Bullies kill another Kid

To his many friends, Phillip was known as the boy who told everyone they’re beautiful. “He was fun, he was energetic, he was happy”, his mother said. Yet he saw no other option than committing suicide because he couldn’t take the anti-gay bullying anymore he had to deal with for years even though he was just 14. Bullying that was reported to his school by his parents but, as so often, nothing happened to make his situation better. Read on…

Tennessee, the state Phillip lived in, is even considering making the situation of kids like him worse by passing a law that would keep teachers from just mentioning the word gay, suffocating any attempt to counter the rampant anti-queer bullying in schools or teaching kids like Phillip they’re just fine. Or teaching straight kids that being queer doesn’t make you a lesser person. Because telling them that hating people for who they love would hurt their religious feelings. Great priorities.


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  1. Reading this made me cry, it really upsets me when kids take their lives because they feel there is no other way. RIP fella.

      1. Hi James,
        Shouldn’t we better call those homophobicsmurderous homophobics
        If it is not us, who will call them, what they really are:
        murderous homophobics
        hugs all around

  2. I’ve got no words, just tears… suicides are a clear symptom of a dying society.

    They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes one to raze one.

    1. You bet suicide is a sign of a dying society. Holland is a prime example of that.

      PS Clever paly on words…

  3. I’m starting to get sick of hearing news like this. Now to be clear, I’m getting sick of people who allow for this sort of stuff to happen. Bullying is a very real issue in today’s modern society, particularly because bullying follows us home now. How? The internet, of course. It pains me to see my fellow teenagers of my generation ending their lives, filled with so much potential, just because a couple of pricks decide their self esteem is so damn low that they have to make themselves feel better by pushing everyone else down. But that’s just me ranting a little bit. :| Rest in Peace, Phillip Parker.

    1. Come on dude, you know it’s going on there as well. Don’t use the tragedy of a teen’s life to rail against the US.

      1. Then why not all of those that have suffered?
        Why not all of the unspoken voices?
        Why not all of the people silenced by the government?
        Why not all of those people that were turned away?
        Why not all of those who felt unloved?

      2. Sorry Real1 but it is your country.

        Kids over here may call each other names but the systemic bullying that is positvely encouraged by your “macho” fundy xtian culture is what leads these kids to the ultimate depair.

        Amerika is becoming a real force for all that is bad in the world and it was never meant to be like this.

        1. Yes it’s true, but the people who founded the US left the UK because they were considered by the 17th century English to be too uptight (!!).

          The US (not “America,” we don’t call it that here) is a force for both good and bad, and although we influence the world in bad ways, we also generate the money that most other countries such as yours feed off of, without all the inflation other countries would. Plus, the problems we have will soon be problems shared by other countries — and not necessarily because of the US, but because of the way the world is changing.

          You might not have the same problems in Britain right now, but you have other problems just as bad. And if you were the size we are, we’d be complaining about you. Imagine if Britain stretched beyond Moscow. Imagine all the negative things we’d say about you, too.

          1. In 1580, the British made attendance of Church of England services compulsory and any other service illegal. The 60 or so “Puritans” who left England in 1620 were known for having religious and moral views that were more extreme than that of the Church in England. Afterall, we stopped witch hunts long before the New plymouth settlers ever did.

            Imagine Britain stretching the entire globe, well less than 100 years ago britain did – ever wonder why English is the second language of choice across the globe?

            The other Brits here should also perhaps keep up with local/national news to read about the rise of the far right in this country and the increase in homophobic violence and not be so keen to bash our transatlantic cousins.

            1. In 1580 ‘Britain’ was not united — so you should actually talk about England in this context.
              Meanwhile, about bashing the USA — well, I do and I don’t. I live and work in Texas for 6 months / year and live at home in Scotland remaining 6 months. I have too many years experience in around the Bible Belt States and I can assure you in comparison with European values there is indeed a stunningly large population in those States of people steeped in religious bigotry and they are blind that they have contracted themselves to the Devil. They wholeheartedly embrace alien values to any right thinking person. Although this population of people may well be concentrated in well known areas the fact is that their ‘horridness’ does permeate the whole of American society and very strongly colours the political culture of the nation.
              Every society has difficulties – but even though the U.K. drives me crazy as a dirty,dingy sleazy country I can assure you the U.K. remains a beacon of effective democracy and human morality in comparison to the USA.

            2. There are real forces that drive people to extreme religious views. If the presence of a few “foreigners” in the UK is enough to cause a rise in right wing nationalism there, imagine a country where there is no possible “American-ness” the way there is “Britishness.” For most people here there is no way to be part of a community based society except for joining a group with shared religious views.

            3. Texas along with many other states of the South are called “bible belt” hypocrites in my mind. They are conservative idiots and also called red necks. They are “right” and everyone else is wrong. You should try the western states where we’re more liberal and think before we act. We are a mixture of many races and immigrants and let well enough alone. Enough said, I’m through.

      3. I totally disagree.
        …., cause gay-bullying happens thousandfold in the USA every day.
        hugs all around.

    2. Britain imported homophobia to all it’s former colonies, some of which now have some of the harshest laws against homosexuality on the books. The Commonwealth nations are hardly pillars of enlightenment, although some are better than others. As an American, I am strongly opposed to US foreign policy, as well as religious fundamentalism of all stripes. But bigotry is everywhere and everyone needs to get busy cleaning their own house.

