British Spring Break?

The Telegraph reports that 70 students from the Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, were joined by over 100 other youths to celebrate an end of term party by “having unprotected sex in a village square.”  I wish they could have fun by replacing the alcohol with condoms *sigh*

Witnesses said that around 200 youths gathered in and around the village hall in Wray, Lancashire, which is a few miles from the school. The event, to celebrate the end of Year 11, had been organised by pupils, although the village hall committee had understood that an adult had taken responsibility for the booking. Alan Day, the village hall chairman, said: “All hell let loose at this event. The children were drunk to the eyeballs. They were having sex in the village square standing up.”

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One thought on “British Spring Break?”

  1. Haha. I live half way between the posh school ("QES") and the village (Wray). Year 11 means these were 15yos and 16yos. I heard about the event in the local gossip first. I didn't realise we had gone national (Daily Telegraph) and international (Milkboys) – haha! Of course the actual behaviour would be typical behaviour for older teens and young 20s in any city centre on any Friday or Saturday night, except they were a bit younger (playing at being all grown up, haha), and they had to get the shagging over before their mummies and daddies came to collect them in their Range Rovers. Poor Wray. It's a tiny, tiny village. The party could have doubled the population. The most exciting event most years is the scarecrow festival. lol

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