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  1. I think it’s lovely. That first hug in the restroom brings back so many memories for me. It’s a legitimately tender moment, and it kind of brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Every time in this country – Spain, the people know more about the homosexuality and is accepted… only few people with closed minds don’t accept this reality. Congratulations for show this video here, for me has been heartwarming (L)

  3. Made by 15yos, hard to believe. Terrific job. I guess Marc is bi, something he will no doubt be exploring. There’s an alex in every social situation. Me thinks he doth protest too much. Closet gay perhaps fighting his feelings. Sad ending, they find each other only to be wenched apart. Class seemed to have a wide range of ages. Some real cuties and the lowest AOC in Europe.

    Just thinking, it is a Catholic country, and has the most Priests per population outside Ireland. But Ive never heard of any abuse scandals. Do they not happen in Spain, or is it covered up, or is it just accepted that Priests will engage is sex with boys.

    1. First I must agree, it’s very well made considering that the actors did most of the behind the scenes work as well.

      I’ve lived in Spain most of my life and I have a theory why there are few sex scandals concerning priests here.

      Most Spanish boys, who live in big cities at least, from around 15 are sexually active. They cruise toilets in shopping malls and big department stores and even in public parks. They are not too choosy about who they hook up with, age wise, they just want to get their rocks off or get f**ked. For an example of this you should see another interesting short called En Malas Compañías (Keeping Bad Company). You can find it on U-tube but the names is spelt incorrectly – Em Malas Companias. It’s quite halarious really but reflects something that is true for a lot of boys here in Spain.

      So you see, all a priest has to do is frecuent known cruising areas in civilian clothes and have anonimous consenting sex with some guy after school. There are lots of seedy cruising places at night too but you get older guys at these places.

      It’s a pity this film is in Catalán. If they filmed it in Spanish they would reach a much bigger audience, but I guess their motivation for making it was very personal.

  4. Very sweet film, and I agree with Enigmanz. Well done for 15 year olds! I enjoyed it a lot, but like so many other gay movies and shorts, it ends sadly.

  5. Bravo to the makers of this film. Josh said he wasn’t sure of the message. I think the message is less focused, and yes, convoluted for sure, but it is about solidarity, love, and acceptance.

    SAY GAY ALOUD and so many of us are wrapped in that image of the “dick-in-the-asshole-thing” that we can’t get past that image.

    Having sex with other guys is only 1% of my life. The remaining 99% of my gayness is:


    My point is this: This film tells us that we have to be patient with all different types of people with many qualities.

    Homophobes are short sighted people who wish to have the 1% percent of a person character define them, who, just like them, only exercise their sexuality for just a brief moment in their human lives.
    God save them!

      1. Honestly, think of all the other things you do in life. Give that a percentage. Now think of how much you have sexual intercourse with another person…the percentage is really small.

    1. “Homophobes are short sighted people who wish to have the 1% percent of a person character define them, who, just like them, only exercise their sexuality for just a brief moment in their human lives.”

      Yet you, confusingly, attribute this long list of stuff that any person of any sexuality could define themselves with as being your “gayness”. I think most “gays” are as quick to jump in a box as homophobes are to put them in one. Whether they’re running for cover/security or just want to belong, I don’t know…

      Does anyone here prefer the term homosexual? I find my self-image rather at odds with the current idea of “gay” as some kind of all encompassing social image, almost as narrow in execution as the social idea of a “man’s man” (hyper masculine or caricature thereof).

  6. I feel the finial of the film is about, that your first person to bring you out is not always going to be there. The choice is about acceptance of who you are; the way or how or why you come out is not going to be there when you need them most, but surely they where.

  7. Catalan: Sóc català, visc a Catalunya, i voldria aclarir que és molt cert tot el que surt al vídeo, si que al nostre país els gais estem protegits per la llei, però als nois que som menors d’edat no hi ha ningú que ens protegeixi, estem sols, sense l’ajuda de ningú, ni els pares, ni els amics, ESTEM SOLS :(

    English: (Sorry if i make some mistake) I’m a Catalan, I’m from Catalonia, and I want to explain the really true who are this video. I think in our country gay people are protected by the laws, but the underage boys are alone, without anybody who help us, without the support of the fathers, and without the support of the friends. WE ARE ALONE :(

    1. I’m sorry it’s like that for you. I wish all gay boys were protected by law and culture. It just makes me sad that we as a western civilization have stepped so far away from a time when all men were mentors to to younger boys; a time that sexuality was not defined, but was fluid though a young man’s life. And a time when we learned how to ben men by our elders, mentally, physically and sexually.

      I think that we put way too much importance on who we love to have intercourse with and less time on developing the character of who we are, or will become as young guy. Without leadership from our elders we are lost. Without the new hope of the next generation, our elder’s experiences and life lessons were in vain too.

      From American I say, welcome Catalonia.

    2. You may feel alone and certainly without support from family and friends it’s even worse. Max in the film is an openly gay teenager, that’s not easy to be and often brings problems like those you see here. But in general, and I speak from experience, Spain is a very tolerant country as far a sexual orientation is concerned. No one cares too much what you do in the bedroom as long as you’re a decent person. There are lots of support groups, and lots more in Catalunya than in the rest of Spain. Check them out.

  8. This was a great little film, and nothing short of astonishing considering that Marc wrote, directed and wrote the music for it. He has a great future ahead of him, and I can easily imagining him eclipsing Ventura Pons in Catalan filmmaking.

    The camerawork is superb. Probably an experienced cameraman… together, what a remarkable effort.

    Pol: Vaig visitar Barcelona fa dos anys, i volen tornar. Visca Catalunya!

  9. Everyone seems obsessed with these little films. Obviously it wasn’t made by 15 year olds, but the writing could have been done by 10 year olds. Cheesy, tacky, and textbook writing and directing do not make a good film. Camerawork is good, but editing and music is very poor.

  10. This seems more like a high school’s project, we tend to do these things in Catalonia and even more in High School as we have alternative courses to undertake as part of our educational system.

    So, most probably this has been done by a group of teenagers with their teacher’s help and a bit from their class fellows. That’s why the clip has good and bad points and its done in Catalan language. It doesn’t seem to be part of any festival but of a School project, and most of our lessons are in Catalan so the project had to be done in Catalan.

    What the film shows is how in general people are ok with it except for those dumbasses in class who do not even listen to what the teacher has to say (though, notice those lads are just acting and they accepted to be part of this project, which shows they are not really homophobes).

    Last Christmas (I am from Catalonia by the way) one of my cousins told her 6 years old boy how handsome he was wearing his dressing shirt for New Year’s party etc. and that being so handsome all girls would want to kiss him, after saying this she said “well… and the boys too”. The kid laughed, but the idea behind it is clear, if you teach your kids from an early age, they will be more open minded and the most important, they will not suffer in case they discover they are gay.

    I have to admit that the kid’s grandfather (nearly 70) didn’t like that idea and half joking half serious said something like “ehh, boys? no, no, not with boys” so i’m not going to pretend there isn’t any homophobia in Catalonia, but catalan society has really changed a lot and are pretty mature.

  11. An excellent short film which shows what young people go through today when they are discovering their sexuality. For Max he has accepted that he is gay. For Marc he has discovered that he likes boys as well as girls, although if Max had stayed, I believe that he would have had a relationship with Max.

    Bullying is prevalent in schools everywhere in the World and despite the introduction of PFLAG, there is still a high number of suicides in young men who turn out to be gay. The teachers are turning a blind eye to their students who are suffering at the hands of bullies on subjects like race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.

    Schools must have zero tolerance of bullies in their school and must take stronger action against those that cause suffering to others.

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