  4. It’s hard to make statements without knowing the boy or the situation, but some sensitive students like this are better off schooling online to finish HS. I know four here that are doing that, rather than face the bullying at school. It may not be the best scenario, but weighed against suicide, I think it’s logical. In the meantime concerned parents can hammer the school administration to make a safer environment for all.

    1. What a cowardish stand, giving in to the murderous bullies – and their backers, found within Oldtestamentariens, Republicans, Teapartyists – not to forget those, that back them all with theirt money: The really big investors.
      hugs around

      1. Cowardish stand? I’m not so sure. If your kids live in a place where hate and bigotry reign supreme and you can’t move because of a job or other restraints what do you do if even the school supports hate and bigotry?

        Still, home schooling should never be used as a shell. It’s supposed to be about opening the mind to better learning. In fact it’s about to be more open to the world than any public school ever could be. Never, ever should it be used as a shelter from “the world out there”.

      2. Sure, these young adults should face off with the predominately Christian conservative factions at their school and do battle. And then if that doesn’t work (it won’t, been tried) then it’s OK for them to kill themselves? Maybe you should come here and call them cowards to their faces…no doubt that would be a huge help.

        1. @ old Dan and Real1
          I wrote about “cowardish” to Real1. whose stand I indeed find cowardish, He is giving that advice.
          I would never call a Kid cowardish, cause he just wants to save his live.
          We, the adult, ought to do everything, to protect those kids against the murderous stupid bullies.
          Help for kids could also mean, to try stabelizing them, by whatever means.
          I would even call it a kind of help, to suggest a better school for a heavily bullied kid.
          Maybe you yourself see some other alternatives for bullied kids, but giving in to the murderous stupid bullies is – in my opinion – the worst of ‘”solutions”
          hugs around

          1. Miles, don’t let the anger get the best of you. Real1 was actually making an interesting point. Sometimes a kid just might be too sensitive, even with the best of parents to take care of him. Other kids are the type you would throw and army tank at them and they would spit it back at you is a second. So, what to do? If you noticed in my reply I was taking into account what kind of environment the kid was living in. I suspect so was Real1. Sometimes it is a good thing to pull away from a battle until you are strong enough to face that battle.

            Look at the mess caused by zero tolerance. Far too many times the kid that got bullied fought back only to be punished for it. So what is he to do if he’s in that kind of living hell?

            Like you I hate the idea of letting those bastards win but I would rather home school a kid than putting him through that kind of living hell and see him dead because it finally pushed him to commit suicide. Changing school is a very good option as long as it is available. If not, what then? There simply is no simple answer here until hatred and bigotry goes away.

            1. You’re wasting your time; he just doesn’t ‘get it’. I wasn’t giving any advice-those students on their own with their parent’s consent, decided to finish HS online. Miles is in Germany and has no idea of the community in which these boys live in. Let him rant ignorance upon ignorance. Nobody has ‘won’ anything….rural schools are very slow to change here. In the larger HS here we got the students to form a GSA and the average attendance is around 40. They are meeting their bullies head on. But they had the support of many of us in the community and the majority of the faculty and administration. The other boys I mentioned do not at this time. No doubt there will come a day when change will be possible for that community.

            1. 17

              When it was to their advantage, they made a forward move; when otherwise, they stopped still.

              Mei Yao-ch`en connects this with the foregoing: “Having succeeded in thus dislocating the enemy, they would push forward in order to secure any advantage to be gained; if there was no advantage to be gained, they would remain where they were.”

              Simply put, know when to fight and when NOT to.

  5. What is this country turning into? I was under the impression that we abide by the “For LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all”… But I truly see that isn’t the case and quite honestly, I don’t think it ever was. Homosexuality has been made out into a “disease” by this country, they tried passing the “SOPA” even though they ragged on China for having a censored internet, and now it’s like politicians and officials are trying to pass a law that just gives kids a free pass to bully others…

    What’s happening to this world? Why are people doing this?

    Where is our sense of humanity? Where is our equality?

    Where is our love for one another?

  6. They need to reverse those pro-bullying laws and judgements. Freedom of Religion, Speech, and Expression do not extend to torture and that is what bullying is. The people who torture the minds of others so constantly need just as much mental help as those who torture others bodily. The fact that religious groups are supporting this torture should be a clue to the world about just how detached from Jesus much of Christianity is. I’m pretty sure that hate is the devil’s stuff Christians. (Not that that is my area of belief, just holding them to it)

  7. God another adorable boy that doesn’t deserve such a horrible story, really makes me cry.

  8. Our society is influenced by bullies in almost everything.Most shows we watch are people making smart cracks about others. We are raising smart mouths and most young males emulate from role models at home and try to be tough guys at school. This is another reason racism will never go away because children pick that up behind closed doors at home. Why can’t we be more like Europe and celebrate a kid who would rather dance and do art than play football? What happened to support them in chasing their dreams?

  9. Oh my gosh, here we go again, another beautiful young man committing suicide. This just makes me cry once again, and once again it breaks my heart. I lost my own fourteen year old nephew to suicide a number of years ago. No one knows why he did it; he just came home from school one day, put his .22 rifle in his mouth and pulled the trigger. I suspect bullying was the most likely cause. Okay, sorry for the rant, but I just had to say something.

