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  1. bahahaha! do not touch XD

    but srsly i love pianos! they play such beautiful music, and the beautiful boy only serves to compliment it :3

  2. I don’t suppose anyone would want to see a boy playing with his organ, would they? :P

  3. He sounded like someone who’s had only a few months of “training” and decided to practice on a public piano. He needs a lot more training before he tackles some public instrument. I couldn’t even finish the video — it was just too repetitive of something simple. If I had seen him in a mall, I wouldn’t have stayed beyond 15-30 seconds of his “practice,” and then continued my way to one of the stores.

    1. He just played for fun on a piano standing around in the entrance area of the GamesCom. Do you never have spontan fun? Always being professional?

      1. Yes, and professional enough to have respectful fun and who would be so heartless to tell him to leave the piano alone?

  4. @penboyx2 , It’s the song he’s playing, it is a pop song therefore it would be repetitive. Not everyone can be a virtuoso, everyone starts somewhere.

    1. I’m not asking that “everyone can be a virtuoso” — just don’t plop down at a public piano before you are ready to be critiqued. “Everyone starts somewhere” — you’re right ….. but keep it private and wait until you have enough encouragement to be public.

      And I didn’t even recognize the “pop song.”

        1. That’s a really stupid comment. Most people don’t like being either laughed at or walked away from if they’re performing a musical instrument. I’m only saying wait until you are better (than him) and get a lot more encouragement to “go public.” There’s hundreds of opportunities to show off your skill when it shows you actually have some skill ….. otherwise, keep practicing in “private” until it’s obvious you’re better — then the public will appreciate it.

          That should have been obvious to even the simplest of minds.

          1. You’re just re-inforcing eely’s comment. This is a kid playing for other kids because he wanted to. You’re an asshole for suggesting that there’s anything wrong with that. I should be obvious he’s not trying to impress any professional music critics here.

          2. Penboy, have you considered people can enjoy simplicity ?
            This boy may not (yet) be a good pianist, but he has some musical sense, and that’s all I ask for.
            With electronic recordings and networks, you can now find anywhere, anytime, the best music in the world. But people seem to have forgotten they can actually sing and invent their own melodies. Nobody dares to sing in public, except in “authorised” situations, for “authorized” people. I think it’s quite sad. From the testimonies of the past I know, a century ago or more, people seemed to feel more free to sing in the street, with friends, or even at work (when not working in a slave-like job).

            So I enjoyed a lot hearing this boy play the piano, I would have enjoyed even more being over there when he was playing. I don’t want a world turning around brilliant and talented people only, culture should be popular (in the true meaning of the word, that is, made by and for ordinary people); everybody should be able to publicly “sing their own kind of music” (that’s from a song), that’s a metaphor but I think it should be taken literally too.

            1. @ Thomas & Admiral & eely & S. & Hans – You guys are all correct.
              PenboyX2, that playing is more than a “few months of “training””.
              Once again more stupid comments flow from you’re ignorant mind.

          3. I knew you had a rather elitist POV about things, Penboy, but this line of dialogue seems to be rather extreme even for you.

            How is anyone ever supposed to know if they’re good if they never play for others?

            I give him props for having the balls to risk being criticized or ridiculed in such a way. He may not have been up to Carnegie Hall’s standards, but he sat his butt down on that bench and did his best.

            For his efforts, as those of us that actually watched the whole video saw, he attracted a small crowd who seemed to (gasp) appreciate his efforts (if the applause that can be heard before the video ends is any indication).

            Hell, if the likes of The Monkeys, Hanson, Vanilla Ice, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears can make millions with their talentless drivel, why can’t this cute boy sit down at a piano and try to brighten the day of a few random people that just happen to be passing by for FREE.

            More power to him, I only wish more people had the guts to do the same.

            1. @ Sixle – Precisely!! Add to that his performance was impromptu, AND he played those songs by ear. {Playing by ear demonstrates more than just ”a few months of “training””}
              I believe the public will most always appreciate those who try.
              If only those who think they have enough “training before (they) tackle(s) some public instrument” we might never see raw upcoming new talent willing to perform at all.

      1. There is a sign “do not touch” at the piano and they were stupid enough not to lock it. For a healthy teenager that alone should be reason enough to do it, even as a beginner.

  5. My guess is that he’s the sort of person that is either self-taught, (which is a talent unto itself), or who had a few lessons and then grew impatient with them. His playing reminds me of the sort of music one hears when piano players first attempt their own compositions. He has a strong presence, but lacks the nuance, dynamics and phrasing of a more seasoned player. Good on him for taking up the instrument, now let’s hope he gets some good instruction under his belt and takes it into the realm of real musicianship.

  6. I think he’s pretty good. Don’t understand those negative comments like he shouldn’t play in public.

    So yeah, there might be a lot of pianists out there who are far better than he is. He also messed up at some parts.
    But he played those songs without sheets. Anyone could make a mistake…

    And I think that “What I’ve Done” (Transformers (2?) theme) and “Faint” from Linkin Park as well as Rihanna’s “Unfaithful” are well-known… so who doesn’t know them? Then listen to them!

  7. 1. Beautiful Boy, as noted and duly categorized by Josh;
    2. That is WAY more than a couple of months of lessons;
    3. He had not only the balls, but the spirit to get out there and play just for fun, and altho’ he made a few errors here and there, it was quite enjoyable.
    4. It made me smile.
    5. Plus, I love Linkin Park, so kudos to the boy for playing a couple of their songs :-)
    6. Thanks Josh :-)

  8. Yeah penboy, I agree – Just like them gays. They should do what they do in the privacy of their own homes!

    You’re a fuckwit.

    1. Thanks rene. This is a very cute and talented kid having fun. I enjoyed some of the other videos as well. Since I am musically challenged, I envy anyone who can profeciently play an instrament. I especially enjoy watching kids make a game effort. Something I never did.

  9. As far as Milkboys and music: I have to say without any bias that Sound Sunday is my favorite feature. My musical tastes and experiences honed over many years keep me from truly enjoying the cutie here on the white piano. Cutie, go for it. But let’s hope that he can learn to improvise an ABA structure while he still has his looks. Maybe on a good 7-foot grand and a stereo pickup, while we’re at it.

    As far as a cutie who can play the life out of a big concert grand, I had the pleasure of a one-on-one meeting with Lisciecki just a few months ago. i told him that he should not neglect composing, which he has admitted to giving up since his performing career took off. Pity.

  10. I love linkin park ! he did a good job playing it as well, and i couldnt help but sing along

  11. Ein gutes Beispiel dafür, daß man seine Freizeit nicht nur mit “chillen” verbringen muß…..respekt.

  12. Dang yall this dudes sick on a piano,I didn’t even know you could play Linkin Park on the piano.This guys a pro for sure.

  13. This page is totaly crap. It´s not because of the video but why do you need a homepage for gay boys that is sick

    1. Care to back that assertion up with facts, or are you just being a troll with no skin in the game or purpose other than incite to anger or further hateful ignorance?

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