21 thoughts on “Cute Caturday *2”

    1. i’m feeling for you – the loss of my cat took me 3 years to get over.
      Wish you all the best .

  1. What a beautiful scene, and a beautiful boy… the cat is nice too. I have a minor thing for the soft, golden fuzz on his arms. I find it so human and so cute.

  2. I wonder what makes this cuty so sad……
    because this expressions of autoagressivity….
    did nobody noticed this bad scarves on his arms? and i bet it wasn´t the cat….

  3. That boy is so delicious…I wish I could touch him and…kiss him all over…this site has really really really niceeee boys :):) me likes! Damn I wanna see this boy naked on my bed :)

  4. since you were looking for boys and cat photos how about a video of boys in cat suits?

    Les Duo De Chats (teen boys in cat suits)

  5. The boy and the cat are beautiful. They are so lucky to have each other. The kitty looks so much like my “Rusty” of years ago. Just love the pix. Thank you whoever took photo.

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