    1. Holy sh** I’m so sorry.
      I’ve also lost one of two younger friends to suicide, and I can tell you that no measure of words can convey the loss, the pain, and what we know is the world ceasing to have these younger people in it, for no – literally – good reason.

  10. Dont even know what to say about these anymore. Ive heard and read about so many of these.

  11. There will always be bullies in every town in any country there will always be usually the same percentage of boys who just have very little capacity for compassion and empathy plus many of their peers at least secretely admire them. They are often considered daring, exciting and sexy. The girls love them and the guys want to be more like them, at least until they grow up. That will never change.

    If I had a sensitive, intelligent son who was constantly bullied, I’d pull him out of that school and look for an alternative school because the reality is there is little that school administration can do. I would consider my son as a special needs child. Bullies will always be among us.

    In america we seem to have a culture that feeds this basically inborn trait. As a nation we are an adolescent compared to the older powers of the world. We tend to be anti-intellectual, have little appreciation for the high arts, and place little value in education beyond high school. On top of that we are highly religious which promotes dichotomous, rigid, inflexible and concrete thinking. Our obsession with religion is really like the pond that feeds the entire garden.

  12. How have we placed little value on education beyond highschool? College education is pretty much necessary in any decent job field.
    And honestly, hating on America is just ignorance. There are good and bad parts of every country. I have never once seen a bully in any of my public education. All the way from k to 12. And the high arts valued immensely. And I do not go to some high income school either. We have kids of every race and sexuality and everyone is accepted. That why these stories are so difficult to understand for me. I just don’t see this stuff in my life. And it’s just so sad to hear that it’s happening anywhere. But that’s no reason to blame America, blame the people that did the bullying. Not a whole country.

  13. The real problem here in the US is that how seriously anti-gay bullying is taken depends on whether you live in a community that is progressive, secular and pro-gay or you live in a conservative, homophobic community where fundamentalist religion predominates. Schools are overseen by politically minded school boards whose members are voted into office. So if you’re a student in a homophobic community chances are your school will be a difficult place to be openly gay. I think what makes it worse here in the US is the overabundance of religious fanatics.

    1. So very well stated re: politically minded school boards. I painfully agree on the overabundance of religious fanatics. There is a lot of shouting on this page so your post will likely not get a careful read, mine didn’t. I think you nailed the bottom line.

    2. Try making Miles from Germany understand this….to him it’s just “cowardice” not to take on potentially a whole conservative community and school board. Recently in the next city over, one of the school boards blocked an attempt to set up a GSA. They drew a line in the stand and said ‘NO WAY!’ Through a long process, the ACLU and Lambda Legal Defense Fund was brought in. They won and the GSA/club was formed. Sounds like a happy ending, right? Well, the school board has gone back after all this and cancelled all clubs…you can’t understand the power that conservative factions wield unless you live there. And now those students (queer/allies) have become targets, because cleverly, the school board has made them the reason there are no clubs. So even if this gets sorted out by the legal means available, the school board has deliberately created a defined, visible ‘group’ that can now be bullied.

      1. Pls. just read what I really wrote.

        …, and one negative example, really does not show much, agreed?

        Ehmm. What did you do in the case of a GSA to be setup in the town close to yours?

        What did you do to probably get some influence in the schoolboards decisions by writing at least a letter to local media?

        What do you do about gay bashing in general?
        Just resign and give in?
        Hugs around

        1. Sorry Miles, but forming a GSA in school is TOTALLY a student driven thing. Adults are not allowed in this process at all except for a facilitator (usually a teacher) in the class at the time of the meetings. We gave them our support by providing information on HOW to form a GSA and by bringing in the people from GLSEN who gave a lecture (not allowed on school grounds!), on the mechanics of it all & literature.. Therefore, it’s not a traveling salvation show where we move form county to county. It first takes interested student in a HS and the desire to form a GSA. We weren’t even allowed near the school. So….instead of your usual accusatory stance, think a little bit with your brain….the spark for this to happen, happens INSIDE the community that the students live in. We’re ‘outsiders” to other conservative communities. However, we remain in the loop as an example of what could be. We (as PFLAG), are also on tap to come speak to interested parties-which we do frequently.

          You know so very little about this and the process involved…….

  14. Heartbreaking. :(

    Someone on this board said something months ago that I thought really cuts through… that these boys need to know that there is someone out there who they would find attractive and who would love them. That’s all they need. I’m sure all of us would have loved them, especially if we knew we’d be saving them from a final desperate act.

    1. If someone over 16 or 18 found this 14 year old “attractive and would love them”, they would be spending a long time in prison. No one in his right mind would dare get near any kid under 18 in America.

  15. Told you so!

    I see many saying that they are crying with the news of an other kid dead. I see many talking about laws and such. I see almost no one pointing the finger at the causes of an other death.

    Politics is one cause. People so depraved that they will debase themselves by sucking up to avoid homophobes to get elected.

    Religiously based homophobia is the other cause.

    Until you refuse to vote for some fucked up politician that openly bases his or her campaign on taking away any possible rights gays might have and by refusing to enter any church, temple, synagog, what ever, that has a preacher, priest, what ever, that is openly a homophobe you will see nothing change.

