12 thoughts on “Cute Caturday *55”

  1. I do not care for the hair style but he certainly has a cute face and body. I would like to see more of him.

  2. Now this is exactly the species of cat that I go for. Here, kitty, kitty! Maybe he’ll wander into my neighborhood.

  3. Gorgeous eyes and face! And according to his tumblr he also has a very good taste in boys ;-)

  4. The guy is gorgeous! But a word or so on cats. I grew up with a father who hated cats. My mom’s best friend had two Siamese and I thought they were nice animals.

    As an adult by sheer act of the Gods we suddenly had a kitten in our kitchen meowing at me (we found he came in through the bedroom window and the woman upstairs who’s daughter had brought him home from school was glad the two guys down stairs would take him over).

    Since then I have found cats are the perfect pet for limited space living quarters. If you love them they are bundles of fur that think your the greatest. Our first cat as above got cancer and passed on after 18 years. Seven years in he was joined by a brindle haired little brother, who also found us. A year a go now we got an orange cat who looks like the one in the vid. They have great personalities. Love them and cute boys (my 2 year older lover include as a special boy), what more could you want?…

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