Benny’s Gym

Alfred gets bullied. Benny is a bully. Through a series of events they become friends, but Benny keeps their friendship a secret. Benny wants to teach Alfred to hit back. But after an accident, it turns out maybe Alfred also has something to teach Benny.

Boys Briefs 5 – Benny's Gym full length (magyar felirattal:)


11 thoughts on “Benny’s Gym”

  1. I would not be trying to be friends with this dude,benny, after he and his bully friends throw me in the lake. They don’t know if I’am dead or not. So this kid is a good swimmer and smart also, gets out of the lake and goes home, changes into dry clothes and comes back to the lake and there is Benny crying. I would want to know more then his real name. It was cute in a way and the actors where cute also but in all reality would you bundle up to the kid who helped put you in the lake.

  2. An amazing film and both boy actors are very sweet in their own way, The whole film had me gripped from the start and shows that friendship can be formed in many different and strange ways. I agree that ‘Benny’ was not much of a friend when he was thrown in the river and should have made an attempt to save him …. ah well, it all turned out well in the end – thanks for posting this.

  3. The film shows the developing of the friendship between the two guys amid problems to be dealt with from both sides: Benny has to deal with his family problems and with the acceptance, for a bully, of being friend with Alfred, who begins to see beyond the bully and become friends with the former. Very good film in my opinion.

  4. Id loved it so much , but there’s something i dont like bout short films , most of the time they just plot something and at the end they leave us wonderig about the rest, i wish it was longer so we could see how their friendship developes and stuff, but i liked it a lot , they both were pretty cute and fit their characters :)

  5. Too many times we’ve seen the bully turns friend in the end films which I believe is how they they’d like us to see their perfectly tainted little world but generally bullies are just some crap we wear into adult hood if we don’t shoot up the class or commit suicide before even getting there.

    In this case it works. Benny is hiding, hiding from his home life, hiding from his true nature. The bullies offer him not much more that he gets at home but Alfred can see him and Bennie wants that connection so much more. Especially sweet and earlier visible was the ride home from the party, his head resting on Alfred’s back his smile and happiness obvious for all to see.
    A shame that we so often have to cloak our true selves yet still desire love and acceptance even if we face rejection.
    Julien wrote how he’d like if it was longer…
    There was no need, you make your own ending.
    Yes they could have continued to be friends but would both now be ostracized because of it or would they stand fast in the strength they found within one another? No one knows but we can hope for the best.

    Well done with both boys being well played.
    Oh yeah, Benny was a dream and that smile!

    Yes Rosco, one of mine too!

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