Community Challenge *3 ~ Matutinal

I guess it’s safe to say that Challenge *2 won’t be solved any time soon. Let’s go on and try another one. Does anyone know the artist who made this? Please leave a comment with further information if you do :)

Solved by kollio within 4 hours!


14 thoughts on “Community Challenge *3 ~ Matutinal”

  1. well I know for a fact that this was one of the artists I discovered and featured on intoboys. But I’ll be damned if I can find his homepage again…

  2. It’s a fantastic painting.

    Sometimes I which I could paint. Oh, in that case I should have painted so many beautiful boys…

  3. in response to challange 2 that i understand has not been solved, the picture itself is taken from a swedish/danish film called Pelle the conquer, but i might add it has been tamperd with, indeed a boyscout games pic has been placed over the orignal boy who was in the shot “pelle” now a grown man, google the title it is my sixpence worth(how do i now all this stuff??) i could be wrong!! but have fun

  4. @peter
    I know Pelle (I mean the film xD) and I’m utterly sure that the picture isn’t taken from this film. But thanks for your idea :)

  5. on second thoughts josh you might have a point but if i use deduction method then it has to be from boyscoutgames but it is fun to have a try! and may i add your blog is very interesting since i found it, very versitile and dynamic, keep it going!!

  6. I like this painting but having visited the Terry Rodgers Site I have to say I found the rest of his paintings, the ones on show there anyway, technically excellent but otherwise distasteful.

  7. the josh challenge#1: who is Thomas fryk……..
    ps.sry bout the tacky e-mail, its for fun

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