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    1. I disagree, even though Ulrik has a delicate frame (being thin, blond and a childish face), he’s not as affeminate as Taylor. In the voice area, well, yeah .. they do sound alike, along with most teenagers at that age when their voice is breaking =)

  1. He’s good – so was the song and so was the vid. Not the most relevant of questions….but I’d be curious to know whether or not he wrote the piece himself. I remember him from last time (his previous milkboys vid). I liked him then, too.

    1. Totally agree with you, Fu.

      A pretty teenage boy with real talent not an amorphous plastic void that shall remain nameless.

      But then I do have a soft spot for Scandanavians.

      1. You are tough on Johan but I painfully agree. I’m just so caught up in his cute and sexy manerisms as he takes me back a few decades and into shadows of my youth. I agree, Ulrik has real talent and he seems to have some emotional depth. Needlees to say he is cute as hell. I just don’t want to give up on Johan. I am also soft on Scandanavians

    1. That isn’t the same melody, the first 7 notes of one of the verse lines just happens to be the same…
      It’s just coincidence I think.

  2. @aljoshka

    Oh no. Do you mean that I’ve been sucked in (again) by an attractive youth covering an emo ballad? That just shows how weak my knowledge of contemporary pop is….He does have a good voice, though. And he does have an interesting style.

    @ kinkynik

    Did you have to mention The Empty One? Watching that video very nearly sucked the soul straight out of my body. It was a very distressing experience…

    “… I do have a soft spot for Scandanavians.”

    The good looking ones are certainly very good looking. But I recently watched a programme on BBC4 about Scandinavian “noir” literature….and I must say that the place itself came across as being somewhat charmless. The city architecture in particular looked a bit blank, to me. But Scandinavian society might well be a lot more interesting on the inside than it appears to be on the outside. I wouldn’t know. And the programme didn’t take us that far.

    1. Sorry to have caused you any distress,.
      If you’re seaching for an antidote try Norwegian Death Metal, that’ll put a spring in your step.

  3. Another real talent to distract us from the Bieby. Wouldn’t it be cool for this guy to cook up a duet with Johan Palm?

    1. What a splended idea. I would like to think that this kid and Johan visit this site and would read this.

  4. I don’t normally go for this sort of vid and I don’t know why I did, but I thoroughly enjoyed the singer and the song. I have a weakness, especially in the knee area, for boys when their voices are breaking.

  5. ”Boys Don’t Cry” 100% agree, They stand out and speak up for their rights.
    Awsome Vid., Lovely Talented Singer & Beautiful Song. <3

  6. I like this song.
    I cry. I cried when I heard the song.
    Boys never cry in front of ones, particularly girls.

    He is very cool, and seems kindly. But he maybe through many case. I wanna know him.
    “LIFE”, his song, tremble my heart, and I thought what I do. My life is solitude everyday.
    Please tell me what he say in En Vanlig Dag, his song.
    I don’t know Swedish. But the song tremble my heart.

    I fun him.
    But I don’t know who Rebecca Jansson. Is she girlfriend?
    Don’t you tell me?

  7. wow awwwsome song, well sung by a very cute boy, loved it …. recon well be seeing a lot more of him in the future

  8. Sweden? Looks like my beautiful Los Angeles! Damn, I missed him :(

    lol I found this young fella on youtube a few months ago, he sure has a fantastic set of pipes. His nit hat is really 70’s but he wears it so well; great trademark :)

  9. Definitely in California on US 101. Checker Cab is familiar to me from San Francisco but don’t recognize the area in the driving scenes. It’s anyone’s guess.

  10. sooooooo cute! awesome! thanx for sharing and a very happy new year to all of us!

  11. well… it’s Los Angeles Frank 111. I know all the locations in the vid. Hazards of being a trucker/courier for so many years. Just wish I could have caught a glimps of hte filming.

    1. Thanks for the update. Apparently the Checker Cab is a franchise company in both areas. I remember it while living in San Francisco years ago.

      1. hehe, well yeah, checker is all over hte west coast. when he get’s in the cab, he asks to go to “Santa Monica (Blvd) and Third”. i didn’t catch it the first time, but it googles real well.

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