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Did any of you guys enjoy the feature film En Tu Ausencia? Would you like to see more such films?

I’m the guy who made (wrote, produced, directed, composed) the film, and I now have a new fab script, and a rather ideal young actor to shoot my next feature, but need 10,000 to 15,000 US$ investment into it to start shooting in January in Argentina. My films cost next to nothing to make (I have everything in place, own the equipment, and my team all work for the love of), and get further and further every time (my last film just premiered in the competition section of the Tokyo film festival). But they are very much indie projects and rely on the help of individuals like yourselves.

Being a real fan of milkboys and its diverse, often clever even inspiring posts, I suggested to exclusively offer this blog regular news and features on the real-time creation of a beautiful film whose moral boundaries will, once again, be taken for a little push, with a stunning and deserving actor at the helm.

I realise of course many of you that check out milkboys won’t have that kind of income, so just enjoy the process, (and buy the film later!) but just one of you might. I suggest you check out the blog for more pics, and a business proposal there for the film’s ‘executive producer’. Check out my other works here.

Thanks to all, and thanks to Josh