A survey conducted by the National Strategy for Black Gay Youth in America has some staggering results about Black gay teens. According to the results, 43% of Black gay teens have contemplated or attempted suicide due to issues related to their sexuality. But that’s not all, the survey had more stunning findings.

The Black Youth Project reports

  • 22 percent experienced mental abuse related to their sexual orientation
  • 26 percent experienced anti-gay bullying
  • 11 percent are HIV positive; 7 percent do not know their status
  • 8 percent have been homeless due to their sexual orientation
  • 9 percent have been sexually abused as a result of their sexual orientation
  • 10 percent have been physically abused as a result of their sexual orientation

Other findings revealed that over half of those who were surveyed are either disowned or still in fear of being disowned. And 90% need their families to be accepting in order to make gay life more bearable.

These results are just a glimpse into the lives of Black gay teens. This report is the first of three to be released later this year. So there will be more interesting information released about the young Black queer community. [via Bilerico Project]