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  1. Beau court métrage. Confession et acceptation: touchant. Et deux beaux jeunes acteurs. I love those French short movies, they are so « réalistes ». Many thanks for posting it.

  2. Very good video. The only “spoiler” was that poster behind him during the act. Yeah, I know why it was there, but still don’t like it. Also, too bad they included so much smoking. The ending caught me a little off-guard, but made it interesting. Within about 1 to 1½ generations from now, that ending won’t be as “strange” as it seems to be right now.

    1. The ending got me too. Am I mistaken or did mum add something extra to the coffee. I was surprised about the smoking. I liked the slurping at the end of the blowjob like he was really swallowing, perhaps that was real too lol. All would have been fine it seems if he hadn’t tried to kiss Damien. I doubt his girlfriends give as good a blowjob if they go that far. Tastes like coffee, I wish.

      1. “Tastes like coffee, I wish.”

        Actually, it can (and does, depending on one’s diet). When I was “just beginning” (in Long [and Seal] Beach, CA at that time), I was with a few slightly older guys than myself (I was 20), my experience afterward for at least 2 of them also tasted like coffee. Another tasted sweet(ish) because he like to drink a lot of sodas. So, semen can and does taste of someone’s particular diet if one item happens to be “stronger” (more prevalent) than other food items. So, that statement rather brought me back to my early days. :D

        1. I’m now thinking of a certain celebrity who’s favority food is cake and feeling guilty for my thoughts.

      2. Coffee is the traditional drink in France. They call it cafe. But to make her son a cappuccino after that discussion was telling him to enjoy the extra cream [acceptance] in his life. After all, cum is white, at least mine is, and creamy.

        1. “Coffee is the traditional drink in France. They call it cafe.”

          Also, “café au lait” in which there is about half and half of coffee and milk or cream. It’s so popular, they even have a “specific” bowl for it instead of cups (for some of them) with different styles of “grips” on the outside of the bowl. I have a few of those “bowls” for café au lait (I use them for soup).


          When me & my brother were young, my mother would make us some café au lait — it was the only way she would allow us to drink coffee — and it would be more like about 60% milk to the coffee. Her mother was very French and she was raised like that in Louisiana. :D

        2. That is a most creative interpretation but possibly accurate. I did not have a clue as to the title “Cappuccino. Thanks to you and Penboy I am now enlightened. I had never slurped.

        3. I’m so glad you said this because I thought I was reading too much into it when I saw that — what a great flick!

  3. This little story really takes me back. I had a straight friend who let me take care of him this way after school before his mom got home from work, several times a week for over a year. Actually, we both benefited from that relationship… My “Damien” got his relief whenever he needed it and I enjoyed lots and lots of practice.

    1. I’m surprised Damien did not “become” gay after your mutual practice sessions.

      1. In that it only took three words for her to understand what he wanted to say and after only one night she fully accepted Jeremy’s homosexuality.

  4. I thought it was great. I liked that Jeremy found acceptance from his mother. I just wish the other guy wasn’t such a shit.

    It was a little unbelieveable though. I liked the film. I did. But how did he know hot to suck dick so well? Did he do it before. It seemed like his first time–I thought. And the mother? Mothers always know, don’t they? Sometimes they may not acknowledge it. But I thing it is instinctual. They just know. Mine did. My mom said she knew when I was in the womb, or at least suspected. She said it felt different with me. Not the same as with my brothers. She said also I was a too good a boy.

    1. Ya Bruce, I can relate. It was a case of misreading the cues on my part. I don’t know why I was even interested as she was such a bitch!

      1. Well, a women may kiss and make out but will often have an aversion to sex. Whereas a guy may have sex with a guy but will have an aversion to kissing and making out.

        “Misreading?” Highly doubtful. Mixed signals=hysteria. The mind says one thing while the bocy expresses something different. Was she a Catholic girl?

  5. It is funny that a dude will have you suck his dick,but don’t go near my lips with a kiss. I thought that the mom was good in the in, except for the cigarette bit. She teaches her son how to smoke, and just maybe she well be able to get him off of the smokes in later years. I like the bit about how it tasted. I never found one that tasted like coffee, but that would be nice.

  6. That was like watching me 7 months ago…
    So similar to how I told my mum!

    she even gave me one of her cigarettes, we both cried although jeremie’s mother took it a lot better than mine, I got the stereotypical “it might be a phase” thing but just reassured her it most certainly is not.

    1. Good for you kid. Your mother grew up on a whole different planet so give her some time.

  7. A well done little film! Bittersweet.

    I had one or two guys who didn’t want any affection after getting taken care of. I took notice of the (very) realistic sound effects, hahah!

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