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  1. Viktor Frankl said that over a lifetime what is important is the storehouse of good things we did for other people…

  2. Far more worthwhile than…*ahem* -other- youtubers that you’ve featured. Repeatedly.

    Why is it a blocked post, though? 2 minutes of relatively dry philosophy isn’t something that would make most people cringe.

  3. Excellent post! I love this! I lol’d irl at all the pervs posting… probably dick in hand… pissed he didn’t get undressed during this video. what a bunch of losers. not everything in the world is about naked boys. *rolls eyes* … the fuck outta here.

    I love it Josh! Thanks for posting it! :)

  4. yea of all the youtubers featured he is the only one whos vids i actually consider watchable. ^^

  5. If it takes a little deception to raise conciousness, I’m all for it. Like your mum sneaking some healthy vegetables into your diet. Very clever, Josh.

  6. Haha, I’m so sorry guys… I screwed this up ROFL. I made this post private by accident, the wet wednesday was supposed to be private, not this one. But I love how it got the video some attention ;o)

  7. There’s another school of thought. This school is usually referred to as the badgers.
    If I prick his finger not only will he bleed, but he’ll have the mending to remind of the occurrence, so it’s still with him.

  8. @tim232
    I think a more appropriate analogy woud be for mum to sneak some NatGeo into your porn stash.

    Good times…

  9. Ahh, Nietzsche 101, someone has enrolled in a philosophy class! The contradictory nature of a Norwegian with dreads is oddly sexy…has he the brains to match his looks, or is he simply regurgitating chapter 3 of his philosophy 101 textbook? I suspect the latter….

  10. I have to agree with skinnyj… however, obviously they discussed some solipsism last week, not Nietzsche…

  11. rofl I love how all the people who dabbed in philosophy and heard some professor droll on about something they did not in the least bit understand assume that if anyone else ever discusses these same ideas they must have gone to a similar class.

    here’s a crazy idea… some people are actually smart and come up with ideas on their own.

  12. Wow, did not mean to cause such a stir! I apologize for my terminal sarcasm. He is contradicting himself and I take that to mean that he does not fully understand the subject matter. I do not deny that he couldn’t have come up with these ideas on his own, but he cites specifically some examples which can be found in any textbook, or in their original source material, which are both available to the public and not just to students.

    I like that Josh has tagged this vid under ‘controversy.’ The duality of mind and body is, indeed, a very controversial subject. Our sexy friend here seems to think that consciousness is purely biological. If that is the case, then he is mistaken, and our thoughts and emotions are very much a part of ‘objective reality.’ Our neural chemistry is a product of our unique biology and, therefore, does not change unless the neurological pathways in our brain change as well. We can see this by observing how the electrochemical state of the brain is altered by stimuli. So, either your thoughts exist independently of your brain chemistry, or they are a product of it; you can’t have it both ways, as this stud is suggesting.

    So what do YOU think? Is our consciousness nothing more than an electrochemical reaction, or, is there something more to it?

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