20 thoughts on “Dead? Naked! ~ Love! End?”

  1. Wow! That is the most creative, well done video I have seen! Patrick is my total idea of a hot guy, looks soo yummie and has a wicked good mind. – The alone with alcohol and tobacco references I hope are just story; we all know that it can bee all too real.

    Internet hugs to Patrick! ;-)


    1. Ihope as meerschaum comments. I speak from self first hand, by 65 no day really sick till last year. Now Stenosis aorta Valve will kills 50% in 3 years from clibnical notice, my time now. High Blppd Pressure hypertension from COPD Lung damage of smoking 50 years. ^ years of right leg Gout moving towards leg amuutation for thrombosis swelling etc, alcohol given up 6 years back, cigarettes down from 60/day worst to 8 or 10 maximum today all too late to help much. Use by date close at hand now.

      So kick the bad habits while you have the youth and will.

      Great clip Patrick.

  2. OMG this is one og the best videos I have ever seen on youtube. The edtiting is fanstastic!

  3. AAAH! Thank you, thank you, Josh! Patrick is my new NZ YouTube crush. (Sorry, Joe!) He looks like a perfect cross between both of my crushes.

  4. Josh, I think you should just move here to New Zealand. We’re all hawt and horny and cute. ;)

  5. I love that all the kiwi vloggers are apparently milkboys readers as well! Patrick’s video is totally awesome– I wish I lived in NZ. I really like the new zealander accent… I want to go around saying “you chube” here in the US but people would look at me like I’m crazy :-(

  6. There is a rumor that Patrick and Josh are the same person. Gossip sources tell me that is not likely.

  7. Indeed a well cut video. Even with the best editingtools I know from experience what a hell of a job that is timewise and keeping it cool!. I think the only downfall from the internet is that there r soo many outthere doin` great stuff but they sadly get snowed under by the massive amount of stuff coming at us everyday.Josh,consider yerself lucky Milkboys got this big ,that readers tip off and such.Not that you yourself r lazy of course.I think milkboys is still progressing and has a good variety of subjects and everyday is really a big surprise to me.Intriging..by the way hows your friend doin who moved to Leipzig?..greetings from Holland.

  8. Congratulations Patrick! You’re my new hero! A little masterpiece came out of your genious. Many thanks, Claude

  9. @starboy (14) Let me add to what you said by stating that it is a shame the most talanted of these boys can’t find a way to make some money out all of their time and effort.


    is a link to a recent TV interview by 17 year old Levi Beamish (AKA corporalcadet), #1 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Partners – New Zealand. He has 10.000 subscribers and brilliant vides, but as he points out in the interview, YouTube success comes without much of a path to monetary benefits.

  10. There is a shadow lurking. The seller of an apparent sex tape featuring Patrick (Patrickblog) decided not to continue negotiations with NZYTGossip until after Patrick got out of The Edge Next Top Friend house, for fear of the sex tape affecting his chances of winning. Patrick finished 3rd. in the competition which is now over. Rumors of the leak of a sex tape are now percolating.

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