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Kazuma Ikezawa Action Figure

The main character in Summer Wars is Kenji Koiso. He’s 17. But it was Kazuma Ikezawa, a 13-year-old side character and computer hacker, who was made an action figure by Alter (or their male line Altair) last year. I happened to come across it in a small otaku shop in Akihabara in December 2011.

I guess I never fully understood the obsession with action figures until I found this one. Or when it found me. Or shall I say when he found me? :p What a beautiful craft by sculptor Sen-U Tanaka!

I did buy some smaller action figures before, mainly from Ashita no Joe and Sailor Moon. But never before did I happily pay over 6,000 yen for an action figure. Hello otaku world!


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Destroyer Feedback

Destroyer 08 ships February 10th and believe it or not, but I’m already outlining Destroyer 09. Since it will be published around May, hopefully, it will mark the 3 years anniversary of Destroyer – the premier issue was published in May 2006.

To celebrate, I want to publish your thoughts on Destroyer in the next issue. Let me know what you think was best and worst over the years. Tell me how you think the magazine has evolved and what’s in it for you. Maybe you have some real-life encounter involving Destroyer to share, or … well, I don’t know – surprise me!

E-mail your feedback to with the word “feedback” in the subject line. Also let me know if you want to sign your letter with a pseudonym.

A selection of letters will be published in D9, and maybe in subsequent issues too. If your letter gets published, you will get the magazine for free, so include a shipping address if you want that.

Now – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Karl, Editor of Destroyer