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  1. I guess wearing only socks on that floor helps somewhat but … I wish I could dance like that!!!
    (btw, and just out of curiousity: does anyone recognise the language they’re speaking? I can’t quite get it…)

  2. Wonderful! They dance so well! Espacially the one with the boxer shorts. It’s funnier watching them than maria Sarapova stepping before serving. Although I love Maria! Thanks, Claude

  3. The boy in stripes has some serious meat. It’s too bad they can’t post themselves dancing naked. Thanks, Josh. I followed the veoh trail and downloaded about ten more vids from this one.

  4. Very nice this “Teenagers boys”…I like this song music.Merci Joshie pour ce moment de bonheur,avec dancing boys.

  5. these two guys are so cute! they are from Argentina. All teens here dance like that. THey speak spanish of course, and the song is the beginning “love is gone” by David Guetha.

  6. hey, the correct spelling is Guetta, not Guetha. Thanks for the step in the right direction alex :)

  7. Not to be a contrarian, but I hate the dancing. I think someone needs to hold them down to make them stop. I am happy to volunteer for that job. They’re both close to perfect. And, just an aside. Like Spooge Pony I, too, love Joshie.

  8. mr baggy boxers is all kinds of gorgeous. can’t keep my eyes off of… well… his youknowwhat ^^

  9. I think government should forbid children resp.reproduction instead sites with agile kids. Its their way to express, and every kid will be pubescent anytime so they find out sexuality…They will got their ways to show that they are on earth..Government can ban pics, vids etc but kids are creative enough transcending those restrictions.
    So it was since decades and so will it be.
    HAHAHAHAHA to these suckers of church comitees & reactionary politicians!!!!!!! One time your might is history.

    Sound optimistic but I got faith. In teenage rebellion!

  10. not only does the one in the striped boxer briefs have a nice package, he has a nice tight bubble butt too

  11. @ Rico

    It was already posted above mate, but because i’m nice… David Guetta – Love is Gone


  12. nope! they are speaking SPANISH!!! they are known as “FLOGGERS”, here in Argentina, that is a very cute argentinian teen urban community. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH EMOS. Emos are the sad ones, and floggers are the happy ones.

  13. @ cdogg (25)

    Wow…..that Riot Boy……simply amazing! Thanks for that, put a smile on my face :-)

  14. Same here, white screen. Oh it is Flowplayer, what the hell is flowplayer video software. Downloading was a waste of time as well. Needs some player I haven’t got.

  15. Josh, you want to know how many people are new on your blog? – Do you have any other videos of these boys? I could not see any last time from d….

  16. It sucks to here all you Dudes say how hot they are when some of us cant get the Vid to play. I too am on Firefox and only have sound. “nice package?” yep that is something I would like to check out! Oh well I guess its back to my Vid of Kyros & Dillion,, WWooooooffff.

  17. Its easy enough to download it if you cant see it. Yeah I use several different browsers and I cant see the video in Firefox either. look here: this is what I use to download videos:

  18. For people experiencing a blank screen and no luck with the hotfile.com link (for me they decided that I had downloaded too much over the last half hour, despite never having visited their site before), try this direct link:

    And I agree with Paul about Mr. Stripey, can I have him?

  19. Is it just me, or have 1 or 2 posts completely disappeared recently? (I hope I’m not going crazy :O)

    Cute dancing, btw!

  20. hahaha my country …. i used to dance like that a couple of year a go…
    Flogger Boys dance electro
    It look so weir and bad in that video hahaha but im shure that you guys are not interesting in the dance at all xD
    My pic in those times

  21. I use Zoom Player. It can play just about anything, especially with the right filters which usually is included. But it can be a bit technical.

  22. I think the style of dancing is “Northern Soul” It’s popular in the UK and really popular in some parts of Asia. Anyone else know about Northern Soul?

  23. This is very hot and I think the short only make it hotter instead of being naked. And I thought I heard them speak dutch. They start saying “we beginnen bij” en later I hear “vroeger uit bed”. It means “We start with” and “earlier out of bed”.

  24. Awwww…terminally cute! This gives the sock dance in “Risky Business” a run for its money.;-)

  25. youtube.com/watch?v=C5Q0BDnfXvc&feature=related



  26. youtube.com/watch?v=fnJau1cvomM&feature=related


  27. I agree with Lollipop : the one with the non stripes boxers is much sexier. I would fall for him anytime. He is so cute! The « other one » is handsome too, but seems to be bold, conceited (sorry). Thanks, Claude

  28. The Vid is playing now THANKS for the effort Josh You rock! CUTE Happy Twinks dance in boxers and socks, oh be still my heart. I think Milkboys is the best site I ever bookmarked.

  29. Hay what the heck is “Rragnark”? lately every time I try to go back to previous Milkboy pages I get a message saying “no results for Ragnark try another search” As if I searched for this Ragnark thing WTF! All I did was hit the numbers at the bottom of the page to go back to previous MB pages. Josh Did I F-up something? Have other MB fans had this problem? Does this sound like a hacker problem to you? If you can Josh please help or perhaps other Milkboy fans have encountered this problem and can help? respectfully Tom a huge MB fan.

  30. Those boys seem like they enjoy themselves, and what possibly could be wrong with that?

    1. Well, if you grew up in the 1960’s it would be considered very wrong. Don’t you envy the freedom boys have today?

  31. Very cute lol!!! The boy in the grey boxers is the betta dancer while his friend is more of a xhibitionist :-) Both are totally adorable. Love 2 see boys enjoying themselves.

  32. Well i knw im like the 86th person to comment on this or 87th….but…the guy dancing closer to the camera is very, lets say “gifted” in certain areas of his body ;)

  33. It does look better in slo-mo! Opem into Windows Media Player, right click and chose Enhancement …. playback speed.

  34. “SNAP! … And Back to sleep… When I snap my finger’s again, we wil tape the last scene of the video, Just do exactly like i tell you, we’ll edit in some music later… SNAP!”

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