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    1. David, it’s the ones who look “a bit young” who are the cute ones. The trouble today is that too many 13 year olds look like 20 year old gorillas. This boy has lots of charm in addition to his beauty.

  1. I think this is an early photo of Ulrik. I agree with Ola that this boy has lots of charm. Certainly cute and he has a friendly face and seems very down to earth. I’m a long time fan of his music.

  2. I just did a Google Image search on Ulrik Munther and have been swept off my feet by his beauty. There isn’t a single photograph of him where he isn’t drop-dead beautiful! This boy is so beautiful that I think it would be impossible to take a bad photo of him. This is very, very rare. What a beauty!!! He is museum quality boy!!! Classical, stunning, sheer beauty.

  3. I watched him give a performance in 2012 where he sang We are soliders.This lad they call the modern day Peter Pan is oh so talented. He is 17 years young and looks very cute,and handsome.

  4. oh good morning this Pic make my day :D Eyes likes Sapphire an a Smile brighter than the Sun <3 i really like Scandinavian Boys ^^ an his Cap reminds my on Emil from "Lönneberga"

  5. Cute face but even better voice!

    You guys should check out his youtube videos!! :

    Soldiers Live:

    Soldiers (Broken String Version):

    Born this way:

    Thanks Josh for the post!

  6. Thanks Josh,again for this Face Friday Photo. He has such beautiful eyes,and that beautiful loving smile that just makes your day look brighter.

  7. He is clearly a great talent. However, in between one’s “chest” and “head” voice, is this zone where the sound becomes nasal and less pure sounding. Justin Bieber and many other young stars, seem content to settle for this, often times grating, sound. Ulrik seems less inclined to go there, but still does occasionally, to the detriment of his overall sound. I think if he were to work to avoid that nasal intonation, it would really showcase his chops, and set him apart from the others.

    1. I have had similar thoughts though not as clear nor as descriptive as you have presented.

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