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  1. he’s hot

    the whole video made me smile,
    even though i have no idea what he is trying to achieve with it :)

  2. I have no idea what he’s doing with it eather .. AND .. yah.. he’s suppper HOT! .. hahaha .. I LOVE IT .. i just coulden’t stop looking .. i was like, “oooooOOKKKayyyy wtf is this” and then i clicked and i was like 0.0 HOLY SHIT… I LOVE this!
    (about the girl clothes) … i don’t know if i’d have enough guts to go out in them ! but i would … i just don’t know .. wow .. i want to look like him ! it’s unussual and .. unique

    1. The starving waif on heroin look?

      The industry has been telling us this is “pretty” for too damn long. He is unique, just like everyone else.

      Can’t we just wear a pair of cutoffs, and enjoy the beach?

      Does it have to be about fashion always?

      Yeah. OK. Turning in my “gay chit” even though “having a moment “is just as much of a qualifier..

  3. hot indeed!!
    re clothes/styles – who cares? it’s his choice!
    I’d say hes quite comfortable the way/who he is…
    cool tune. anyone know what it is?

  4. Think the lad needs a good haircut, eh? Suppose it suits the younger generation as is, but not us old farts!

  5. He’s 17. Hard to imagine from the face but easy once he shows his legs. Very pretty boy.

  6. Cute kid with his own style. He looks somewhat asian, maybe filipino mixed. But then most all filipino’s are of mixed heritage. I would love to have seen kids like this walking around when I was that age.

  7. Big Tip…. Dont do it untill after high school if you live in Kentucky or Minnesota.

    He may as well wear a sign, ” Beat me up ”

    Just a thought

    1. Fortunately for camilo here (Medellín-Colombia) the atomosphere is quite tolerant for LGBT people.

      *_* … I would love to see him walking randomly in a shopping mall.

    1. Funny that, since boys like this check all my “Ideal Type” boxes. That’s diversity for ya!

        1. What can I say, I like long hair on both sexes.
          The only problem is that I simply I can’t be bothered to style my own hair. xD

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I swear this site is for “teens”? Don’t you think it’s really weird – adult men discussing how hot a 17 year old boy is? Doesn’t that creep anyone else out….or is that just me? :/

    Anyway, nice vid and he is extremely cute! (And it’s okay for me to say it – im the SAME age as him!!)

    1. Beauty is beauty – it doesn’t matter how old the beholder is. It’s okay for anyone to appreciate it. Besides, I’ve known more than one 17yo that much preferred older men to guys their own age, so it goes both ways. Mind though, we aren’t talking about sex with little kids here. Nuther story altogether.

    2. There have always been adults on here, and it’s OK for anyone of any age to say he’s extremely cute.

      If you have problems with the notion of an adult liking a 17yo, I suggest you resolve that before you turn 18 because those feelings of yours for this extremely cute 17yo aren’t going to go away and you’re not going to know what to do about it…

      1. So true. Of course only gay men have this problem, right?? Oh yeah, only 16-17 y/o girls are attracted to older men I guess. Wrong.

  9. He’s very average, he won’t be cute in 3 or 4 years. Oh, and does he even have teeth?

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