Cake & Boys

Ever wondered what pop from the Ukraine looks like? No? You missed some handsome boys then! Thanks for mailing me this Andy, I’ll dedicate this one to our beloved friend and milkboys mod Nimi ;)

ТІК – Сирожине пирожине

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    1. The idea of this video is anti-glamour, laughing out lady-look showmen on TV. Meanwhile, this video is on national Ukraina TV. That’s the real LOL for me)) And nice slavic bois..

  1. At least the truth according to Truth (above) is true for him, but not me :-)
    Hey, everyone to their own tastes, as any vid will have both pro’s and con’s, as well as people who like the vid and people who do not.
    I actually like the whole presentation.
    Although I’ve pen-pal’d with a couple guys from Russia and we’ve talked about many cultural things, music and videos must be seen to be appreciated.
    So, thanks!!!

  2. Thanks for the dedication, Josh <3
    The vid is sort of win with the cute boys and all but the music, oh god the music! ^^

  3. NEAT STUFF. I liked it. Beats the hell outta rap or R&B or most other genres of contemporary crap over here. And the guys were gorgeous..

  4. I’m sure that it’s huge hit in clubs all over Ukraine :D Song is goddamn awful but there’s something catchy in it.
    Personally I’d use these guys for a better purpose :P

  5. Why would the CIA be interested in this snooper? Dumbass stop acting brave or whatever your playing at. This was a harmless video and catchy music I like it!

  6. That’s not pop music, it’s ska music. Big difference. I’d like to see what the lyrics translate to for sure.

  7. Haha, typical silliness from Ukraine pop sound wise. Visually I just have to give it 9 out of ten points though.

  8. Wow , awsome vid. , hot boys. I agree with sasha for the visuall part , definetly it’s 9 out of 10 .

  9. I actually would like to know what the song is about. Any milkies from the Ukrain care to translate for us unknowing?

    And yep, that’s ska.

  10. Maybe they are a bit embaressed that people form all over the world are looking at their precious East Slavic boys? I wonder if that is a subject people in Russia and Ukraine are talking about?

  11. dam i wish i could understand russian.. french would be good too.. guess if i had some time to spair german..

  12. Hehe. its about the cake (“perojana” in russian) but couldnt understand the whole song.
    currently im in ukraine, have been there for about a year and few months and still learning russian,
    and cute boys are everywhere, emo ones too :P
    best thing playin with them in gym then have a shower .. hmmm XD.

  13. First time actually posting lol.

    He is basically talking about cake. My understanding and foriegn language skills aren’t good enough, but he is talking about seducing young boys.
    He promises the boys a life in showbusiness? I think it’s showbusiness.
    The cake seems to be (I may be wrong, I’m Scottish not Ukranian) symbolic as opposed to important.

    If anyone speaks the language properly please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Still, nice vid. Hot boys.

  14. It’s really hard to give a good translation because of all the double and triple meanings. I will make a feeble attempt to explain some of it. For one they are poking fun at Sergey Zverev. He is a hairdresser that became sort of the Jocelyn Wildenstein-cum(she’s commonly referred to as the Lion Woman in the U.S.) plastic surgery nightmare ikon of Russian culture. Serojya-perojania rhymes so it works out as funny lyrics.
    He started out being a beautiful young man and somehow parleyed that into a career in various things he modeled for D&G, Versace and somehow even had music videos on MTV Ru. All the while destroying his own looks in a desperate bid to be more pretty. Before and after pics are readily available, just type Sergey Zverev into the search engine of your choice. How he managed to pull this off in such a homophobic culture I’ll never understand. Unless it is the very Russian love of the travesty/jester sort of thing. How else could you explain stars like Serduchka, and Aziz? He’s particularly known for his lips and a botched nose job, parodied at 1:57. It is him on the girls t-shirt. It’s his “funeral” the boys are attending. Of course rumor has it that he has often seduced boys with promises of stardom. That seems to be the case with almost any and all male stars in Russia in sort of a general way. In his case the rumors went so far as to imply that he even pimped out the boys he seduced to the highest bidder. Thus the bits with the online and in person auctions. I don’t particularly like the fact that they off him with a bat in the end. Somehow that being acceptable by the entire culture is frightening don’t you think? It is done in a lighthearted humorous way, but hate is hate no matter what sort of pretty ribbons and bows you tie on it. According to his bio, he has a son & wife. He pays(I’m making a kvetchy assumption) women to report about what a stud he is to the press. However, the entertainment industries of many countries depended on beards for many many years in the past. Russia is attempting to become a modern state but the sad fact is they’re still stuck in the 1930’s in many ways, particularly human rights. The only places that treat LGBT people worse are Muslim countries that put you to death when it’s discovered that you’re different. When I responded earlier I wasn’t really paying as much attention as I should have been. I’m guilty of hearing the typical ‘bad Russki Pop” sound and turning down the sound and just looking at the hawtboys.

  15. I’ll take couple dozend of those cakes please. xPress mail thank you.

    I can think of numerous guys to hand them out to . Come to meeeeeee ………

  16. hi everyone……first of all this is not pop….but ska and 2nd it’s an awesome video, something you’ll never see on MTV or MP in montreal…..i have no idea what the songs about(don’t understand russia nor ukraine) but what i feel is older men having their way with young men(sex sells everywhere)……bottom line//young boys want to be men and old men want to be boys…..get the picture….later xx

  17. Does anyone know what song this actually is, and if you do, where I can get it? It’s got an interesting sound, and I would really like to find some other work from this artist. Any info would help.

  18. Where do you get the cakes that make boiz take their clothes off ?

    Thanks for the information Sasha

  19. The singer should have gotten the part of Blob in X-Men origins… Too much cake. Eeew!

    And the song you hear at the beginning, “I don’t want to set the world on fire…” is (most recently) known from the soundtrack of post-nuclear-apocalyptic adventure game Fallout 3:

    I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame in your heart. In my heart I have but one desire, and that one is you, no other will do. I’ve lost all ambition for worldy acclaim. I just want to be the one you love. And with your admission that you feel the same – I have reached the goal I’m dreaming of, believe me… (repeat ad infinitum)

  20. Song we shall sing about a cake.
    You it do not eat – it Serezhgino.
    Not cooked, not fried, not defrozen,
    Baked in an oven, all as is necessary!

    Whose this cake? Serezhgino!
    Whose this cake? Serezhgino!
    Whose this cake? It – Serezhgino!
    Serezhgino! Serezhgino! Serezhgino a cake!

    The hero of telescreens and star without limits.
    Beautiful as cake Serezhga Zverev.
    The TIC does not listen to the Ukrainian music and group.
    Cakes do not eat, but only takes a bite!

    Whose this cake? Serezhgino!
    Whose this cake? Serezhgino!
    Whose this cake? It – Serezhgino!
    Serezhgino! Serezhgino! Serezhgino a cake!

    It is less than cream, and it is more than test-
    Nobody will eat with such cake.
    In each cake – the main thing a stuffing.
    Outside – the muzhik, and in the middle – the woman.

    2 times:
    Whose this cake? Serezhgino!
    Whose this cake? Serezhgino!
    Whose this cake? It – Serezhgino!
    Serezhgino! Serezhgino! Serezhgino a cake!

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