24 thoughts on “Cute Caturday *35”

  1. Nice hair and skin tone. This is a beautiful boy. Does he have a background in dance? He looks familiar to me.

  2. Wow! Thanks for his name. He is really good looking. Gotta hand it to those Russians. Good model for Evgeny Mokhorev to use. Hope he sees him and gets him to Saint Petersburg.

    1. there is a st. Petersburg in Russia and another one in Florida.
      I think you two are a bit far apart (:

    1. @romkonvu. Thanks so much for your post. Such beauty expresses qualities from deep within. This is more than a beautiful face.

    2. thanks for the photo links. absolutely beautiful boy – his eyes are incredible, hair / face / lips / etc worthy of the title of being a “model”. Yeah, the word “beautiful” does indeed describe him pretty well.
      Thanks again…

  3. He’s a Russian boy?
    That may account for the balletic pose.
    He is extremely handsome but a very boyish looking boy.
    Lovely way to start St. Stephen’s Day — thanks.

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