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    1. Wikipedia is plenty accurate, please don’t tarnish its name like that. For every vandal there’s about 100 people ready to revert vandalism at any one time. The only pages that are inaccurate are the ones that have an inaccurate template at the top or have no sources.

  1. Best video ever. Besides gabecheeses ‘I’m sick’ video, or whatever it’s called. I wish the clothing style of these boys was more ‘hip’ here in the Netherlands. But I never see them.

  2. Old Vid, I still love it thought =D

    Also… httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMT1LkbVOZ4

    1. Don’t know how long you’ve saved this url, but it’s bad now. YouTube says video has been removed by the user.

  3. This video is “Dandelion and Connor”, posted on YouTube by “lolapoppygurl” on 6.30.08. Dandelion (or “Dandy”) was 14 at the time and is said to be openly gay.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this f-ing clip!!! I have watched it 1000s of times. The way he says “oh No” at the end just makes me melt. I wish I had some clue what else he says cuz he sorta mumbles through the rest.

    does Dandy say “SHE gave me a ……” ?????

  5. Ok.. Please could some one tell me what is the last line… “gave me a ?????”
    Sorry crappy speakers … .

    tkxz K

  6. this was deleted by youtube yongs ago, you can still watch this vid. on btn101.com. sure is very thought provoking, were i came from to have behaved like that at that age! the reaction from my mates,wow I’ve come over all sweaty just thinging about it.

    1. which video? the video that is the subject of the post is still available of youtube. are you talking about the video referenced in comment #12 – “son of renetto” ???

  7. I agree with all on the blonde kid. He’s cute and funny. Made me laugh and forget my pains.

  8. Ok, at the beginning, I think he says:

    “He was that guy that was like ‘your bi.'”

    still working on the end …..

  9. You can slow the speed if you have VLC Player.
    Sounds to me like he says (at begining) “Here’s a guy that loves me alot”… maybe????

  10. the begining: “he was that guy who like drove by.”
    the end: “your taking a video, aren’t you . . . Oh no.”

    1. After listening again, I’d say you’re right about the beginning. But, I think you may still be a little off on the end. I don’t here anything that sounds like “video” and he definitely says “gave”

      I don’t know.

    2. I agree with the meaning of what he says at the end, though I think he use different wording, and as for the first thing he says, I’m pretty sure it’s “Who was that guy who like drove by”

  11. onenorth,sorry i maybe got mixed up with the two vids.as my friends/relatives keep telling me “you are nearly 65 you know”ARSEHOLES.

  12. I wonder if their more than just friends?
    Mind you, in my experience, bottoms are like girls, they ignore the mates their age, and go out with guys that drive motorbikes or cars, leaving their mates feel like crap.

    1. Oh? As a bottom, I found the opposite true. My partner was out doing anything that had two legs, a penis and facial hair. I am clearly in the wrong crowd. O_O;

  13. He says “There is someone that just drove by.” Then the kid in the blue shirt touches him in the upper pelvic region, and he says “you gave me a hard!!! Shoot.”

    1. to clear up what the blond kid in the video says: “who was that guy that like drove by…” and then “your taking a video arent you… oh no’. thats all he says, cant believe all the wrong comments lol i think people hear what they want to hear haha.

      1. Just to clear up , were you there? Unless you were, there is no way I can believe he says “taking a video.” I don’t know what I want to hear and, I admit, I don’t know what I actually hear, but there is no way I hear that. Thanks for your input, though.

        1. lol, listen better :) its definitely what he says. turns toward camera person and says “your taking a video aren’t you”, the only thing i cant make out in the video is something the camera person says very quietly between 6 and 7 seconds, but its irrelevant…

          1. No way. I just listened to this again and again, another dozen times bringing my lifetime total to 1,012 or more – and there is no way he says “taking” or “video.” Plus, I definitely hear “gave” as the second word. As I have proposed to others before you, it is easy to think you hear “taking a video” because that seems logical, that’s what you’re expecting him to say, or what you believe you would say yourself in that situation.

            But the key is not only listening, but looking. There is not one hint of surprise in his face at being filmed. Plus, he begins speaking before he looks up and “sees the camera.” Whatever he says is most definitely a reaction to having his navel tickled, not the camera.

            Also, you’re wrong that he says “WHO was that guy …” at the beginning. He says “HE was that guy …”

            So, as far as Iam concerned, the mystery lives on.

            I hope I don’t seem condescending or, in any way, mean in my comments. I don’t mean to. It’s just that I have spent so much time listening to this video and it’s probably driving me crazy. Not to mention that everytime I have to watch it, I get crazy with jealously that I am not the boy in the blue shirt.

            1. No offense taken, yeah you are right he says, he was that guy that like drove by… as for the rest of it, i think you are reading far too much into it, he definitely looks up and “sees the camera.” Then says while laughing “your taking a video aren’t you”… “oh no”. Maybe try listening with headphones and you will hear it very clearly. As for claiming he starts speaking before he looks up lol! what video are you watching!
              I’m not being mean either i’m just incredulous that you don’t hear it, haha.

  14. “He was like, I don’t like [that] you’re ‘bi’ [sexual],” quoth the lad in the baseball cap. It would seem the phrase is out of the context of a larger discussion about somebody who is biased against the capped youth due his announced bi-sexuality. Then the capped youth, looks over toward the camera which he realizes is recording the tummy rubbing, and he says, “Jeremy! Aww, shoot! Oh no.” Seemingly, the capped youth is taken by surprise by Jeremy’s taping/filming, but is not angered or upset.

    1. Wow! No. Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you backstage.

      Sorry. I kid. This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry scribbles some notes about a dream and then can’t read what he has written in the morning. Everyone else takes turns reading it and comes up with extremely variant answers.

  15. “Who/He(?) was that guy that like drove by”
    I’m sure about that one. I’m not as sure about the second thing, but I agree with
    “You’re taking a video, aren’t you? Oh no”

    I came across this video several years ago, before I had started frequenting Milkboys, and only today when I looked at the statistics and saw that it had been first shared on Milkboys did I realize why in part it had grown so popular.

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