29 thoughts on “Cute Caturday *40”

  1. He’s absolutely gorgeous. His name is Jordan Barrett. I assume he’s from Aotearoa (New Zealand), as that’s where this photo shoot was done. ( Hey, I learned something new today xD )

  2. Love the hair and pouty lips.

    Will this comment be collected by FB and CIA? Its crazy how the world is in denial of the beauty of boys and are not comfortable with their attraction to boys like this. The worlds biggest denial and the last taboo?

    1. I’m in total agreement Bruce.
      But the boy does have the most beautiful lips and expression. Not into cats or pets but most certainly into boys. *waits for CIA to come knocking on the door*

        1. I agree with you Andrew. Reminds me a lot of my best friend when I was very young, Same hair, same height, and same facial expressions… and same mannerisms. I knew him from age eight, until he perished in a float plane accident in northern BC back in the mid 1980’s. I miss him so much. :P

  3. There’s something about a boi and his kitty or small pup… especially if the boi is bare-chested, OMG! I’m just saying…

  4. As noted, lips / hair … and my HEAVENS what EYES this boy has!
    Absolutely beautiful.
    I would’ve loved to have been the cameraman.
    Anyone have a link to the whole photo shoot?
    Thanks, Josh, nice pick.

        1. Agree with you absolutely, i.o.m.f.a.t.s – he seems to be putting on the cool demeanour to hide his soul from public view (and by the way I love your story site! Haven’t seen you post here before)

          1. I sometimes wonder if teenage boy models try too hard in order not to be said to be gay. I don’t care if they are homosexual or heterosexual, I just like to appreciate true beauty, which they ruin by over-posing.

            Glad you like the story site. I post here sometimes, but I don’t publicise the site. :)

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