Community Challenge *2 ~ Exotic

Since it was quite funny last time I’d like to make the “where is this photo from” guessing game a constant category. So I called it Community Challenge and put up a new photo for you to find the source. I found it at Inkplum and I guess he would be happy to know where it comes from too :)


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  1. I never gave permission to publish this photo of me and my young boylover in the ropes ,taken in my shed,so there for this friendly request to immediately take away all my private media.Legal actions can and will be taken!!.

    hahahahahahaha,sorry ,I had to…

  2. He’s on the set of a movie where he needs to wear crazy strings made from rope. The blurred guy in the photo is approaching him with a razor because he needs to shave the boy’s underarms.

  3. It reminds me of when I was a kid and they did a big photo spread of the movie ‘Lord of the Flies’ in a famous American magazine called ‘Life’. I kept that magazine under my mattress for a couple of years.

  4. A beautiful picture which leaves a lot to our imagination! The boy’s body is perfectly tanned, lovely and the makeshift loincloth is a little marvel. The blond hair, of course, makes him adorable! He would easily be my Huckleberry Finn friend.

  5. Well, I can’t figure that one either but sure know I want to see more so please, do not leave us just hanging there…

  6. No wai, the photo is more modern than that. First I fought he’s playing volleyball, but then I noticed the rope.
    As a photoshop user I may suggest that it looks like fake. You can see in the window (?) that the light comes from there. However, the boys back is also lightened. That may be artificial light, so… It has to be some movie. Peter Pan? The one with Sumpter.

  7. Wow alan showing your age a bit there. It reminds me of a photo I happened to see on the net somewhere of a boy playing vollyball and the boy dosent seem to match the back ground so I have to agree that I think that it is a photoshop fake. However I don’t think that part really matters. Lol.

    Speaking of peter pan where did that movie go? I don’t think I herd anything about it after it came out.

  8. Hm, the scene looks a little bit too random to me to be faked. My first thought was, like Marcus, one of these french documentaries where a few boys travel the world with a sailer or something.

  9. Jaqis@ Yes I’m up there. At least I can still remember things from back in the stone age, and I don’t need Viagra.

  10. At first I thought the picture was real, perhaps taken at an island. After looking at the guys hat, the picture seems a little odd. The man looks as if he is standing in front of the robe, if he is then how can the robe appear all the way down and not blocked by the rim of his hat? you can see the slighjt blur of his hat at the other end of the robe but shouldn’t there be a slight blur on the robe?

    Unless- there use to be a website, I don’t remember the name of it. Would photoshop pictures of cute boys into other pictures. Some of the pictures were made to be funny but, others were, “oh my god- you mean that’s photoshop”

  11. I don’t have a copy of the film to check myself with, but is it 12yo David Arnott from the 1992 movie ‘criss cross’ also starring Goldie Hawn?

    For what it’s worth, I love it when the US movie industry makes full length feature films with young hotties onscreen almost naked throughout the entire film – I just grin and overlook the contrived endings were, at the last minute, the boy hooks up with some girl so that the film won’t raise controversy!!

  12. It looks like a Boyscoutgames picture; photoshopped boys in bondage. This looks like one cropped down, and there’s more to see up where his hands are.

  13. it’s a boyscoutgames. I found it on This one here’s been cropped out on the top and bottom, and the boyscoutgames logo has been cropped off the top.

    It was here:
    but I think magic2’s account has been locked out for rules violations.

  14. I agree with Josh, I don’t think it’s Photoshopped. I work with Photoshop all the time and tend to be pretty good at spotting fakes, but this one looks very clean. Sure, his hair is lit from the side, but you can’t really tell where the sun is, so the sun could easily be to the left of the picture, or there could be netting above him to act as a light filter to give him an even spread.

    There’s a lot of things that could be above him to make the light look very even and non-contrasty like this.

  15. Beautiful. Blonde, lean and tanned. U just wanna run your hand all over his smooth skin and then whip off his ‘lil thong lol!!!

  16. I’ve seen a few boyscoutgames photos on the web. LOVE them. Any idea where I can find a whole collection?

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