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  1. WOW! The boy on the top right is really pretty. And has nice balls. The guy bottom right s crushing his between his thighs.

  2. also, ich finde die bilder aufm bett eher unvorteilhaft für die jungs, da gibt es bessere, wenn die jungs vor der cam stehen. und klar, ich schau immer jede woche zuerst nach den fotos in der BRAVO, und eigentlich isses auch das einzige was ich anschaue :-P.
    naja, dies und liebe, sex & zärtlichkeit, man könnte ja noch was lernen :-P.


    p.s. ich weiß wohl, daß es mal eine webseite gab, da waren nur die fotos der jungen drauf, aber leider kenne ich den link nicht mehr.

  3. Unfortunately those pictures you linked to GB are all of guys 18 and over. Some were quite nice though.

  4. @Jojaya
    Naked teens in a mag for teens… could it make more sense? There is no need to protect them from themselves.

  5. That’s a really cute quartet! Lots more, please…. let’s create an orchestra!!

  6. HINT: When scanning magazine pages put a soid black sheet on top; this reduces or eliminates bleed through.

  7. I think I’d want nothing more in life if someone would post the nude pictures of a young Gil Ofarim that apeared in Bravo some years ago

  8. Do a search for “bravo” on http://www.imgsrc.ru I can’t find Gil there, but he might be in one of the password-protected galeries of somebody. I don’t exchange passwords there though, because I’m cautious.

  9. Oh man, the boy in comment 17 (Alexander) and the boy in 22 (Milan) are soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and soooooo perfect and aren’t much younger than me.

  10. Agree Mike, Alexander in comment 17 in particular is really hot… More like him and Milan please!

  11. poshy, kauf dir die aktuelle ausgabe #32, der bravo. dort findest du den wohl leckersten jungen seit langem. und der vorteil dabei ist, er ist schwul, 18, zeigt sich nackt und hat einen schönen asiatischen touch.
    also, kaufen, scannen, reinsetzen :-P


  12. I know this is MilkBOYS not girls, but would any of you happen to have scans of any of the girls from those issues? I can’t be the only bisexual that visits here, and if the young women are anywhere near as hot as the young men then they would be a real treat.

    Thank You,

  13. I luv the guy in comment 17 – he has the most amazing eyes although his other “gifts” are just as nice. Does anyone know where we can find scans of the younger guys? Most fo the links posted are for the guys who are 18+.

  14. Your “Bravo”magazine is very good.The teenagers nud is beautyfull. It is possible to order this magazine.Ave you address and price,thank you…

  15. For David (#26) and anyone that would be interested: I’ve got plenty of Bravo-Girls pictures, but I’m looking for more Bravo-Boys, so maybe we could share. Just shout if that sounds nice to you.

    1. Hi, I spend many time to find bravo girls, is that possible to give me some please, I will share you what I can. Thank you.

      Ps : Tu es Francais ?

      1. Oui, je suis Français. =) Je n’ai pas accès à l’ordinateur qui contient ces photos pour le moment, mais dès que ce sera le cas, je peux te les envoyer si tu veux. Tu as quel âge ?

      2. J’ai finalement remis la main sur ces images de bravo girls, ça t’intéresse toujours ? Si oui, laisse-moi ton adresse mail…

  16. Does anyone know what happened to http://www.deutscheboys.com ? It had ALL of these pictures and more – all full size (well, apart from the oldest ones) and I used to enjoy visiting it regularly to see updates. But now it’s just… gone!

  17. Yeah, same thing for me. Gosh, this is the greatest tragedy on the Web ever. =(

  18. Doesn’t anyone know any website where to find this Bravo boys? I tried at bravo.de but it’s not as in the real magazine. Also, as someone has said, shaving seems to be very popular in Germany. Would girls enjoy it?

  19. Hello, I am New here on this Site. And I have ALL BRAVO Boys Pics!!

    where is interested on the many Pics?

    1. Hi,

      U still have the pics off the bravo boys?
      |I am interested.



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