14 thoughts on “Face Friday *12”

  1. Doesn’t look if he’s Spanish according to the name, yeah, a bit lame, but this face is really attractive: no fake “fullblown ” lips, or eyes as blue as “opals”(probably done by good photographing), allright, you can’t look in his eyes, and no “perfect chin” like we think it is with, or in this case without a dimple: he is natural perfect. Nice pic!

      1. …You mean: “…he* might be Spanish?” For that guy – who questioned the nationality of the model – appears to be a netherlander, being if so you believe that it’s factual to say a person belongs to a place, i.e., being born in that place… It’s even problematic to say a person belongs to an ethnicity, maybe somenone can indentify himself – in his beliefs – that he is part of some culture or society, or none at all if he doesn’t believes in that specific category… Wondering why for he said that is probably because he saw his “Anton” as it would appear similar in Iberian names as “Antonio”… “I”‘ve not searched if these names are filologically related, but maybe so, for many names as “Karl” in some Germanic cultures, Charles in English and French – that are also germanic cultures in part – and “Carlos” in Portuguese, for example, my native language; And why did “I” say that, well, maybe it could be justified that these names are Latin in there origin, of Etruscan origin if not mistaken… And, of course, he probably didn’t pay attention to the tag saying “Tags: Sweden”…

      2. You guys don’t know what a bit of irony or humor is don’t you? Come on, it’s a joke-but not what I said about the boy: He’s beautiful!

  2. I dunno…I think for ‘smirk’, you can’t beat the Calkin boys in their various past stages of adolescence. They had beautiful/pretty faces and then when they smiled…the most incredible clown smirks…..almost supernatural in intensity.

  3. oh those lips ummm and that very kissable neck devine i would love to see him naked

  4. If you go to the site “linked” with the picture, there are a few other pictures of the lad, some without his shirt. Of what you can see, he also has a nice body.
    Thanks for the photo.

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