method. Religion is a developed part of that to lend more authority to the top of the pyramid in the social matrix. It gives total permission through another instinct of Man… a desire and belief in the supernatural, the divine. Again it is a method to solidify control and make the increasing group size controllable to allow us to survive.

      1. Excuse me but which LEFT party are you talking about? There isn’t even a left party in the UK. Labour was left until Tony Blair, nowadays they’re free-market liberal, a centre party but surely not left. Same thing for the Labor party in Australia: “Centre left” doesn’t mean “left” it just means not as far right as the other parties… pretty much like the Democrats in the US which are still far, far right from, let’s say, the pretty successful Socialist parties in Germany and the Netherlands. These Socialist parties are left. But neither Labour in the UK nor Labor in Australia have anything to do with the socialistic roots they had decades ago.

        There is hardly any country in Europe with a left government (maybe Norway) and besides that: Even if the so called “left wing” parties install stupid laws you shouldn’t ignore the fact that the right parties actaully demand even worse, harsher laws.

        1. All of which is correct. I know next to nothing about the EU, only what I read and the US papers and news is hardly conclusive or broad. I would like more clear information as you have just given since my friends are not that good at documenting it. Liberals generally aim at socialist ideals , the social contract, the Great Society even though most here think socialist = Communism. It’s still a boogeyman in this society mostly because Americans really do not trust higher education.

          I agree in most cases, conservatives (meaning to conserve and maintain the status quo) desire a stronger authority than most liberals (small case is intended). I would be generally considered a moderate on the Democratic side, but I distrust centralised government. I can be seen as a Libertarian ala Ayn Rand… but I also see Unfettered Capitalism as dangerous and unequal. Most people I know are blends of concepts, not a single facet, like Rush Limbaugh who represents a nominal section of the lunatic fringe.

          So I concede that my generalisations concerning the left wing socialist parties is too general and broad to fit any one situation. Yet in England, the fact that the party in control has handed over power to the immigres is amazing. I would have thought a concerted effort on making them part of the social fabric would be better than to set them apart with some form of perceived favouritism. But meh… our votes count only as far as the person for whom we cast them is willing to push our agenda. And in America, given the power and money of the lobbies and industry (now given full sanction by our Supreme Court) every one in Congress and the Senate owes to one or more of the big industries. The common man is out. Conservatives see this as only right since it is industry and those who handle and wield the money as our care takers, and upholding of the economy. I am so sick of politics I really could just scream.

          Any way you cut it, we are in for a period of much harsher laws because that is the only way the people in control can conceive of fighting against something they hate and fear. It never works, but they simply cannot think beyond that legal/commandment box. Freedom is anarchy, It’s funny how mixed up it all gets so quickly.

          1. Acutlly Josh the UK does have a left in the Liberal Demorcrats which are for the moment the smallest of the three main parties but not by much compared the the other six or seven. Turly if you watched British politics which is truly a dull joke indeed you would come to a interesting conclusion that we have three centre parties which are nearly fully indistungusible from each other. Sad but true. Center right and two centre lefts.
            Conservitives = Right
            Labour = Trade unionist Left (not really Socialist but out for unified workers)
            Liberal Dems = Liberal left

            Randyokami Don’t believe what you read in the papers about our immergration problem. We have not handed this country over to the rest of the world. Our politically correctness means we want everything to sound all hunky dory (like we saved the world, one person at a time). The media pulls the other way for points (and our far right needs scorn for some reason). We have let alot of people in but only to abuse them before we discard them. Cheap labour or slavery on a new scale. The idea is *good* and very annoying when the job market collapsed but these people will never truly be accepted. Racisim is hardly dead here despite what everyone would like to think (sad but true). We have the trophy system, raise up a few to give inspersation to the rest while the rest slave away providing more quick tax cash. It takes about 20 years for the ones that stay to have any hope of being accpeted. But we are a nice people Honestly.

            And no I am not nit picking just pointing out english truth.

        2. I wasn’t saying the left wing parties were any worse than the right wing ones in any way. I agree with you, that the right wing parties are generally worse.

          I’m not entirely sure of how it is in Europe, but here in New Zealand, and I’m fairly sure in Australia too, both main parties are quite central. The differentiation is which side they approach the center from, for the most part. But, there are marked differences in their policies, directly in line with the side they approach the center from. I would also have to disagree with your assessment of center-left. It is where I would place New Zealand’s Labour Party, under whose government and support a member of the House managed to pass a bill which would effectively ban smacking as a form of child discipline if our current government properly enforced it. As far as I am aware, this bill was world leading. My point is, how far left the center-left is depends entirely on where the center sits in any given country. It is why America’s Democrats still seem quite far right for a left wing party; in the USA, what is considered the ‘center’ is quite far right of where quite a few other countries centers lie.

