Bras for Boys, Girls & Everyone Else

With cascading blond locks and a lithe form that’d make Kate Moss jealous, Andrej Pejic has walked for top designers in both men and women’s clothing. Now the Serbian beauty is appearing in a series of ads for Dutch department store Hema’s new Mega push-up bra as Queerty reports.. The media is abuzz with the controversy this is causing in the usually progressive Netherlands, but we really don’t see the big deal.

Boyish girls have been used to sell women’s clothing since before Twiggy was a mere sprout and gender-benders like Amanda Lepore, RuPaul and Carmen Carrera have popped up in fashion spreads for more than a decade. The only question that matters is does Pejic look good in the adverts—and clearly he does.


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  1. I think it’s a bit of an overstatement to say it has the media abuzz and causing controversy. Googling Andej Pejic and Hema gives several results, mostly from women glossies. Only 1 national and 1 regional newspaper paid any attention to it. The national newspaper NRC had 2 pieces devoted to it, one satyrical and one piece informing people of Andrej actually being male and that he’s been voted for the 98th position of most sexy women according FHM. The regional newspaper reports only positive reactions.\ (with video)

    All links are in dutch, unfortunatly for the non-dutch speaking visitors, no translate button.

      1. I just quoted directly from the linked article (which is usually the case when people accuse me of sensationalism).

  2. This has to be a straight guys nightmare. One look you are all in lust then you find out it is a guy, maybe you are a little gay?

    1. “This has got to be a straight guys nightmare.” That’s funny. For the homophobe Andrej might even precipitate an attack of paranoid psychosis, a self punishment form of paranoia with Andrej administering the punishment by simply standing in the nude while the homophob self distructs in some bizarre manner. Should Andrej be legally blonde or even allowed to run around loose in society? S/he is a bisexual’s dream, my dream.

  3. Haven’t read about/seen any negative reactions yet, haven’t seen the posters up here either, I hope they come though. I kind of want to know what my classmates think of him… mainly the guys 8D

    But yeah, the media isn’t going crazy over it or anything. I barely read newspapers so can’t say anything about that but other than that I haven’t heard or seen anything about it yet… apart from a friend mentioning it.

    Apart from that, I don’t think it’s really a good ad–not this poster at least, the bra is barely visible so it’s not a very good bra ad, the one with him in red is better and hey, if it can give a guy a good chest than it must be a good bra XD

  4. I’m mostly just baffled as to why anyone would want to use someone that has nothing to push up to model a push-up bra. What are they gonna do next, use a bald guy to model hair-dye? A eunuch in condom ads?

  5. Not serbian, Josh.

    He was born there but was raised in Australia and proudly holds Australian nationality.

    If push-up came to shove, he’d catfight for Australia.

    1. I use the country of birth for the tags because everything else would get too confusing since many people lived at different places at different times.

      1. Yeah, he’s Australian!!

        If you’re using the country of birth – he was born in Yugoslavia. His mother is Serbian and his father is Croatian. He lived in Serbia most of his early childhood, moving to Australia when he was nine. I think it’s pretty obvious that most of his attitudes and expressions are Australian. Furthermore he started off in the Australian industry and with an Australian agency.

        He might be yugoslavian-born, of serbian/croatian ethnicity, but he is an Australian model, and I think he wants to be seen that way too.

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