reposted due to recent comments

I wanted to say this for ages but the comments on a recent post reminded me to actually do it. Please, if you don’t have to say anything positive, informative or otherwise constructive about a boy posted here: Just don’t comment at all. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s taste with every single post but if you don’t like the face, the body, the clothes, the attitude or whatever else of a boy featured in a picture or video on this blog you don’t have to tell us. Please consider that quite a few of the people shown here are reading the blog too.

Not because I don’t wanna hear you don’t like what I do (1. ‘cause I know that lots of people do like the blog enough to come back every other day anyway and 2. there is only one person whose opinion is actually important enough to me to make me change something here ;p) but just out of respect towards the boys posted here. I mean… you don’t like the piercings of that boy on a photo? Cool, rest assured that other people dislike your hairstyle just as much. You think someone in a video should do something about the spots in his face? Oh well, at least, unlike many of us, he’s still young enough to have spots, hey? You think someone shouldn’t smoke? How about you stop eating candy because it makes you fat? You get the point: if you don’t like something posted here just click away and come back tomorrow, you might fight something that floats your boat then.

Be nice or he’ll poke you into the eyes!

UPDATE: This was asked about in the comments: Of course you’re free to criticise how a photo was done or tell if you don’t like a film or when you disagree with an opinion stated in a post et cetera. All I’m asking for is that you don’t insult anyone personally or tell anyone how to life his or her life.