20 thoughts on “Chris Rayner”

  1. Like Jake said, he is a cutie….but…..I don’t know, maybe it’s just my mood….he is just not quite as nice as lots of others recently posted…. I am sure I will be a bit ostrasized for saying so, but it is, after all just my opinion and as we all know opinions are like butt-holes, we all have them and everyone thinks all others stink. But I did get a bit of a chuckle at one of the other pics over at Hawt…the one with the Obama dollars stuck in his waistband. That one does show he has a nice tummy….but it WAS funny seeing Obama-san’s face on the bills :)

    1. yeah, I would have to agree with you. I just don’t seem to see what is good looking about this guy. He does, though, have a nice chest and nipples, I have to say. But…yeah…not “wow” for me. Especially his face; I don’t like it..

      1. hey Sam, thanks. I really didn’t think anyone here would venture to agree with me on this one. I mean he is not ugly by any means, but, to me, he is really just not that hot either.

  2. A little late, but it’s an awesome beautiful boy with sweet eyes where I unfortunately cannot look into while I suck on his nippels or some lower parts. He is not averidge at all and he certainly has modelling skills.

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