Care for You

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13 thoughts on “Care for You”

  1. awwww i love the song.. but i hate it tho right now is the perfect song for me.. :(
    FUK LOVE!!

  2. Love… while I have lost it many times, I still come back to it. I would care for him too. Maybe in another life or world Ill find one for me. It could happen. :)

    1. Really? If that’s average… then damn, where do you live I’m moving there.

  3. Josh, as usual your music choice for the pic chosen is wonderful. Nice all the way around. And hey, everyone is beautiful, even “average looking” people.
    Thanks again Josh.

    Kevin H
    San Diego, CA

  4. Beautiful track, beautiful face – both very contemporary. I’m happy :) Oh….and Happy New Year to all Milkboys (contributors, posters and viewers alike).

  5. Is this the first asian boy they’ve shown? Lol I don’t know. He’s cute tho

  6. He’s gorgeous. I’d love to see more asian boys, or any boys of color featured on here. I’d be more than willing to contribute of course. :)

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