Danzee ~ Part 2

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29 thoughts on “Danzee ~ Part 2”

  1. He is so skinny helping us who have gotten thick remember how we were: Thank You!
    PS: I am still wondering if Inkplum is gone forever. If it is :-( for all men.

  2. I’d google the lyrics but they’re indistinguishable. Anyone know the title and artist of this song?

  3. Awesome, thanks for the pics and vid. Such a hottie.
    The song is Keke Palmer – Bottoms Up.

  4. Not that it matters, but my taste …he aint.I likes them young and INNOCENT,or innocent looking.
    Though there`s surely nothing wrong with being selfassured but I just get this feeling that this woMAN is just a tat too full of himself, and bet he beats us all with standing in front of the mirror x/times a day!
    But you serve all different viewers to their content, so no complains here really from me just my thought on him. Today my holiday started and also I sold a drawing of mine for 500 euros!. And I`m not a pro at all! Just a very colourfull abstract thing made in a wave of creativity. I feel good, big egoboost it is, now I can help a boy in my street and his mom, cos I heard they r pretty poor, so maybe a day out for them or something like that. I likes to give and get big satisfaction from the joy on their faces!.Hey y`all , you should try it too a little more often, even something quirky and cheap will make people smile, and for a brief moment a rest from the worries, that`s priceless..starboy greetz all the readers of the fabulous milkboys!!!. viva ollanda.viva l`amour.

  5. @starboy
    I’m not a fan of judgments on people just based on photos or videos.

    Other thing: Do you have Pictures of your works?

  6. @21: Indeed. :)

    The tongue pic is great. As was said previously (iirc), the hair does a lot for him, especially in said pic. But ymmv – my taste isn’t necessarily yours. ^_^

  7. If you’re going to post pictures of people, at least get their name right…

    it’s Danzee :\

    And his real name is Danny…

  8. oh, i love his taste in music, i like everything about him, and what you interpret from his expression isnt necessarily the truth, i mean this guy talks alot about guys he likes, lex l!ghtning talks alot about himself

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