24 thoughts on “Dandelion’s Secret II”

    1. “Opah” may be Greek, but in German (and also in Yiddish, which she alludes to), we use “Opa” as the familiar form for Grandpa. “Grossvater” is the formal form for Grandfather. When she says ‘Opah’/’Opa’, she is calling him an old man.

      Richtig, Josh?

  1. This could be a video edition of trap Thursday… hard to tell if the one on the right is a boy or girl…

  2. Its a boy because in their other video the blonde one’s shirt is up (and there’s nothin there lol).

    They’re so cute~~

  3. Tsk, tsk! Doesn’t anyone read ALL of the comments before asking redundant questions?

    On Josh’s posting of ‘Dandelion’s Secret’ back in June, I mentioned that the blond kid is ‘Dandelion’ (aka ‘Dandy’), aged 14 at the time of the video posting in ’08, and his friend’s name is Connor. These videos can be found on YouTube on “lolapoppygurl” channel. And, yes, they are both boys.

  4. I saw plenty of six-on-one pink bellies when I was in the 6th grade, but I’ve NEVER seen it as one-on-one activity. Incredible.

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