10 thoughts on “Can You believe This?”

  1. It’s sad to see that in my country things like this happen. This and the questioning of transsexuals having children. Lucky us the Gender Identity Law is about to get sanctioned here in Argentina, so that we stop having to deal with this injustice.

  2. Aguante la campaña argentina! Hahah… It’s hard in here to be a member of the LGBT community here, the homophobia is all around such as the catholicism U.U

  3. Such a powerful and moving campaign. I’ve seen this video before and I still get chills at the end when the person is revealed.

  4. although i believe that they must not arrest him, the conscience inside me says:
    “aren’t the policemen saying some holy words?”

  5. Wow, algo en español… :)
    That sucks, sadly this happens everyday here in Latin america D:

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