    I’m going to make a point very clear before I’m blasted about it. I don’t care what religion all of you have. I don’t believe you should abandon your religion if you feel it guides your life. What I am against is someone using his or her religion to prey upon gays and what ever else he or she might hate in the name of some god or gods. For me it is a fundamental right for anyone to have spiritual or religious beliefs, just not the right to kill people with them. This what I’ve been calling the root of the problem in many of my posts.

    I hope I made myself clear once and for all.

    1. Politics is one cause. People so depraved that they will debase themselves by sucking up to avoid homophobes to get elected. isn’t what I wanted to write.

      What i wanted to write was this; ” Politics is one cause. Politicians so depraved that they will debase themselves by sucking up to fundamentalists that can get them those votes needed to get elected by promising to take away gay rights.”

      1. I would add one further point:
        Children learn from so-called role models – parents, teachers, pastors, politicians and respected persons.
        But what do these examples teach in real life?
        Bullying among parents.
        Bullying among neighbors.
        Bullying among work colleagues.
        Bullying among politicians – especially during the election campaign.
        Must one be surprised at the result?

  16. Well, Brent Crude.What attractive and loveing way would you be talking about. Affection in a loveing way with out sex or with sex thrown in . If it’s the latter then there is a problem.I took legal guardian of a 15 year old lad who came from a broken home and he was gay. If I had it to do over I most likely take a deep breath and do it again,but with some minor changes.I would try to be a parant,not just a friend. Being a friend only just doesn’t work. I fell sorry that some young boy should be pushed to the point that he feels that his life is not worth living. You can blame this country,or the religions,or the homophohic community, or what ever.I remenber not to long ago the Phila Gay News had a piece in it about all the racism in the gay community.You can’t go out and kill the bullies,any more then you can take in all the gay kids.I believe that parents need to know and support their children much better then they do now.Families need to be real families and not in name only.I was in my right mind Brent Crude,just used the wrong tools.It was all legal.

  17. Anyone read the recently published book, “Hate Thy Neighbor”? It was written a couple years ago by a very literate individual, commenting on the use of religion as a tool against homosexuals / gays/ any gay agenda.
    I HIGHLY recommend it.

  18. This sickens me. As a Canadian, I do not see this kind of bullying, not to say it does not happen here, but it is a rare occasion where I am. Change is needed. Another young man, which was so handsome and could have been talented, was silenced by the new “Right to bully” bullshit. How dare any of us speak how horrible it is over in the Middle Eastern countries, when really, is western civilization much different? We need to find acceptance on this earth, without it we will cease to exist.

  19. I grieve for this boy and his family. I was bullied all through school and often wished I could die. Life is pure hell when everywhere you go is abuse and taunting. I wish I could have been there for him…

  20. RIP Phillip fallen brother.

    IMHO there is only ONE way (sorry Ghandi). Paraphrasing Shakespeare:

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
    Or close the wall up with our Gay dead.
    In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
    As modest stillness and humility:
    But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
    Then imitate the action of the tiger;
    Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
    Disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage;
    Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;
    Let pry through the portage of the head
    Like the brass cannon; let the brow o’erwhelm it
    As fearfully as doth a galled rock
    O’erhang and jutty his confounded base,
    Swill’d with the wild and wasteful ocean.
    Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide,
    Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit
    To his full height. On, on, you noblest gay army.
    Whose blood is fet from brothers and sisters of war-proof!
    Brothers that, like so many Alexanders,
    Have in these parts from morn till even fought
    And sheathed their swords for lack of argument:
    Dishonour not your true brothers and sisters; now attest
    That those whom you call’d fathers did beget you but are not your true parents or nation.
    Be copy now to men of grosser blood,
    And teach them how to war. And you, good yeoman,
    Whose limbs were made in the shade of terror, horror and despair, show us here
    The mettle of your pasture; let us swear
    That you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not;
    For there is none of you so mean and base,
    That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
    I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
    Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot:
    Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
    Cry ‘Death take me first for no more of my brethren shall you take!’

  21. Poor kid. I really hope what his mother said was just a slip of the tongue, and not an indication of their level of support and understanding.

    “Because he was gay. That was his choice and nobody else liked it”

    No, it wasn’t his choice. Choice doesn’t come into it.

  22. That us so sad, but it is Tennessee. That sounds harsh, but Tennessee is not an intelligent place. Fortunately not all of America is so harsh. Massachusetts has always led anti discrimination efforts. I encorage Josh to show the good efforts of the Southcoast Gay organization, which works closely with anti bully efforts at the high school. This video shows a good gathering of LGBT folk young & old. America can be a harsh place, but there are more bright spots than bad. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GoLujgtDED4 Southcoast’s First Gay Pride Celebration

  23. Listen up boys! if you are gay DO NOT commit suicide. Noboady’s going to feel sorry for you.

    1. Derek:

      Listen up boys! if you are gay DO NOT commit suicide. Noboady’s going to feel sorry for you.

