20 thoughts on “Face Friday *11”

  1. LOL LOLzzzz
    OH! Stop it Josh…. Too Too much already…
    Slow down with all these super cute boys……..

    I want to watch Stephen Fry Q.I. on TV and here I’m getting captivated again by another MILKBOY..

    Aaaaaarrrggghhhh!!! In the best possible way though… :) :)

  2. Are those lips filled up?, because this is unnatural. The face is a bit too perfect and proportional in the exact way to be really beautiful. like many models it looks a bit to much artificial. Real beauty is mostly to find in some little minor misstakes and I’m not talking about to big lips.

  3. I know there are a lot of you clowns who comment on this blog who don’t believe in God, butI must say that you could have a photo of God on here and some of you would complain about his looks. This boy is gorgeous and some of you may not believe this but we all don’t come with what you clowns thinks are perfect lips,perfect eyes,perfect nose,and don’t let me forget perfect ears. This boy is just ideal in looks and if I where commenting on another blog I would tell you why he has perfect lips. Josh, you do have some gorgeous lads on here and today is one of them. I do wonder if you well get some American lads on here sometime.

    1. “I know there are a lot of you clowns who comment on this blog who don’t believe in God, [butI] must say that you could have a photo of God on here and some of you would complain about his looks.”

      You’re fucking-A right we’d complain — after all, isn’t ‘he’ supposed to be “perfect” in every respect — you know, since you call him “god”. An omnipotent “god” should damn well be perfect looking to all of us …. otherwise, why believe in that shit?

      Also, just exactly who would be the “official ‘god’ photographer” — you know, so that we know the photo is, um ….. real? And, would it be in 35mm or digital?

      I’m no clown, but I’ve laughed at your posts way too many times ….. maybe because of your funny shoes …. or just the red nose, green/orange hair and white face?

      Oh, god {/pun} ….. I’m so sorry ….. but I just couldn’t fuckin’ resist. :D

    2. He is indeed a god! Just not that psychopathic serial killer and mass murderer you worship Michael.

      1. LOL LOL – Tell it like it is… :)
        Except it’s all a figment of various imaginations having malign results.

    3. @ Michael: Now just look what you’ve written! There is a big controverse in what you say like something like this:
      ‘We all don’t come like what you clowns think is perfect
      etc.’ , so you are suggesting that nobody except for him in the picture is really beautiful on this earth! Now that is really lewd towards all the beautiful people on earth
      who maybe not be perfect, but just because their imperfection are beautiful, like a bit crossed eyed looking people or with with a mole f.i.! Most of the time perfection is boring. I can see you still have much to learn and I’ll hope you ‘ll learn from us(?) clowns!

  4. Wow, my first thought was that he looked like Ricky Nelson. LOL I guess that dates me.

    1. Imagine him with a flat Top Boggie hair cut groomed with Dixie Peach Palmade and comed to a D.A. in back and you will have the complete 50’s look.

  5. Sorry, but seemingly swollen lips look like a botox accident. However, the cleanliness of his face – no holes, and no ink, and his super-masculine prep-boy retro haircut is sexxxxxxy. But the ‘money shot’ has got to be his eyes. They are magnetic.

  6. Penboy,you are a real asshole and you well continue being just that, a know it all asshole. I was making a comparison of what I thought [ If] there was a photo of God on this blog, what some of these atheist queers would say was wrong with his looks. It’s only a comparison, but then you are so much an atheist you could not help but throw your intolerant thoughts into the picture. I well say that calling you an asshole was wrong of me. You see I believe not only in God, but that an asshole is very indispensable item,but as for you,you are not indispensable. What should flow from your rectal opening seems to flow from your mouth. I must say that I’am glad you are here because it gives me cause to comment on your hostility and aversion. I also believe that I have improved some what in my comments. Of course I would never expect to hear of any improvement from you. Come to think about what you said in your comment, how did you know what color my hair was or that I was wearing funny shoes, plus that I had a red nose and white face. Are you indeed a God ?.If you are a God may I ask you, when was that BIG BANG.

    1. You guys had enough warnings, the next time personal insults are made in the comments the people throwing them around will be permanently banned from commenting. Please take your silly flame wars somewhere else. It’s enough, really.

  7. Talking about lips and beautiful boys :

    Les lèvres d’un beau garçom
    sont souvent choses
    si sensuelles
    si rouges
    si charnues
    si invitantes
    qu’on ne désire
    lui parlant
    qu’apposer tendrement
    les nôtres
    sur les siennes
    Et là
    Il ferme les yeux
    et ne pense qu’à l’Amour

    C. R. Simard, Novembre 2012

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