17 thoughts on “Elysian Boy”

  1. Elysium indeed… would that such a lovely boy populate the life after. Such a lovely image for this beautiful day. Thank you, Josh. Truly a beautiful collage. <3

  2. TBH I like the color combos much more than the subject itself. Though the little critter is adorable.

    1. no koala are over here in Australia so hes australian the kiwi bird is native to New zealand

  3. koalas are in Australia, not New Zealand….. he would be an Aussie, not a Kiwi….besides, I think its a squirrel. The boy is lovely, I agree

  4. When we see boys like this it reminds us of what beauty can be and how it appeals to all of us, sensuous, moral, aesthetic and human. Thanks for this delightful boy.

  5. Is it just me, or do the necklaces somehow add that indefinable something which really makes these photos something special?

  6. Who cares whether the animal is a squirrel or a bloody tree-rat? What matters is the composition, the combination of colours and the two views of the boy with TWO necklaces! (I agree with Wolfboi here, necklaces worn on a bare chest do make a photo special). It’s also interesting to see a side-profile as well as a frontal pic, and fascinating that these two angles can often be quite a contrast to each other. Thanks, Josh!

  7. Josh always selects bests. this is why i check here always instead of anywhere else. congrats.
    i whispered many things with myself.
    the boy is really beautiful. is it essentially a boy? may be an angel in the Elysium. i agree with u that the necklace… omg! i need to be there. i need to have the boy (both meanings! ;)). what a great innocence composed with his beauty and the beauty of the landscape!…
    keep calm jaackov! it’s just a boy! it just remembers Elysium. but, isn’t it enough to be adorable for being just a remembrance for all of us who have been once there?!

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