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Dangerous Boys

Some gay artist’s today are such cowards. They’ll paint, sketch, do sculptures, photograph, film, even make holograms of any number of hairy, muscled, big cocked men, but are terrified of boys, and youths. It’s as if the youngster’s were made of plutonium or kryptonite. What was once a common subject for any serious artist has become the forbidden object that none may even acknowledge exists. Boys. There I said it,…BOYS!!!!!!! I was just knocking around the gay art, and comix book sites. Well the one thing they “ALL!” have in common is that apparently there are no males under 23 on any the of world’s they make up.

That’s another thing that piss’s me the hell off! Gays have a habit of identifying them between 23, and 30 as “Boys”.  ‘The Fuck????!!!!  You see this mental derangement at all the gay porn sites. So my dad was a “boy”, as were my uncles, and teachers when I was a kid. Sure they were,..Right.

Well okay,  some very few art guys do celebrate boyhood.  Like “Otto”. Yeah, him and Peter Colstee. That’s his stuff above. Colstee seems to sometimes admit that there ‘may’ be a few teenagers about.  Just a few mind you. However mainstream gay artist’s would rather marry Vice President Cheney, and let him fuck them in the ass with his evil spiked schlong on the White House lawn during the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  They’d rather Cheney’s thrusting six foot long demonic cock being jammed up their cowardly butt’s, and poking out of their boring mouths  than paint a happy nude or semi-nude 14 year old boy. Humm, maybe if the kid put on a false beard, and glued fur to his chest them  satanically reamed so-called “gay” artists might change their minds. No offense to my “Bear” pals out there, but ya see’s my point here. Sure bears is cute, and sexy even I can see that. Hey I ‘am’ Queer ya know, but a boy is a “Boy!” Dammit I want’s to see thousands of swell painting’s of our heart’s desire slapped up on gallery walls from here to the Ross Ice Sheet! ‘Can’t you just see it. Delicate boyish beauty shining down from all them art gallery walls. There they’ll be cheek by cheek with them hairy hunks,…as the G-ddess intended. Wonderful, we’d be in a world of beauty, and horny delights. It would make middle school class trips to the museum finally worthwhile. At last coffee table books ‘I’d’ actually open, and look through.

‘Thing that really piss’s me off though is that these cowardly mooks actually ‘do’ boy art! They hide it away though. Not only that, but when these fags bites the dust their families burns the whole shebang in the back yard. That’s the main reason we hardly have any tangible artifacts from Queer Boylove history. The fuckers burn it all. Every bit they can get their evil hands on. This goes for them so-called gay libraries. Most won’t take Boylover materials, and the few that do can’t be trusted not to destroy it. This btw is why I’ll never leave my stuff to these shits. I can see it now. I finally drops dead, probably after my 20th box of pies, and cream puff’s,…love them pasteries! Anyway I keels over in a lemon meringue coma, and all my Inkplum Angels, and faeries ends up in the hands of some pissed off reactionary lesbian librarians that was fucked in the ass by their father’s when they were 5, and think ‘I’m’ the same sort of creep.

Just swell.

What do you think my “comrad sisters” will do with my swell stuff.

“…got a match?”

Yeah you’re starting to get the picture. To sum up,…fuck them ‘all’ to hell!

Thank you, and Goodnight!

‘Watch ya back’s comrads, and put sugar in their gas tanks.

Stay Tuned.


Sandy Hill

[This is a guest article by Sidney and was first published at Inkplum]

In the mid to late 1960’s there was a brief flowering of boy centered naturist books, magazines, and art films in the U.S.A.  “The Boy” a photographic essay, “Boys will be Boys”, and “Twelve” were published by Book Horizons in 1964, ‘65, and 1966. These were professionally printed coffee table photo books that celebrated the beauty, and dignity of boyhood. Those of us that were around then will recall the journals, and other publications that also briefly appeared.

It’s during that era that Lyric Films produced such titles as “Peter, and the Desert Pirates”, “The Swimming Party”, “Genesis Children”, and “Sandy Hill”. The latter may have been the first of this historic quartet. Having been made perhaps as early as 1966. If you watch them sequentially one can see certain of the boys grow to manhood in them.

I was in my mid-teens back then, and very sexually “interested” if not active. Like many Queer kids of that time I secretly placed myself on some interesting mailing lists. …ahem. Anyway I seem to recall getting color flyers about the film “Sandy Hill” among other things. Of course eventually my folks found my stash of Queer books’n photos. ‘But that’s another story.

Anyway below are a few photos from the “Sandy Hill” set, a work by Harlan Pfeiffer. You might recognize some of the youngsters since several appeared in ‘all’ of the Harlan/Lyric films. As I said you can watch them grow from boys to young men. In fact Peter Glawson gives a commentary about his time as a model, and actor in these films on the “Azov Films” DVD of “Peter, and the Desert Pirates”. Peter Glawson was the “Peter”, and pirate leader in that long ago effort. He was also a central character in “Genesis Children”. By the way he says doesn’t see himself as any sort of victim. Rather the friendships, and adventures he enjoyed while working on those titles over 40 years ago remain as happy memories for him.



Harlan Slim Pfeiffer

[This is a guest article by Sidney and was first published at Inkplum]

Harlan Pfeiffer did a series of naturist films, and books in the 1960’s. The above still is from “Peter, and the Desert Pirates”. This lost film is considered as the prequel to “Genesis Children”. No surprize since many of the same boy actors, and crew worked on both.

Sadly the film is nolonger available. It was never publicly shown, and only a few copies were made. By the 1970’s it had vanished. I’ve read that a VHS edition of stills from the production was availble for a short time in the late 1980’s, but the trail is cold after that.

As I mention at various times on these pages Queer history matters. All Queer history including, and perhaps especially Queer Man/Boy love history matters. That is to say the artifacts of Boys, and Boylovers matter, and are important.

If possible they should be found, and properly preserved. As opposed to being closely examined for leads to possible arrests,…then destroyed. In this case I fear all that is left of  “Peter, and the Desert Pirates” are random stills. One hopes an intact 16mm copy will one day surface, and be protected as a legitimate historical doucument.