          1. I can really only speak for American parties, Joshua. I try to get a better sense of the world and it’s directions but for an open society, America’s is woefully isolated. We do it to ourselves. No one wants to hear the other side, even if it is extreme. That would mean learning to discern and thinking on one’s own. I have a very dark view of where this country is headed which to many here (the majority in fact) is the right and best direction for us to go. America is now more conservative than in the last 50 years. While most polled do not have an extremist conservative hardline, they are considerably more conservative. I think the Left in Congress were surprised at the reaction to the legislation President O’bama has tried to pass. Everyone wanted healthcare, but not the healthcare of Europe, England or Canada. They want control on insurance companies so they cannot drop people for pre-existing conditions and raise rates. But not to remove the law that permits them to be monopolies, a clear authority to do as they will. Business is seen as beneficent and generally good. We have had scandals that show people to be greedy and thoughtless for those who depend on them, but the idea that it is endemic to the system is rejected.

            Interestingly enough, we in this country are told and see the rest of the world in two ways. Hopelessly socialistic (evil) and becoming more and more conservative. Both take the decisions and power out of the citizen’s hands. Australia has become the repressive, brutally authoritarian state many liberals fear. In my circles, artists who love and respect the traditions of west and east, the attitudes and laws meant to protect children are squashing and binding creativity. Nothing less than censorship beyond what is reasonable. I am afraid I have taken that view as well. Ignorance is no excuse. I am learning a great deal here and I thank you for your input.

            I am honestly appalled that educated humans can reject clear and solid data and believe that images, words and ideas can corrupt and lead people to prey on children. It is simply not true.
            I think it is politicians playing the religious among the voters and those who figure if we lose art or censor it is an acceptable loss. These are problems that go to a much bigger issue and imprint us all for the future. They are not indelible, but it is extremely disturbing. At least there are some protections in place to save priceless art objects. (Priceless in cultural value not just their monetary value).

            I just heard on the radio news that people in charge of orphans in Haiti have been arrested on Child Trafficking charges because they failed to get the proper documentation together for rapid adoptions to help those children left without anyone on the island. They administrators had the proper documentation for their end but did not know the complete process to get the kids legally to the US. Child Trafficking… not an immigration problem or a mistake. Everything that touches children is a knee jerk overreaction. Is it any wonder no stranger would help a child? Some may, but the hell you could be exposed to is simply too great.

            Monday rambling rant over …. maybe. ;)

  15. The case above shows yet again that even harsh laws dont prevent CP. All they do is incnvenience ordinary people. The progression into ever harsher laws means that one of these days some authority is going to decide that the only way to control CP is to impose the death penalty using the argument that persons having CP are incurable monsters. If you think this argument is extreme,just look at what is happening in Uganda and other African countries.

    Eventually these lawmakers are going to overstep the mark upsetting large numbers of ordinary people that the pedulum could swing to the other extreme which would be just as bad.

    In any case for every person caught with CP there are probobly hundreds if not more who do not get caught. The low number of convictions probably suggest that the laws are not working and that a more enlightened liberal approach is required.REligious and other moral conservatives are not going to like this idea but so what.These people have been proved to be wrong about so many other things it is about time their harmful influence is curtailed.

  16. If I make a drawing where is a kid is being burned alive, then it is legal? When I make a drawing where me at 17 jack off it is illegal, and I am being abusing by myself. God damn this world.

    1. Saddly, Snow92, in the US people accept death, dismemberment and murder with far less anger and self-righteous anger than seeing a nude person, let alone a child, in advertising or on a program. In Canada, England and Australia cartoons like the Simpsons, with no relation to real kids, are illegal with stringent punishments. In the US, drawings that are not meant to represent real kids or are taken from pictures are currently legal. But that gap is closing. How do you measure intent?

      There is a move across the globe to outlaw self-photos if provocative or nude.

  17. v is for vandetta. As an aussie i am apauled at such laws that will end up putting people in jail for sitck figures of people with 3 legs…

  18. As an Australian I am really bewildered these days as to what has become of the country I love so much. It’s becoming unrecognisable. A lot of these laws, the proposals and the changes, as well as the ridiculousness of them are not even covered by our mainstream media. We are becoming little USA, reactionary, and full of fear with knee jerk reactions to every headline. In fact I think we are becoming worse because we don’t know how to fight for our rights. We are fat and lazy and take whatever we are dished up on our plate. The people have lost their voice and most don’t even realise it.

  19. In the Australian parliaments, federal or state, the christian religion is grossly over represented compared with the population at large. Politicians are terrified of the pope nd the clergy and that is why when Bill Henson, a highly regarded artist, displayed sensitive pictures of teenagers prime minister Rudd said they were “disgusting”. The new leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, has just espoused virginity for girls before marriage. Nothing about virginity for boys by the way. It’s like we are living in the 1940s and 1950s all over again – groundhog day! And don’t talk to me about parties in Australia or Britain being “left” or “right”. They are all right, some slightly more right than others.

  20. Meanwhile, getting back to the topic, the UK Olympics are still being represented by Lisa Simpson giving Bart a blow job…

    Or is that just my mind?

    Maybe that explains it popularity, we like to think we have a subversive sense of humour…

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