17 thoughts on “Boy is a Bottom”

  1. Simply brilliant and sure it will become a classic – thanks for bringing it to Milkboys :-)

  2. I found the video amusing, but I didn’t really understand the narrative… first they’re calling out guys who claim to be vers but actually prefer to bottom; then they’re following around a guy who seems to be embarrassed about it; then the weirdest looking drag queen mouths off about being a top; then they all channel “En Vogue” singing about “never bottoming”… and then they finish with the refrain which is “This boy is a bottom”. I’m forced to ask, “What did we learn?” High production quality but sort of lackluster writing

  3. boring song, ugly trannies, stupid clichés. please no more crap like that on mlkboys :-(

  4. oh rai! spoken like a true bottom wannabe ” will somebody PLEASE finally fuck me and mellow me out”—a very fun and talented video.

  5. I think I just watched the most hilariously gay (not meant to be offending anyone) video ever. Like… I don’t even know how to react xD

  6. i’m going to meet them and see them live next month, they’re coming to belgium. in D-club (antwerp) and Le You (brussels)

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