Death of Glitter

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10 thoughts on “Death of Glitter”

  1. Interesting photo and title. Not sure I can relate to it. This one is a challange for me. Maybe after reading a few more posts I will be able to step out of the fog ignorance.

    1. Yes I think you are right bruce, me too, I first thought they were reporting Garry Glitter is dead. I thought herwas in trouble for playing with underage Boys/Girls in Vung Tau Vietnam? whatever.
      nw I don’t know what this picture is all about. Unless a drag queen typical Australian gay Scene skit?

      1. You live in Viet Nam my favorit part of the world. I was so in love with a beautiful vietnamese girl during the war. I was her babyson. Her skin, hair and breath was so sweet like some kind of tropical fruit I cannot name. The memory of odors is so rich. But now I am geting off topic. Sorry Josh. Eat your heart out.

        1. Yes its all of that please Visit the Doi Moi Renewal Policy SRV and mo cua open door policy will welcome you all tourists and businesspersons. Had to watch the equal rightistss there, its not men only by a long shot, for As Victor Borger said of Denmark we have 3 sexes here, Male female and convertible.

          By the way the fruit big but a bit like passionfruit taste, prickly looking knobbly like and unshaven old man, is Mang Cao Xiem, Qua Na, or Graviola, Brizillian Paw Paw some say.

          The Glitter young man sure has a nice look under the wild makeup and bright razzle dazzle celophane look, of the modern plastic People we meet sometimes.

          Do Visit this modern Tropical unpoluted countryside, sorry about the cities now having excessive smoke and motorbiks madness, but they are illegalising cigarette smokes to make room for the vehicle smokers.

  2. Oh now I love this!!! The song is fantastic. And the picture is so ‘Cabaret’!!! He is very glam!
    JDv said it perfectly… he is indeed a sublime sight. <3

  3. yeah the music is cute the words are stupid, scallops and tramps and dance and rhyming crap. burning hot is at least red hear to go with the fire and dead coals red and black garb and face makeup. Nice square jaw though.

  4. Hmm … such boys fascinate me, excite me, yet make me fearful for I never know what to expect from them – if anything – or which way to turn.

    I liked the music; the melody, that is, as I didn’t hear the words too clearly. (Mummy must have been right – self abuse does make you deaf in old age!)

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