13 thoughts on “Bleh!”

  1. If you follow the link, it says he’s straight. Oh well.

    I do think milkboys should avoid posting photos of people who visibly announce their heterosexuality though, it messes up the atmosphere of the site.

    1. Oh for cryin’ out loud “J” – Boys have forever fooled around with each other. It’s a part of every boys sexual history -Str8 or Gay. Str8 boys are welcome here – most of us consider scoring with one a sexual delicacy.

      1. I’m fully aware of what you’re discussing, but I guess I’m kinda bitter after having consistently bad experiences in that regard.

    2. I thought ‘Milkboys’ was for every one to see. Now I consider myself to be heterosexual, and I thought it was in the line of homosexuality to accept ‘anyone’ so there is no dicrimination, and yes a friend of mine which happens to be gay showed me once this site, which I found quite interesting about the opinions given, and that’s why I look at it and cosider myself not someone to ‘mess up the atmosphere’.

  2. ~Who cares, hetro/straight/bi/trans/trap, etc.
    He’s here; look, talk, move on!

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