      @Nooblet – Agree… The parents while certainly saddened underwhelming in their attitude.
      @Derek – I feel sorry for him and all those who will follow. On the other hand as an American please do the rest of the world a favor in your country and try to encourage suicide for those who promote cruel and unusual punishment, assault and battery, and hate speech on an ongoing basis. Wait – sorry, that’s the excuse you use when dropping bombs from Predator Drones on kids in countries thousands of miles away from you and say oops we were trying to kill terrorists…

      1. Your words are too big to fit between the cage’s bars. So if you really want to feed the troll, try peanuts instead. He likes those as well!

  24. I posted this article on my facebook page. Most of my friends are straight and many are conservative. I added the following comment:

    This is what happens when gays and lesbians continue to be treated as second class citizens under the law. It legitimizes, in the eyes of some students, the bullying of gay kids. Examine your heart, and ask yourself if your attitude and beliefs are contributing to the deaths of these innocent and beautiful kids.

      1. So far a “well said” and “that’s heartbreaking.” The first comment came from a guy who I don’t know personally but who lost his own gay son to suicide. He’s always very supportive of my posts – of course. Then there is this Catholic guy who usually comments and just spouts the Catholic party line. But he hasn’t commented yet on this one. People generally leave this topic alone if they don’t agree with me because they really don’t know what to say and know I will jump down their throats if they decide to argue with me.

        Here is what I always ask the bigots: Are your beliefs more important than the life of a young teen?

  25. God damn it why couldnt I have gone to school with that one? I would have removed all his problems. Not being matcho, but I would and I have the jailtime to prove it.

    Start defending yourselves for fucks sake!

  26. What a beautiful smile and a handsome boy. And, worst of all what a tragedy. I wish these young boys would seek help, not from being gay, but from some understanding adults who should respond to these bullies. Explain to all that sexual preference is a choice in the mind, not perverted. I can’t think of anything else to add, just my sympathy to all the family.

  27. This isn’t really suicide, it’s homicide by proxy – psychologically terrorising and oppressing people unto their deaths. I keep asking what any other minority group would be doing in these circumstances. When it was lynching in the south the black panthers got formed (who did a lot of good community organising..). If we can’t revive the pink panthers then perhaps the 21st century version is to just sue, sue, sue the fuck out of the negligent teachers, bullies & religiously tormentive parents responsible, to campaign for these suicides to be recognised as the homicides they are.

    1. This is psychological warfare and unfortunately children are on the frontline. What kind of human beings condone the torture of children? Who can claim to be followers of Christ and stand by and let this happen to any child. This is the cult mentality in action. Those trapped within a cult are not allowed to think freely or even morally because they’ve had their moral compass screwed up to the point that it’s broken. Parents should be ashamed. If this was a test by God to see how much you love your children then you failed. While you’ve disappointed God, you certainly have pleased the devil.

      All those of every faith, don’t fool yourselves into thinking you are going to Heaven, especially if you knowingly stood by and allowed children to be tortured to death. This is not just happening to Gay kids although the majority are the primary targets of mindless ignorance.

      The emphasis I received from Religion grow up was love, compassion, respect for all humanity. Whatever happened to the rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Or was that more of a guideline, something optional for those who only what to do right by those who look like them, think link them, and act like them.

      I say to those all those who are being tormented not to take your own lives, for you a valuable human beings deserving of all the rights and privileges’ the rest of the world takes for granted. Don’t give them what they want because they don’t have a right to force out of this world the best that humanity has to offer. You all are lights in a world of darkness. You are the most intelligent, the most funny, the most imaginative, the most compassionate and the most loving. You make this world a better place to live in.

    2. Forgive me Felix K. I got so wrapped up in the topic at hand I forgot to complement you on your post. Sounds like a good legal argument to me. You should be a lawyer.

  28. felix k:

    This isn’t really suicide, it’s homicide by proxy – psychologically terrorising and oppressing people unto their deaths. I keep asking what any other minority group would be doing in these circumstances. When it was lynching in the south the black panthers got formed (who did a lot of good community organising..). If we can’t revive the pink panthers then perhaps the 21st century version is to just sue, sue, sue the fuck out of the negligent teachers, bullies & religiously tormentive parents responsible, to campaign for these suicides to be recognised as the homicides they are.

    Agree with Felix. It is homicide. There’s another word applicable. What do you call homicides (plural) of a particular group? According to http://www.dictionary.com it is genocide “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.”
    @idiotsingeneral – Being gay is NOT a choice. Was it a choice for you? Did you get sexually aroused by both males and females and CHOSE to pick on over the other?

    Pink Panthers? … There has to be a cooler name :)

    1. @Morgan

      “Pink Panthers? … There has to be a cooler name :)”

      Yeah maybe. But think of the mascot we would have. lol

    2. “There’s another word applicable. What do you call homicides (plural) of a particular group?”

      Serial killers.

    3. And what would you call it, if a real genocide happend? Ultra-gonocide? Genocide-plus? Mega-out-of-proportion-genocide? Let’s not blow this out of proportion – there is no systematic extermination here. If there was, it would be much easier to find a closed circle of people to blame. But there are not. Bullying goes from obvious physical force to nearly invisible ignorance. It can be hard to single someone out to punish im, even just as a scape goat.

