20 thoughts on “Cute Caturday *50”

  1. The two other pics on Kyles’ blog with the kitty makeup are even cuter! Oh, to have been as brave and ballsy as he when I was his age. I wish for him much joy and fulfillment in his life.

  2. Glad Kyle got past his drug problem. Him and his BF look so cute together. Wow, so different with the early hairstyle. Lucky St John boys.

    That bloody revolving stat counter covered up his pics here. Pain in the arse.

  3. wow, what a cutie! And kyle has a very nice, well photographed blog too. I wish I knew some peeps like him around me.

  4. Really what this site was supposed to be about; inside the head (a little bit) of teen gay boys and their lives. Kyle is uniquely individual of course, but also gay teen typical. A beautiful balance of all things queer boy….

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