15 thoughts on “Cute Caturday *58”

  1. Well done and very cute video. The speaker (owner?) narrated with great empathy (one can assume). :D

  2. Cats are fun but Dima is incredible. Where were the likes of him when I was 14? I was born in the wrong time and place.

    1. The likes of him were there when you were 14 and they will be there forevermore. We are all born at the right time. It is always the right place.
      “I am all that hath been, and is, and shall be; and my veil no mortal has hitherto raised” Learn to raise the veil Bruce.

  3. The video is very well done and makes the viewer feel at one with the cat. Dima is also incredibly cute!

    1. I highly doubt it. There’s plenty of gorgeous wannabe model boys floating around the net who take the last names of famous iconic females. Usually I get annoyed by their kind because most of them come from rich families with bad attitudes and a highly unhealthy sense of superiority. Not all, but most.

      To his defense though, there are some pictures where he pulls off the Edie look quite well and I can appreciate his fashion sense =) Plus few younger boys I’ve met even have any idea who Edie Sedgwick was. I used to be obsessed with her a few years back.

  4. His pic is tagged as Ukraine — I wonder how he manages to have a 100% English family name. Pseudonym I suppose.

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