Santiago, Chile, in 1986. Luchito is 13 years old and feels deeply attracted to Manuel, a 16-year-old neighbour. Luchito masturbates whilst watching the window of an adjacent building where Manuel is enjoying a sexual encounter with a neighbourhood girl. The window becomes an erotic stage that arouses Luchito’s curiosity – but this has catastrophic consequences for Manuel.


28 thoughts on “Blocks”

  1. Another chilean movie of those years made by a stupid person, but I won’t talk about chilean politics here (I’m chilean)..
    Good movie! and Luchito is kinda cute =P

        1. solo si consideran weas como “promedio rojo”, “super” y ese tipo de películas buenas…

    1. @ Dr. Johnny Exxon
      What-A-Shock! The Most Homophobic Blog hoster is at it again.
      Long live Uncle Sidney
      PS: Thanks For The TIP, Dr. Johnny Exxon.

  2. So I guess the army took him, Luchito, as seditious? I’ve love someone I can never tell. It hurts. I feel sorry for Manuel.

    1. I think no. He did it just for luck… But, from aother side, living long time there he should know who lives next building from him :)

  3. Luchito’s eyes are to die for =) and the teen drama that many of us lived at that age is perfectly shown in this video, loved it!

  4. I hate these. Even now these kind of things happen. Made me feel sick and sad. Sorry guys.

    Why don’t You find us something nice with a happy ending, Josh.

      1. as far as i remember Queerstroke has a happy ending but its been a few years since i saw it

      2. Patrik 1.5 had a happy ending

        and i agree, something more uplifting and comedic just to balance out all this depressing/hope crushing films… no offence but sad films get to me xD

  5. It’s hard to tell if this is the product of Luchito’s imagination or real. Not that those things didn’t happen, but it could be nothing more than teenage fantasy.

  6. Life sometimes is a series of flash lights & bittersweet moments and not a Hollywood “Romantic”movie w/happy ending. :P

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