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  1. Inspired piece of filming – loved the emo boi with the tattoos THE best! btw what’s the music track? absolutely beautiful.

  2. If I had to pick a fav it would be the one that was probably least shown; the dirty blonde one. x]

  3. What a clever little piece of filming. Did you see how the clothes moved? – not just coming off, I mean! Picture t-shirt boy for me.

  4. I love the song and I love the boys, thanks for share this vid!
    and I like the blonde one (Y)

  5. Guys on the roof behind them must have wondered wtf? More of them show up near the end.

  6. Holy OMFG. This is beautiful.

    I like the two longer-haired boys the best. Dunno if I can choose. The emo boy is cute, but I love the other boy’s hair. ^^

  7. I don’t know, maybe my ‘artiness’ is off or something, but I thought it was a dumb video. the music is ok but the rest of it just didn’t work for me for some reason or another. Other than that the blonde is nice.

    1. Totally agree with Eben. I was bored after a few seconds. What was the point other than to show off a few relatively simple film technique gimmicks (not to mention that choppy cuts seemed amateurish) Just throwing together a sappy, albeit good, song and some pretty boys getting naked does not necessarily make art.

  8. Wow, nice work!!!
    I have always had a thing for blondes, so that boy caught my eye, but the emo boy w/ long brown hair and tatoos was very, very beautiful.
    it was six minutes well spent. thanks josh.

  9. if the artist was a guy, she would have probably been sharing a cell with what’s his name from “unlimited muscle”
    Her work on her website is generally disturbing :)

  10. OMG I love it =) Tattoo boy is my personal favorite, cuz he’s exactly what I’d go for in every single way =) Long hair…no happy trail…smooth face…skinny…big mhhmmmm =)

  11. Uhm… all 3?

    But if I had to choose one, I’d say the blonde one but the emo one is not bad either!

  12. Lucky city boys, get to have fashion. Living in the ‘burbs is like living in a fashion black hole. I love there bold clothes. And the Blonde!

  13. Very nice editing. I like the light-haired boy (he doesn’t look blond to me, more red or rusty brown). He wasn’t shown enough.
    As for the soundtrack — the music is nice, but the kid’s voice keeps squeaking.

  14. very nice video, really original. I loved it.
    I have a preference for the blond boy, but the three are cute.

  15. Now, not that I wouldn’t…uh…do…any of the three, but I’m wondering…did any of you ever wonder if there were more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking?

  16. My mind can’t help wandering to the sequel – a fantasy where as a reward for making this film, Jessica gets to pull train for these hotties – now THAT’s the video I’m waiting for.
    Back to reality – thankfully, old fashions never die, they just hibernate for a generation or two. The 2 long haired bois sooo remind me of 2 of my best frinds in high school – and they were similarly endowed.

  17. Great clip. The tattoo guy is my choice. They are all so sensual. More please……thanks

  18. Dear Josh,that is some of the most beautiful music i have ever heard…can you tell me where to get more.
    All the boys are nice.

  19. The music is Joanna Newsom…off her new album “Have One on Me” She’s one of my favorites ever :D

  20. Joanna Newsom makes me so happy. Her voice is really polished in her new album. But I’ll always love ‘Only Skin’ the best.

  21. Wow. This even more interesting to me now that I know Josh picked the sound. Loved the video and the tattooed one.

  22. The middle boy is my favorite, he breaks into a smile :))))) Who wouldn’t want to see his cute face and body everyday *sigh*

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