Does it get better?

A survey conducted by the National Strategy for Black Gay Youth in America has some staggering results about Black gay teens. According to the results, 43% of Black gay teens have contemplated or attempted suicide due to issues related to their sexuality. But that’s not all, the survey had more stunning findings.

The Black Youth Project reports

  • 22 percent experienced mental abuse related to their sexual orientation
  • 26 percent experienced anti-gay bullying
  • 11 percent are HIV positive; 7 percent do not know their status
  • 8 percent have been homeless due to their sexual orientation
  • 9 percent have been sexually abused as a result of their sexual orientation
  • 10 percent have been physically abused as a result of their sexual orientation

Other findings revealed that over half of those who were surveyed are either disowned or still in fear of being disowned. And 90% need their families to be accepting in order to make gay life more bearable.

These results are just a glimpse into the lives of Black gay teens. This report is the first of three to be released later this year. So there will be more interesting information released about the young Black queer community. [via Bilerico Project]


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  1. Bloody tragic, isn’t it?
    Land of the free, land of the brave… land of the sexually and racially oppressed.
    And yes, of course it isn’t the only country with such problems – but it is the one where one would like to think it was least likely to occur, or where something would be done, expeditiously, to improve things.

    1. “Land of the free, land of the brave… land of the sexually and racially oppressed.”

      Another Aussie who just loves to show [us] how anti-American you can be by those comments? Before you jump on that bandwagon being all arrogant and trying to tell us how we have “race problems” here in America, how about you first recognize and work on your own race problems? And you do have them. And, you have your own “problems” with homosexuality as well. Going to quickly type out something like your problems aren’t “as much” as ours? Think twice about that:

      Population differences [just a sample]
      Australian population (2010) 22,328,800 Source: World Bank
      Australian Aboriginal/Indigenous population (in 14 recognized groups/cultures) approximately 318,000–750,000 across the continent

      By contrast: California QuickFacts (US Census Bureau)
      Population, (2010) 37,253,956
      6.2% Black or African American (or 2,309,746) [that's million]
      13.0% Asian (or 4,843,015) [that's million]

      And that’s just California alone. Now, multiply that by 50 states and a few Territories. More population breeds more problems (of every type).

      Australian aboriginal problems:

      Brief history of homosexuality in Australia:

      By the way, your quote, “Yes, I can be judgmental – but I very Very rarely get it wrong in the first place.”
      Sorry, but the fact is, you usually do get it wrong.

  2. It is obvious that it is not getting better to anyone who has eyes to see. Even to suggest that things are improving is cruel since it leads kids to believe a falsehood and when they discover it is a lie they get even more despondent and suicidal. Every time I mention this, I get shouted down by the muppets here.

    1. Korzybski wrote:
      ‘It is obvious that it is not getting better to anyone who has eyes to see. Even to suggest that things are improving is cruel since it leads kids to believe a falsehood and when they discover it is a lie they get even more despondent and suicidal.’

      I suspect it gets better for some and not for others. One would expect the change to proceed at a different pace in different environments.

      ‘Every time I mention this, I get shouted down by the muppets here.’

      Perhaps those who disagree with you would shout less loudly if you refrained from calling them insulting names.

    2. I’m stuck agreeing and disagreeing with you, Alfred. I’m still seeing kids killing themselves in the news. So I agree with you. Yet, interestingly, Asiffeta seems to be on target about the influence of different environments. Unless I am mistaken, and please correct me if I’m wrong, blacks and other races are more homophobe than whites. In fact it would seem that the lesser homophobes are white. This can only be explained by a huge difference in culture. So, is it getting better? Only if you are white. But even then, it’s mostly white kids that we hear about having killed themselves. So…

  3. It does not get better. You get better at it. That’s how it works. You get better at finding a place in the world where you can live the way you are, and you get better at finding people who love you and who you love, and you get better at avoiding jerks and at not letting them ruin your day. If you want it, you have to fight for it.

    It’s harder if you’re black, but everything is harder if you’re black.

  4. I don’t begin to know why young gay black Americans face more hostility, particularly from their own friends and family. The few black gays I know have said the same to me. There is an anti-gay attitude in popular black entertainment, for example. But we should not confuse the advances in gay rights in the US with the It Gets Better campaign. A young gay or lesbian person may live in an accepting community and still feel depressed and suicidal.

  5. It’s very rare to see black boys represented here, or anywhere on the internet I can think of within mainstream gay teen culture. Maybe that’s not due to being deliberately ignored by sites such as milkboys, but rather the fact that they’re more likely to be “closeted.” There are some really interesting journal papers out there which study issues surrounding sexuality when it intersects with race.

    1. Perhaps there should be a Black Friday from time to time with a chocolate-milk boy (which would sound really racist when put that way outside the context of this site).

  6. There was a article in the Philadelpa Gay News some time ago about racism in the Gay Community,and how bad it was.I assume that it can’t be to good for Black gay lads when they are harassed by there own families and the the Gay Community.I agree 110% with ASIFFETA,Insulting Name calling needs not be in the comments.If we can’t agree to disagree with some peacefulness,then we should just hang it up.

