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    1. The video is embedded from YouTube, if it doesn’t work on mobile devices the video wasn’t enabled for mobile by the video uploader.

  1. That’s just fun, I’ve seen this delightful little piece on youtube before, but enjoyed seeing it again once more.

  2. What was that video a while ago, about the blonde australian boy who borrows a bikini from a friend and competes in a female only competition or something?

    1. I remember that. The family went on holiday to some resort where the boy decided to enter a girls swimsuit contest, and won it.

    2. You’re talking about Franswa Sharl (2009) starring Callan McAuliffe. You can find information on both the short film and the main actor on IMDb.

  3. Hilarious! As soon as he opened the drawer to show the yellow bikini, I immediately thought of that song they played later — but had no idea they were going to play it. I really didn’t think the makers would go back that far in pop music history making such a contemporary video — it was a pleasant surprise. Of course it made sense — why else would you have a yellow polka-dot bikini, but for that song? :-) Very cute video.

    1. @ Ksen – first of all, that’s a nasty racist comment you made.
      second, they’re not blacks, but are heavily tanned from being on the beach daily.

    2. Ksen,
      Despite your reaction to the cartoon, I might suggest that you at least socialize your comments slightly in the direction of being s-o-m-e-w-h-a-t less abrasive towards any type / color of people.
      I can – with a reasonable degree of certainty – tell you that your 3rd line / last statement is offensive to nearly one and all who would read it.
      Thank you,

      1. im not a racist. but those two act like the rapists. they left girl alone as they found more atractive person for having sex.
        well you ve mentioned only the third line. so it means that parents’ stupidity is ok and blondes are really bitches.

        1. @ Ksen – you claim “im not a racist”
          yet you’re own words said: “and niggers are lewd pieces of meat”
          if THAT’S not a racist hateful comment, then i don’t know what is.
          you should be ashamed of yourself, but apparently you are not as you attempt to confound us by drawing away from what you said.

  4. I love the denouement where everybody seems happy in the end (even though mum has to temper her feelings with tobacco smoke)

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