  29. It’s just so sad to hear that another little angel has comitted suicide. I mean… it’s so unfair and it makes me very sad.
    I’m thinking about to do some Gay Sey Education at my school – yet I don’t know how… but I think it’s time for it!
    I’m from germany and I know several suicides of american teens, one of them was my best friend and it’s time to make a change. However, here in germany this topic is kind of a taboo issue at schools and that’s wrong!
    Any Ideas? Send me a mail: matteosidi@gmx.net

    Thanks, and Phillip… farewell you little beautiful angel.
    I’m very depressed about it that you chosed this way!

    Somebody is gonna miss you
    Somebody is gonna wish that you were here
    That somebody is me. [We all do!]

  30. Why has this turned into ‘Country bashing’, lets not forget the kid died…its not something Unique to the USA. It happens everywere, take a moment to think before you type.

  31. Yes. That’s the latest gimmick of the hate-saturated frauds — claiming that calling them on their hatred amounts to religious persecution. As if there is something spiritual about being a bigot.

    1. Right on target. The point is that a religion, any religion and also any political stance should always be held accountable for the damages caused around it. Sadly it is often called religious persecution. What were they saying about the straw in the eye?

  32. So sad. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. To the bullies that pushed him over the edge, my wish is that they have a life of torture and torment. Nuff said.

  33. and now they stand and cry for him – where were they, when bullies did everything to him?

    1. While I understand what you are saying, remember the bullies and the parents of them, and the scool official that did nothing.

      NOT to attack the poor kid, but people need to learn inner strength and violence to solve some problems. To much focus on non-violence; I was not bullied in school because I caused harm to those who tried, and caused harm to others who bullied others. Is it right? Is it good? Do I care? Its reality.

      1. You’re missing two points. Some young adults you can’t just ‘pump up’ for combat and they don’t want that. The other point is that in zero tolerance schools (for weapons and fighting), both parties risk expulsion and lawsuits. Zero tolerance means exactly that; NO fighting or weapons…no excuses. Change has to happen from the school board down. Only in the movies do the heroes take on the community and win. It’s a long, slow process with many stumbling blocks. You need to get some focus on “reality” and how change really happens.

  34. This is what religious and political fanaticism ultimately leads to.
    Whoever said the personal is political was right.
    Poor dear Phillip, had you lived in the late sixties you might have found love and life.

    1. Unfortunately, along with the Werther Effect comes another phenomena. People, even young adults, will write in the most cruel, almost unimaginable comments. They don’t even really mean what they say to heart…they just do this. Part of it is to be heard, part of it is to shock and the desperate need for attention of any kind. It’s like a male cat making territory-they are true trolls. If you take most of the people who write those things, put them in a real situation where they could act out what they write and they’d piss themselves.

      Just look at the trolls that have virtually ruined any sort of positive feedback process on youtube.

        1. Fucking awesome…thanks for that link!! Finally, some retribution towards the cowardice of what are trolls. And the story says the young troll was bullied himself-imagine that. What better way to get even right, targeting and making light of tragic events?? The Internet “mask” indeed…..I’m not for censoring the Internet, but I’m all for bringing down trolls like these. You’re correct, it isn’t that difficult to trace them and convict them.

  35. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. It kills me every time I read about another one.

    1. You have to take in each story and die a little with them. To steel yourself so that these stories don’t mean anything anymore, is the same as saying these young adults didn’t count as well.

  36. the state of Tennessee is very backward about their feelings toward underage gay children. I think it is rooted in the from of many different religions they practice there, including the practice of snake handling in some church. So many people have not the opportunity to attend school. So they turn to the church for there guidance. Most parts of the state are very devoted to religion,they turn to the so called holly book. They know what it says, but nothing about who wrote it when it was written or translated. Or how many times that the bible has been translated

    1. It’s all through the deep South. It causes queers to migrate towards big cities down there like Atlanta. And because so may queers do that, it causes gay ghettos like in San Francisco. It’s a sad state of affairs, because they should be able to live anywhere they want to.

  37. My home is open to any child needing protection from school” bullies”. As a modern socialistic people we have fail to properly protect our young people.
    this can’t keep going on, far too many beautiful children have passed this earth. Stand up and be counted for something righteous , put a stop to bulling in our schools, I am very sad,I can’t write anymore.

  38. Amidst all the bigotry displayed by the cause hustlers here, I’m dismayed by the tendency to define down real bullying to the point where anything less than 110% advocacy of the agenda du jour constitutes “bullying” or “hatred.”

    It doesn’t matter if it’s about being gay, skin color, hairstyle or left-handedness, there will be people in your life who don’t think you’re as perfect, special or great as your parents (and other emotional pimps) have convinced you that you are.

    Being young, gay and out is tough, so rather than advocating the infantilization of the adolescent environment, it would be far more productive to provide the counseling needed to help at-risk kids develop the “thicker skin” that most of us need to cope with real-life.

  39. You know, I really have basically given up on expecting gay people to man up for a fight. These are your children. Monsters are eating your children and you hrmmm and hawwww and blog, and conjecture, and debate. WHEN ARE YOU COWARDS GOING TO SMASH AA FUCKING WINDOW? WHEN ARE YOU PANSIES GOING TO GET ANGRY ENOUGH TO DECLARE WAR? I give up, if you people wont fight to save the child versions of yourselves then the ultimate hell will befall you which is laying on your death bed one day filled with regrets over all the innocence lost.