    1. Yup, only goes to prove me right. Yes, blacks are seriously homophobe but in that article we can clearly see why they are so now. So, like I usually say the roots, go to the roots of the problem. Everywhere the church put its dirty grubby hands it corrupted and destroyed the previous culture that was there.

  7. I disagree … it has gotten so much better on average. teens have been committing suicide since forever. We just didnt know why. Now we know why at least some of them do… being unable to deal with same sex attraction, not fitting in, and all the other usual symptoms. The kids in the 1950s who grew up in deep denial and sexual repression grew up to be your Pastor Ted Haggards, Sen Larry Craigs, and probably even a few assorted serial killers.
    It isnt better for all teens, but its certain better for many teens… even black teens
    look on youtube.. there are a few black gay teens

  8. Hold on. Can we all take a deep breath, here? Somehow this discussion has started linking prejudice against gays in African American society with prejudice against homosexuality in Zimbabwe. Where, what, is the connection? Sadly, the only answer can be skin color – i.e; race; and that does not compute. African Americans are generations removed from African social culture. African Americans don’t even predominantly originate from East Africa, which is where Zimbabwe is. Phew. Clarify your thinking, guys. I do not think there is ANY evidence that links homophobia with race.
    Can I offer a possible explanation for homophobia in modern African American society? It is poverty. My observation of life in the ‘hood is that money and success in a white middle class sense becomes so unachievable that young African Americans (and Hispanics) reject those values, placing maintenance of “respect” above WASP values like higher income and better education. The WORST thing you can do in the ‘hood is “dis” someone. (disrespect). Now this concept of “respect” is all linked with a certain machismo view of the world where women are property and strength (violence) is good. In that environment it is almost impossible for a person showing current 21st Century limp-wristed, emo, cat loving stereotypes of “gay behavior” to be accepted. I would think there are large numbers of secretly homosexual African Americans that are simply locked up tight in their closets. They won’t be getting bullied, because they don’t dare let their gayness show.
    (I would argue that current stereotype of “gay behavior” is itself quite inaccurate and misleading; but that is a completely different issue.)

    Hmmmm. Will this argument set a cat among the pigeons, or will there be a chorus of; “he’s right, you know!”

  9. As someone of color, who supports gay rights it is hard. When looking at black culture from the music, tv, movies, fashion, ect it’s shove to our faces that blacks must be masculine men and beautiful women. Anything less is not accepted. A good family friend of mine has came out and my family is more upset with this person being gay than the fact this family friend has drop out of school and has had a hard time dealing with some other family issues. It makes me sick. Our community has so many issues but this is one we never talk about. Sadly my generation seems to be heading down the same path of either pure hate or looking away at the GBLT community. It needs to stop. We tend to never solve our problems ourselves or when we do we don’t put our hearts into it unlike any church fundraiser or another white on black hate crime. it’s something we need to fix but I’m afraid there are few who will step up to do this.

  10. PennboyX,as much as I hate to say this,your comment was outstanding,but don’t let it go to your head. Himepanda.I liked your comment up to the WHITE ON BLACK HATE crimes. You must remember that this issue is not a one way street.When you realize this fact,then and only then,can you step up to the plate.

    1. I see your point my dear. I only speak on what I have seen and know from what I have live in my life. Yes, there are plenty of Black on White, Black on Brown,Brown on Black, Brown on Brown, Black on Black and so one. I meant to say that phrase because it’s something I see most of the attention put towards when watching the world media. Rarely will a gang war get the attention that the Martin case has gotten. It’s the only thing that seems to get my community ready to fight for things we should be fighting for all the time. I can go on about how the NAACP needs to refocus on the issues in the black community but that’s another day and hitting a text limit. I don’t mean to offend you Michael. This is the life I live and have to see to often. I speak only on what I know. Ok?

  11. PennboyX As of May 31st of 2012 at 12:50:53PM[Canberra Time ]Resident population of Australia is projected to be 22,920,237.This projection is based on the estimated resident population of Sept 30th 2011and assumes growth since then of,One birth every 1 minute and 47 seconds,One death every 3minutes and 35 seconds.This is a net gain of one international migration every 2 minutes and 47 seconds,leading toan overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 34 seconds.How could a land so big,be so empty.I think your right,Australia has had their fare share of Racism.People who live in glass houses should never throw stones.

  12. a good number of blacks in the USA, now that they have thrown off the shackles of physical bondage, have willingly taken up slavery of the mind from doctrinaire religious groups.

    was it not Bob Marley who said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”? It’s just a shame these same blacks can’t see the parallels between civil rights and sexuality/gender rights, i suppose “nothing’s the matter with me, jack”.

  13. my reply post doesn’t seem to have come up, there was nothing rude or offensive in it. are the comments for this site purely the ones that fit your agenda?

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