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  1. May I give my congratulations to Sweden. and thats before the votes are all in.

    Stephen 23.06 GMT

  2. grats Sweden. thanx for keeping the grannies from winning :) it’s called a songcontest, not a madnesscontest for a reason

      1. eh… it was invented in Switzerland and this year’s show was done by a German team?

        And it was just in Baku this year because they won last year.

        At least that way some attention was spend on the human rights situation there. Don’t tell me you knew or even cared about the voting fraud there before Eurovision.

        Even the human rights activists themselves told people to vote for the entry from Azerbaijan because it would enable them to stay in the focus of the European public.

  3. I really hate that…why do they held it in Azerbaijan?!
    It’s an Islamic good country and doing it in that country will be an abuse to Azerbaijan’s people and kind of Racism!
    And really nobody pay attention to it. why…?!

    1. Because Azerbaijan won last year. They can refuse to do it if they don’t want it. Nobody forced them.

      I don’t get the part about racism or abuse.

      Azerbaijan does not declare an official religion. If Muslims don’t like Eurovision they can just ignore it and respect everybody else’s freedom. Anything else would be the real abuse.

  4. I’m surprised that this “farce” receives a forum here.
    I think every politically thinking person should be boycotting the event.
    This also applies to the actors (puppets of the manager).

    1. Have to agree with you Nikki. It is a farce like so much of what appears on television anywhere in the world today. It’s so bad, I try not to even think about it.

  5. More hard rock and glam in Eurovision. That’s what I would like… :)
    Something that crawls inside your brain and growls whenever you try to remove it.

    Apparently Svear won… congratz ^^
    I’m just glad my country deservedly got tanked in the semi-flaccids

    1. Svear? A Germanic tribe living in Svealand in what is now east-central Sweden. Nowadays you could say it is another name for ‘Swedes’.

        1. Oh, John and Edward Grimes from Dublin, collectively known as Jedward. Their talent is disputed, but they are still fun to watch.

  6. Humperdinck had a good song, I thought, and so did Tooji of Norway, They did not deserve to be last in the list.

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