    1. Stonewall was needed when it happened. On that I suppose we both agree. But here is the toughest question ever. What kind of Stonewall should there be when it comes to kids?

      The kids themselves have almost no power. The little they have is the one they have is simply because some adults agree to give kids token power. Kids physically fighting back? How can they when zero tolerance could actually send them to detention for simply having defended themselves?

      For me it actually comes down to holding those responsible for all this hatred and bigotry accountable. This means any religious group that supports PROMOTES homophobia, especially those that dare say love the sinner hate the sin. I see them as disgusting bastards. This also means any political group or politician that supports PROMOTES homophobia. Hold those sick bastards legally and socially accountable. But do NOT use physical violence. Stop believing you can’t change the world. Look around you. You will find so many things around you that came into being simply because it started in the heart and mind of a man or woman who dared not only to dream but actually went to the next level, doing what was needed to make it come into reality.

      If a store or what ever other place of commerce refuses to do business with gays or the gay community make it known that you refuse to do business with them. If a radio station or network or TV station or network has a talk-show host that is openly anti gay raise hell and refuse to do business with them by making it known your radio or tv dial doesn’t stop on them. The same goes for newspapers and magazines. If they want to promote homophobia tell them to get their own papers and networks.

      You belong to a church of some kind? Hold it accountable if it refuses to stand by you and all the kids out there. Stop fearing that because you would walk out of that church you would lose your soul and be damned for ever. You won’t. It is yours for ever, just as long as you don’t sell it.

      Many times I’ve dared call to task someone who thought that being a bigot was acceptable. I’ve even gone into a church and told everyone in there what I thought of their teachings. Now I’m trying to be one voice amongst other voices. Stop crying with your keyboard and start DOING with your soul and head, hands and feet.

    2. Allow me respond to this. For a gay 14-year-old to come out at his school shows more courage than that of all the bullies in the school combined. In fact it is a revolutionary act of courage. These kids deserve our active support.

      I agree that that the gay community and gay adults are way too timid in their response to these suicides. Why don’t we have a national gay organization that is taking these schools and school boards to court. I know the ACLU is doing some of this and I support this great organization. But it seems that the gay community should be putting the fear of kick-ass litigation into the hearts of every school district in this country that does not protect LGBT students. It’s simply not true that bullying cannot be stopped. It can be and it must be. There is plenty of money in the gay community to support such an organization and I’m sure everyone on this thread would do so.

      Furthermore, gay men in particular have been intimidated to avoid contact with teens by the threat of being accused of being pedophiles. Hence gay teens have virtually no gay adult role models or support. Gay adults need to step up to the plate and get involved in their local schools. We pay taxes that support the schools just like everyone else. Run for a school board position. This takes no more courage than what these gay kids display by coming out at school. It’s the least we can do.

      I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in starting an organization specifically dedicated to taking schools that do not protect gay kids to court. The money raised would be used to hire the best team of attorneys money can buy. Every gay kid in every school in this country will know we have their back. Perhaps Josh can set up a contact system. I’d be happy to share my email address.

      1. The ACLU and Lambda Legal Defense Fund are doing this with students that choose to start a HS GSA and are denied. You’re asking for laws and support that aren’t in place yet. In the US, you have to work through the House & the Senate for laws and change. And guess what, you’re working through a majority of heterosexuals. Only if they take pity on us or understand true diversity, will they make any substantial measures happen. You’re asking this country to fully support at best, a 10% minority. This population still thinks like ‘majority rules’ and with pack animal mentality. But…the momentum of our movement is gaining everyday.

        If you’re now onboard with what’s happening in LGBTQI fronts, we’re like a freight train starting into high speed. WA state is a hair away from gay marriages and other states will fall as well. Personally, I wish it was another issue besides marriage, but the message is the same-we finally count.

        1. I’m not convinced we need more laws, although I support them. There have already been some very successful cases brought against school districts that failed to protect students. I think school districts are subject to civil suits that at the very least would be expensive for them to fight and would put them on notice.

          Lady Gaga has made it a crusade to get anti-bullying legislation passed. But she would do well to take more immediate action by funneling money toward efforts to ensure that existing laws against harassment and assault are enforced.

          It is great that Washington State (my home) may soon be another state legalizing gay marriage. But as an older member of the gay community, and one who has been a gay rights activist all my adult life, the “freight train” has been more like a trolly car. I think progress has been way too slow, especially in our public schools.

          1. Progress has been very slow all our lives yes, but the last five yrs awareness and actual results are happening in a huge way. Before that…meh.

            Even though yes, civil lawsuits are the present way to seek justice, there’s also something to said for breaking the school systems financially. Because overall, it’s the students who will suffer. Clever homophobes on a higher level than Neanderthal, will make sure the fingers are pointed at ‘those damn gay kids and their special rights.’ That part is backfiring on us. We’re making inroads, but we’re financially trashing school systems that are on a shoestring budget anyway. Of course it’s not the fault of queer rights, but the lack of funding public schools have these days…with queer kids caught in the crosshairs.

            1. I don’t have any sympathy for school districts that don’t protect gay kids. It’s the taxpayers in these communities who end up paying and it is their anti-gay attitudes that are reflected in their choice of school board members and the behavior of students. So let them pay. Because a school that doesn’t protect ALL students doesn’t protect any students.

