Dans La Maison

A bored French Literature teacher gets too close to a talented student; woe ensues… so far, so familiar. But whereas other films of this ilk, such as Notes on a Scandal or The Wave focus on questions of sexual and pedagogic impropriety respectively, Dans La Maison (In the House, in its English translation) is a thoughtfully joyful story about story-telling; a delicate thriller so wonderfully innocent, but simmering with méchanceté.

Germain Germain (great name) starts the new academic year with a class of dunces, until one student – Claude – eschews a humdrum piece of homework in favour of a very intimate study of his classmate Rafa’s family. The seditious piece ends with a tantalising: “À suivre…” or “To be continued…” Germain is soon drawn into Claude’s tale, tutoring his young prodigy in the art of story-telling, but from that moment on we’re never entirely sure whether what we’re seeing is actually happening, or is just part of Claude’s story. Read on…


6 thoughts on “Dans La Maison”

  1. Can’t see this video in the USA — “Uploader has not made this video available in your country”

  2. Interesting. The movie will surely be shown in Québec, Canada. I will go and see it. Be fore retirement, I was a teacher (French language in high schools).

  3. I just saw it last week in Paris, and really liked it although I sometimes felt uncomfortable.
    I wouldn’t use “innocent” to describe that literary experiment Claude makes with/against his teacher using his class mate’s family as guinea pig.
    I’d recommend to watch it in French (with subtitles if needed) to keep that peculiar tone of Fabrice Luchini.

  4. I was showing this film close to the director and some actors during the presentation of the film in the San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain)… for me was amazing !!!

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