          2. My post at #13 got under your skin .. Lolsss
            Here’s some information about the current status of U.K. Government actions on homophobia against mainly youth but also covering every part of society.


            The U.K. is not perfect but, unarguably, and like most of North West Europe, is a million miles ahead of the prevailing climate within the USA regarding Humanity, Democracy and Morality. I regret that the USA is just now swimming in moral corruption and hypocrisy. All Society changes through time. The USA is not the country it was during the 1950’s and 60’s when it could be argued the good guys outnumbered the bad guys and good things got done.
            I wish you the very best of good fortune in your efforts to get your troubles fixed… You need political will – but it seems your only politicians making headlines on Gay stuff are closeted idiots getting themselves blackmailed, caught with interns and other such crap.

            1. What’s happening in the U.K. is very positive. There have been times when it lagged behind the US, especially regarding the age of consent laws that used to discriminate against gay male youth. It is nice to see the U.K.’s complete turnaround on these issues and also it’s demands that the other Commonwealth countries follow suit. Remember, it is England that originally exported homophobia to all it’s colonies, a sordid legacy it still needs to fully redeem itself from in my opinion.

              You might want to read up on US history. The 50’s were a terrible time of racism and communist bating. Google Senator Joseph McCarthy. And the 60’s saw the very terrible Vietnam War and all the death and destruction it caused.

              Every generation and every nation has it’s problems and misguided beliefs. We all need to focus on cleaning our own house and we have our work cut out for us here in the US.

            2. Well that’s exactly it —
              You got rid of McCarthy
              You had Kent State and stopped the Vietnam War
              You had Black Civil Rights
              You had the start of Stonewall etc…
              You had Kennedy for all his faults…..

              But this last 12 years the USA has gone totally haywire…. and you allowed in Bush long before 9/11 gave the extremists and other idiots lesse faire.
              And the country accepts it all plus even promotes this right wing fundamentalist approach.

            3. It’s unfair to generalize. Many Americans opposed Bush and the war in Iraq. Obama’s election was a clear repudiation of right wing policies and politics. But the US has a lot of religious fanatics. You also have to remember we have 50 states and some of them are just as liberal and open-minded as any European nations. New York State has legalized gay marriage as have 6 other states. Has the UK legalized gay marriage?

  40. We should create a memorial to all these young people who commit suicide because of the response of society to who they are.

    1. And lets see how long it takes before it’s covered with graffiti, if not worse, or isn’t broken to pieces. It doesn’t serve a purpose, yet. An other way of saying this is now is the time for words and actions, not stone works though one day I agree with you that a memorial will be a must.

  41. I’m about to make the same old argument.Why? Because to pretend that it has nothing to do with the anti-homosexual climate would be ignoring reality.What is the same old argument?Here it goes: Religion is to blame.Especially the judeo-christian religions,which includes islam. The punishment for being homosexual in islam is death.If the christian right in the U.S had it’s way, homosexuals would be put to death in the U.S as well.Ironic how christians are so islamophobic, when they have so much in common ideologically. It’s not a coincidence that the least religious societies tend to be more accepting.

    Anyone who says “but i’m a Christian and i’m ok with gays, i’m even gay myself”. Guess what….you’re the exception, not the rule.I also got some bad news for you…..homosexuality IS against judeo-Christianity.You really think the ancient jews or original christians would have been ok with homsexuals? The old time jews would have put you to death,and the first christian would have at the least excommunicated you.At the most, they would have put you to death as well.Homosexuality has never been acceptable in judeo-christianity.The people who wrote the bible were anti-gay,hence, why judeo-christianity breeds homophobia.

    1. Anyone who says “but i’m a Christian and i’m ok with gays, i’m even gay myself”.

      And to that comment my reply is instantly ; “Then why are you still a christian or part of a christian church?” Like I said in an above post I see it one having the irrational fear of losing his soul, going to some hell, or being disconnected from some god.

      Leonidas, you do realize the minefield you are now walking in? :P I hold the same opinion as you do so that means there are now at least two series of footsteps in that minefield. I say so be it. I’d rather be blown up than to submit to blind dogma and irrational belief in invisible beings.

  42. At risk of inadvertently offending people at this time of grief, may I yet again state the obvious, and that is that there is only one source of homophobia, and that source is the church. have you heard of “united we stand-divided we fall” no church, or monarchy can exist within a united society. therefore theolurgians, must create division, where there is, no division. and dont forget, that in this country the church, and monarchy, have the might of the most corrupt media on the face of the earth, namely the bbc, with its in house hand picked grovelling scraping, dimbleby, naughtie, humphrey, to name an arsenal of people who go out of their way to avoid asking relevant questions of relevant people, if you have the stomach, watch that absolute abomination of sunday morning, “sunday live” if you wish to see and hear the grovellers and scrapers do their stuff, by conspiring to protect the church, by planning the entire programme from start to finish. who to invite, and who to never invite. I am rambling, forgive me. my heart goes out to all young boys victimised by brainwashed nutters.. bless you all, ronaldo ++++++++

    1. You lovable heathen you. :P What is really hilarious is the fact that, without realizing it, each time they start screaming like banshee defending their religious views they are asking for a theocracy!

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